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Extreme Pinball

The Easiest Board

The Easiest board is the rock'n'roll board.

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Explosive Racing

Name Codes

Ener one of the following as a name.

Name - Function

Mirror Tracks - Enter NARCIS

Super Car - LNCMU

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Secret Levels

There are 23 Team Dolls hidden within the walls of this massive game and if you find 12, then you will be given an extra power to find the remaining 11 dolls. Each doll has a picture of a developer posted onto it's face and when all have been collected the secret areas will become available.

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Stage Passwords

1 - 35314_DF

2 - FBE_723_F

3 - 8759_AB_3

4 - 9_A_969_C_0

5 - I_FEBD_7_B

Note: _ indicates a space.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Excalibur 2555 AD

Full Health

To heal yourself, pause the game and press Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square.

Full Sword Power

To power-up your sword, pause the game and press Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Square.

Level Skip

Pause the game, and press Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle.

Special Moves

To perform a spinning slice, press X, Triangle, Circle, Square.

For a roundhouse swing, press X, Square, Circle, Triangle.


01 -- Circle, Square, X, Circle, Circle, Triangle

02 -- Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle

03 -- Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X

04 -- X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle

05 -- Square, Square, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle

06 -- Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square

07 -- Square, Square, Circle, Circle, X, Triangle

08 -- Circle, X, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square

09 -- Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle

10 -- Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X

11 -- X, Square, Square, X, Triangle, Square

12 -- Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Square, Circle

13 -- Square, Triangle, Circle, X, X, X

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Evil Zone

Extra Costumes

To get the extra costumes for any character, beat the game with that character. For instence if you beat the game with Danzaiver you get his extra costume in the vs mode or the 1 player battle mode.

Play as Boss and Hidden Stage

To play as boss and access the hidden stage, beat the game with 3 different characters in story mode.

Play as Ihadurca

To be able to play as Ihadurca, beat story mode with Setsuna.

Winning Postures and Poses

Each character you beat in story mode will earn you 7 new postures.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Evil Dead: Hail To The King

Unlimited Chainsaw Fuel

Hold L1 and press X, X, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle at the main screen.

Wolverine troop leader killing

To kill the wolverine troop leader you have to run to one of the four poles that are around you and the leader will follow you. When you get to a pole and the leader is behind you, hit the pole and the rocks will fall on him. Do this until he is killed. Now go to the big pile of stones to leave the area. This will grant you the archery key.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


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