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NCAA March Madness 2000


The more you sprint your players, the more fatigued they become. And the more fatigued they become, the worse they'll shoot. Use the R1 Sprint button only when you're planning to dish off to someone else or for quick bursts.

Your most formidable foe is the blocked shot. Practice fakes and try to work the ball around to an open man--you can usually find one, with a little persistence. Shoot only when an opposing player is not situated directly in front of you.

Your greatest weapon is the Dynamic Ball Control feature. It'll undoubtedly take a while to learn the complex multibutton procedures, but with them you can create a ton of open space. And that's just what you need to successfully navigate a Senior dynasty.

To prevent a never-ending string of "reaching in" fouls, especially at the game's more intensive difficulty levels, use only your defensive specialists when attempting a steal. Consult the stats section to find out who they are.

Always monitor the Momentum meter. When momentum is going your way, shoot as much as possible. When it's not, slow the play down or take a time-out to dull the enthusiasm of the crowd.

The game permits a surprising number of successful three-pointers if you shoot from the edge of the arc and get the ball to an open man and take advantage of a full jump.

Because the game generally clogs the key with plenty of shot-blocking defenders, working the ball inside often isn't worth the effort. Instead, move around the periphery and set up shots from just inside the key.

Use the optional icon-based Passing mode and set plays to get the ball up-court quickly and catch the defensive team unawares.

Access Secret Teams

In Exhibition Mode enter the user name: EASPORTS.

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