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Game Of Life

Unlimited Money

Enter your name as "get a life" for unlimited money!

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Gallop Racer

Extra races

Win at least one race before December to unlock the Grade II race. Wing the Grade II race to unlock the Louisville, Baltimore, and New York. Win the Grade III race in September to unlock the Tokyo Derby and the Japan Derby in October.

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Easiest way to beat dr lem

Get him to dash in to the computer terminal and stay on the other side of it and he will keep dasing and hitting the ground while you lay him full of nelcon and be sure to have a recovery capsule on hand (optional)or get your AP up and just fry him, then make sure to have a demeral on hand.

Another way to kill both forms of Dr. Lem

Use the following trick for an easy kill for both forms of Dr. Lem during the Boss fight at the end of Disc 1. Run around until your AP is maxed, and then enter the Boss room. When the battle begins, simply short on Dr. Lem and he will fall to the ground, dead like any regular enemy. After the FMV sequence, you will have to fight his second form. You should still be shorting. Just stand there and allow him get close to you. He will fall dead. When you save and start on Disc 2, your AP will have returned to normal. Note: This trick does not work on any other Boss.

Super short

Complete the game one time, and a replay option will appear. This will allow you start the game with an unnamed drug. The drug has the same effect as Apollinar, but when you short, it will allow you to run, decrease your HP slower, and will automatically kill all Bosses. When you use some Delemoter this status will go away, but every time you short after that it will still be a super short.

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Galaxian 3

Debug mode

Press L1, R2, R1, L2, Up, Down, Up, Down when the Namco logo flies on the screen.

Ghost player

Enter the play record screen and enable that feature. Start a game and play as far as possible. Then, enter the gunner battle option and press Right(2) to select "Ghost". Start another game to have your self as a partner.

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Future Cop L.A.P.D.

Special Power Up

Enter gameplay and pause the game. Go into the options menu and highlight sound FX volume. Press O, O, O, O, square, X, select, square, X, select, O. Go to quit and enter yes, The screen should flip for correct code entry.

Heavy Power Up

Enter game play and puse the game. Go to the options menu and highlight sound FX volume. Press square, square, square, O, X, O, X. Go to quit and press yes. The screen should flip for correct code entry.

Unlimited Machine Power Up

Enter gameplay and pause the game. Enter the options menu and highlight sound FX volume. Press O, O, O, X, X, X, O, select. Go to quit and select yes. The screen should flip for correct code entry.

Invincibility and Unlimited Ammo

Enter gameplay and pause the game. Push select to go into the options menu and highlight sound FX volume. Press O, O, select, select, O, select, X, square. Then go to quit and say yes. The screen should flip for correct code entry. Your weapons should be blinking when you re-enter gameplay.

Easter Egg Weapons

Enter these codes on the password screen.

DYPYFASRHR -- All missions completed, all easter egg weapons.

SYMRGOBRRL -- No missions completed, all easter egg weapons.

DYSIFASRHY -- All missions completed and locked, all easter egg weapons.

Robo Dog Weapon

On the 4th level go through the first gate. Turn left and destroy any enemies that get in your way.Go straight, then in the first alley, turn left and go straight all the way to the end. Once you reach the limit of the screen, turn right and go all the way down to the water and there's your Robo Dog heavy weapon.

Riot Shield Technology

In the Studio City level destroy the four control towers at the start of the level.(You have to do this to proceed anyway.) Now in the north west corner of the subway area, a laser fence should diactivate. Behind it is a switch that can be activated. Continue on with the level. Just past the giant mushroom area, you should encounter a large green mutant(your briefer will call it a bodygaurd.) Destroy the sign that reads "Mutant Soccer Champ" behind the bodygaurd. Backtrack to the mushroom area. As you enter, take a right turn onto a gray cliff. Proceed along this cliff. You should find a reloader with a shield symbol with a lightining bolt on it. This is the riot shield.

Grenade Technology

In the Zuma Beach Level, follow the road you begin on to the first crowd control area. Here you must destroy two pink flamingoes atop two different buildings. Continue the level until you reach the mini boss. Destroy the mini boss and drop into the hole it creates. In the area below, find a inactive tank that can be hurt. Destroy it to reveal the grenade tech.

All missions completed & locked, bonus weapons, invincibility

Enter "DYTIFASUHL" as a password in the Crime War or Precinct Assault screen.

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Fully Armed


At the weapons screen,hold L1,L2,R1,R2,Square,Circle and Triangle and press left. You now have every weapon and unlimited ammo. As with the unlimited sheilds, you won't be able to progress to the next level.

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Front Mission 3

Split point

The "split point" in the game is so close to the start that gamers could play the same story and never know what they did wrong. It occurs when you finish the Wanzer testing. Royogo will ask you if you want to deliver Construction Wanzers with him. If you go with him you will get Emma's story. If you do not go with him you will get Alisa's story.

Capturing enemy Wanzers

To capture an enemy Wanzer, make him surrender. Any Wanzers that surrendered before the stage is cleared will become yours. You can tell if a Wanzer has surrendered by looking at its color. If it is gray, and has a white flag on top of it, it has surrendered. This does not work, however, for tanks, jeeps, etc., as you can not store them.

Backup Wanzer

If you capture an enemy Wanzer at the end of a battle, keep it. This way, if you lose a Wanzer in your next battle, you have a spare Wanzer to replace it. Besides, you do not have to replace any destroyed parts on a captured Wanzer; they are automatically repaired for you. Just make sure that you add some weapons to it, because your only attack on a captured Wanzer is the HADRBLOW, which is the weakest.

Restart a battle

Save the game as soon as you start a battle. If you lose, you can reload the save from the beginning of the fight and try a different strategy. This also prevents you from losing a Wanzer that you want to keep.

Kill ejected enemy pilots easier

Attack an ejected pilot with a machine gun, shotgun or flamethrower. Although rifles, missiles, and melee weapons do much more damage, you will often miss completely because only one shot is fired. However, a machinegun and shotgun will fire multiple times, and the flamethrowers can attack a target at least four times.

Fighting helicopters

Helicopters are big, but you have a greater chance of hitting them with a machine gun or shotgun than any other ranged weapon. Missiles, however, can usually hit a helicopter if it is almost out of missile range.

Grenade launcher

A grenade launcher does not strike one square; it strikes several, depending on which type you have. Make sure "friendly" units are at least two squares from the damage area to prevent a "friendly fire" situation.

Keep Battle Skills

Successfully complete Emma's or Alisa's story line. Save the game after the credits have completed. Load the saved game at the title screen to play either story line again with all previously learned Battle Skills.

Get new endings

Clear the game, then start a new game and save it over top of your other file. Then clear the game again with the name of Cloud Honshi (for you who played Final Fantasy VII, he is Clouds brother). If you entered the cheat you would see him in the ending of the game he looks alot like cloud but he is darker in skin.

Get A Lotta Exp!

In Network, go to Japan Ministry Of Transit. On the site, you will find a simulator "map". The password is: SINTJ. When using this map, you'll face Imaginary Numbers and SF WZR Pilots, with the best armament available in the game(?), and body hp from 700 to 1200. You can't beat them, BUT from every shot you fire at them, you'll receive atleast 25 exp, and if you hit, even more exp. Kill one, and you get 300exp:s. Also learn Exp X3 from Shangdi1 legs, these you get automatically in Alisa's story.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


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