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NHL FaceOff 2000

Tip: Offense

To hit the One-Timer shot, press X and then Square.

Hold down the X button for the Give-and-Go.

To take a slap shot, hold down the Square to wind up all the way.

To take a snapshot, hold down the Square to wind up halfway, and release it to shoot.

To leave the Drop Pass, press Triangle.

To get a Speed Burst while skating, hold down the Circle key.

To Fake the shot, hold down the Square button to wind up, then tap Square during your backswing.

To Redirect a shot, hold down Square then X during your backswing.

To use Icon Passing, hold down L2 and press either X, Square, Circle, Triangle, or R2.

Tip: Defense

To switch players on Defense, press X.

To switch to your goalie, hold down X.

To Hip Check, hold Circle and D-pad Left or Right while skating backwards.

To Shoulder Check, hold Circle and D-pad Left or Right.

To use Icon Switching, hold down L2 and press either X, Square, Circle, Triangle, or R2.

To change defensive strategies, press L1.

To assign Icons, press L2.

To change lines, press R2.

While manually controlling your goalie, press Square to have your goalie make a save.

Tip: Options

Create a Free Agent player with the type of skills that can help your team to the play-offs.

Make trades in order to fill holes in your lines.

Release players who are not making the cut.

Sign Free Agents to add leadership or key ingredients to your team.

Use a memory card to keep track of individual and team records.

Use a memory card to save a game or a season in progress.

In Instant Replay mode, operate the Free-Cam by holding L1 and using the D-pad.

In Free-Cam mode, press Triangle to raise the camera.

In Free-Cam mode, press X to lower the camera.

Get rid of injuries

To get rid of ALL injuries (including opponents), when you finish with a game go to Injury Report and then get out of Injury Report. Keep going in and out of Injury Report to eliminate all injuries.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NFL Gameday 2000

Easter Eggs

Go to the Easter Egg menu and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding feature:

GLOVES Receivers catch better (submitted by: jboyd_2@hotmail.com)

JUICE Super speed bursts

PISTON Super stiff arm

EVEN TEAMS All players have equal abilities

HOME COOKING No penalties for home team

DAVIS Running back is juiced

SLIDE SHOW Cycle through cheerleaders after game

GD CHALLENGE Hidden difficulty level

SLOW CPU Very slow CPU players

GOLIATH Large players

PENCILS Tall and thin players

FLEA CIRCUS Tiny players

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NFL Blitz 2000

Cheat Codes

Enter these codes on the Matchup screen. The numbers tell how many times press the TURBO, JUMP and PASS buttons. For example, 5-2-5 means:

Press TURBO 5 times. Press JUMP 2 times. Press PASS 5 times.

Result Code

Infinite turbo 5-1-4 Up

Fast turbo running 0-3-2 Left

Turn off stadium 5-0-0 Left

Late hits 0-1-0 Up

Day stadium 5-0-1 Down

City stadium 5-0-1 Left

Old night stadium 5-0-2 Up

Night stadium 5-0-2 Down

Snow field 3-0-4 Up

Power-up teammates 2-3-3 Up

Power-up offense 3-1-2 Up

Power-up defense 4-2-1 Up

Green Bay Packers playbook 1-2-2 Left

Allow stepping out of bounds 2-1-1 Left

No first downs 2-1-0 Up

No punting 1-5-1 Up

Fog on 0-3-0 Down

Thick fog on 0-4-1 Down

Weather: clear 2-1-1 Left

Future stadium 5-0-2 Left

Old snow stadium 5-0-3 Up

Snow stadium 5-0-3 Down

Roman stadium 5-0-3 Left

Grass field 3-0-0 Up

Fast passes 2-5-0 Left

Power-up blockers 3-1-2 Left

Super blitzing 0-4-5 Up

Super field goals 1-2-3 Left

No interceptions 3-4-4 Up

Big football 0-5-0 Right

Big head 2-0-0 Right

Huge head 0-4-0 Up

No head 3-2-1 Left

Headless team 1-2-3 Right

Team tiny players 3-1-0 Right

Team big players 1-4-1 Right

Team big heads 2-0-3 Right

Old day stadium 5-0-1 Up

Dirt field 3-0-2 Up

No random fumbles 4-2-3 Down

Asphalt field 3-0-1 Up

Show field goal % 0-0-1 Down

Show punt hang meter 0-0-1 Right

Use team plays 1-0-0 Up

Hide receiver name 1-0-2 Right

Invisible receiver highlight 3-3-3 Left

Invisible 4-3-3 Up

Astroturf field 3-0-3 Up

Weather: snow 5-2-5 Down

Weather: rain 5-5-5 Right

Night game 0-2-2 Right

Requires 2 player agreement:

No play selection 1-1-5 Left

Show more field 0-2-1 Right

No CPU assistance 0-1-2 Down

Power-up speed 4-0-4 Left

Hyper blitz 5-5-5 Up

Only in one-player game:

Smart CPU opponent 3-1-4 Down

Only in two-player game:

Tournament mode 1-1-1 Down

Requires 2 human teammates:

Always quarterback 2-2-2 Left

Always receiver 2-2-2 Right

Hidden Players

Select The "Enter Name For Record Keeping" option and enter one of the following player names and pin numbers.

Alec 1197

Alien 1111

Aob 1111

Aubrey 7777

Azpod 4777

Beth 7761

Billz 0526

Boxer 2111

Brain 2221

Brian 0818

Caleb 0996

Carltn 1111

Curtis 1111

Daniel 0604

David 3333

Dbn 6969

Dino 1111

Ed 3246

Eddie 3333

Forden 1111

Franz 1010

Gatson 1111

Gene 0310

Gentil 1111

Grinch 0222

Grinch 2220

Guido 2222

Guido 6765

Gumby 8698

Japple 6660

Jason 3141

Jeff 1111

Jimk 5651

John 5158

Josh 4288

Jove 6644

Lex 7777

Lt 7777

Luis 3333

Marka 1112

Mike 3333

Mitch 4393

Monty 1836

Moose 1111

Mxv 1014

Nathan 0515

Nico 4440

Paula 0425

Paulo 0517

Pirate 1111

Punkb 2112

Punkr 1221

Raiden 3691

Ralph 1111

Randu 6666

Rog 8148

Root 6000

Ryan 1029

Sad 1111

Sal 0201

Shinok 8337

Shrunk 6666

Shun 0530

Skull 1111

Smile 1111

Thug 1111

Todd 1122

Trex 1111

Turmel 0322

Van 1234

Whodat 1844

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NCAA March Madness 2000


The more you sprint your players, the more fatigued they become. And the more fatigued they become, the worse they'll shoot. Use the R1 Sprint button only when you're planning to dish off to someone else or for quick bursts.

Your most formidable foe is the blocked shot. Practice fakes and try to work the ball around to an open man--you can usually find one, with a little persistence. Shoot only when an opposing player is not situated directly in front of you.

Your greatest weapon is the Dynamic Ball Control feature. It'll undoubtedly take a while to learn the complex multibutton procedures, but with them you can create a ton of open space. And that's just what you need to successfully navigate a Senior dynasty.

To prevent a never-ending string of "reaching in" fouls, especially at the game's more intensive difficulty levels, use only your defensive specialists when attempting a steal. Consult the stats section to find out who they are.

Always monitor the Momentum meter. When momentum is going your way, shoot as much as possible. When it's not, slow the play down or take a time-out to dull the enthusiasm of the crowd.

The game permits a surprising number of successful three-pointers if you shoot from the edge of the arc and get the ball to an open man and take advantage of a full jump.

Because the game generally clogs the key with plenty of shot-blocking defenders, working the ball inside often isn't worth the effort. Instead, move around the periphery and set up shots from just inside the key.

Use the optional icon-based Passing mode and set plays to get the ball up-court quickly and catch the defensive team unawares.

Access Secret Teams

In Exhibition Mode enter the user name: EASPORTS.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NCAA GameBreaker 2000

Various Cheats

At the Easter Egg Menu, enter any of the following "Codes":

BEAT DOWN = All Player Attributes Set to 99

BUILDER = Better Players

BOOST = Stronger Defense in Simulated Season

SC = Win All Simulated Games

Golden = Great Recruits

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NCAA Football 2000

Console Patch Codes


Disables the pre-play television cameras for those that don't like it.


Difficulty easier than Junior Varsity (Select JV mode to initiate).


Second team All-American Difficulty level (Select AA mode to initiate) for those that can't run well on AA level.


Disables the demo mode at the main menu when game is running and not in use.

Bonus team codes



BRUTUS 1970 Ohio State


SCHOONER 1971 Oklahoma

HEDGES 1976 Georgia


GOFOR2 1983 Nebraska

MIRACLE 1984 Boston College


FATIGUES 1986 Miami

MONSTERD 1987 Miami

HURTQB 1988 West Virginia

GREENGANG 1994 Oregon

ALMOSTNO.1 1994 Penn State

TURNOVER 1997 Washington State

SPLITVOTE 1997 Michigan

SMOKEY 1997 Tennessee



Unlock all stadiums


Always intercept


Faster daytime


Always recieve the ball


View CPU play


Extra long kicks


Get point for knocking the referee


View intro FMV


View entire ranking


100 % tackling capability


Max all recruiting points


Fully loaded stats team


Ball Spike

L1 + L2 + Circle

Heisman Pose

L1 + L2 + X

Muscle Flexing

L1 + L2 + Square

Back Flip

L1 + L2 + Triangle

Spin the Ball

L1 + L1 + R1

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NBA Shootout 2000

Cheat Menu

After pausing the game, hold L2 + R2 + Triangle + Square + X. Continue to hold these buttons and a Cheat Menu will be displayed. Press Up or Down to scroll through the cheats and press L1 or L2 to toggle them.

Perfect "created player"

Enter the create a player screen. After you enter the name of your player go to the player stats screen. Go down to overall and put it as far up as you can. Then, pick 5 or more stats other than overall and put them to the least amount they can be. Then, go back to overall and put it as far up as you can. Do this over and over until everything is 99, then do it one more time for more points then go up and change your dunk and shot percents.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


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