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NHL Hitz Pro

Ghostly players

When someone is checked and they go through the glass, sometimes the player will go through the wrong plate of glass. The glass will shatter two or three plates down. Note: You must replay it to find it.

One timers

When playing under the legends difficulty setting, it is very rare that a one-timer will work. The goalies and players are amazing in stopping that from happening. The trick is to take quick wrist-shots from odd angles, leaving the rebound to come out in front of the net for the semi-easy goal. This will work about 70% of the time.

Big Player Head

Enter HERK as a profile name at the 'Choose Team' screen.

Big Team Heads

Enter INGY as a profile name at the 'Choose Team' screen.

Different Puck Size

Enter 211S as a profile name at the 'Choose Team' screen.

Different Puck Shadow

Enter SASG as a profile name at the 'Choose Team' screen.

Puck Glows

Enter CARB as a profile name at the 'Choose Team' screen.

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NHL Hitz 20-03

Unfair trades with trade logic on

To execute an unfair trade with the trade logic on, trade many times. You can trade a 70 overall player for a 71 or 72. Once that you have that player, trade them for a higher overall player. Once you work that player up to someone who is about 90, it is as if you traded your 70 overall player for the 90 overall player. Note: If this is done a lot, teams will be more unlikely to trade for good players.

Trade two average players for a good player with trade logic on

If you need more skill and less depth on your team, you may want to trade two of your average players for a good player. If you trade two players in the 80 to 85 range, you can receive a player in the 90s and a player in the 70s in return.

Get players without trading

Go to Free Agency and sign on a player with about a 60 overall average. The game will state that the team already has a maximum amount of players. Sign off the player that you want. Then, go to the Free Agency and sign on the player you want onto your team. You can now have their players without trading.

Unlimited equipment in franchise mode

Any time that you play a world team in franchise mode, you will receive new equipment to better your players. If you play a world team more than once, you can continue to gain equipment. This works especially well when you have completed franchise mode, and max out your team.

100 overall player in franchise mode

Once you have completed franchise mode, play the Moscow Wolves until you have enough level 5 equipment so that one player can have it all. The player you assign the equipment should be your Captain. Go to your locker room, and select "players". Change that players play style to "Speedster". He will now have an overall rating of 100.

Goalie fight

Turn off the penalties and check the goalie until he has had enough and a goalie fight will start.

Winning fights

To win a fight easily, press Fire with at least one bar on the fire meter. Your wrist will go on fire.

Easy goals

When your team is down a player (for example, from hitting the goalie or fighting), your team cannot get another penalty. You can knock over the opposing goalie with a player and score on the open net with the other player. Note: This is easiest with two players.

Cheap Trades

In season mode, if you have done fantasy draft, you may want better players or goalies. Example: If your goalies are let's say Storr and Kiprisoff (the ratings of them are in the 60's somewhere I think)but you are worried you won't get to the playoffs, to get a better goalie (if you want Broduer let's say) If you are let's say Colorado and Broduer is at San Jose, San Hose of course won't trade Broduer for Kiprisoff or Storr. So go to the Options Menu thing, then go to the Choose user team option then select San Jose and do your cheap trade!

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NHL Hitz 20-02

Cheat Codes

Enter these codes on the versus screen. The numbers tell how many times press the X, Y and B buttons. For example, 5-2-5 means: Press X 5 times. Press Y 2 times. Press B 5 times

Effect - Cheat Code

Infinite turbo 4-1-3 Right

Turbo boost 0-0-2 Up

Big hits 2-3-4 Down

Late hits 3-2-1 Down

Hitz time 1-0-4 Right

No crowd 2-1-0 Right

Pinball boards 4-2-3 Right

Show shot speed 1-0-1 Up

Show the team's hot spot 2-0-1 Up

No fake shots 4-2-4 Down

No puck out 1-1-1 Down

No one-times 2-1-3 Left

Big puck 1-2-1 Up

Huge puck 3-2-1 Up

Bulldozer puck 2-1-2 Left

Tennis ball 1-3-2 Down

Big head player 2-0-0 Right

Huge head player 3-0-0 Right

Big head team 2-2-0 Left

Huge head team 3-3-0 Left

Snow mode 1-2-1 Left

Rain mode 1-4-1 Left

Domino effect 0-1-2 Right

Win fights for goals 2-0-2 Left

Skills versus 2-2-2 Down

First to 7 wins 3-2-3 Left

More time to enter codes 3-3-3 Right

Disable previous code 0-1-0 Down

Finishing move during fights

While fighting a bar is displayed, showing how much life you have. When your opponent's bar is almost empty, press X to do a wrestling-type move to finish the fight. If you have enough money, buy different heads. When you press X with one of the heads equipped, it will do a special move. For example, the shark head will bite the opponent and alien head will zap him.

Get faceoffs

Faceoffs are somewhat like a Paper, Rock, Scissors game, where one move beats another. In the game, A is similar to Paper, B is similar to Rock, and X is similar to Scissors: A beats B, B beats X, and X beats A. You can tell what the other person does by watching their stick. When they press A, their stick will twitch. When they press B, their hand will come off of the back of the stick. When they press X, they will hold their stick up high.

Better created team

Create six players and remove all of the last three players' experience points. Give them to the first three players. That should give the first three players all the experience they need.

Rap Arounds

In franchise mode with less than 20 games left you can rap arould the net on the left and shoot you should score. You should end up beating the team you are facing by a lot of points.

Keep your players in franchise

When you win the Midway Cup in Franchise moad and then go back into Franchise and click on the team that you won th Cup with it will ask you if you want to start the Franchise over click "yes" and you will start over from game 1 with the same players you won the Cup with.

Wrap Arounds

Follow the line and * means shoot if you do this you will score up to around 10 goals in a peroid and use turbo to out skate the goalie to the other side of the net and the goalie (G) should end up where the G icon is.


| |

| |

| |

| |<-follow this line |
| | |

| | |

| | /-----*- |

| \_____/ |_G___|-----net |

| |


Goalie fights

To get the goalies to fight give the puck to your own goalie by skating into him and pressing A when you do this the goalie will get the puck. When you get the puck takem it up the ice and shoot on the other goalie. When you do this 4 or 5 times the goalies will call eachother on there will be a goalie fight.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com



Easy Goals

Swerve side to side when on breakaway or alone for a shot. When the goalie is to far out of position, shoot a wrist shot to score. This works about 70% of the time. Pause game play and select 'Choose Sides'. Choose the opposing team, then select 'Pull Goalie'. Resume game play long enough for the goalie to get off the ice. Pause game play again and choose your original team. Then, shoot the puck at the goal and it will slide in before the goalie can return. This is very useful if you are down a few goals at the end of the game.

More Pim

Put all enforcers out on the ice for the entire game and have skill level set all the way up (or at least on pro). You can get a total of 325 PIM by doing this. Ray, Boulton, Stock, Chara, Domi, and others are recommended.

Best Enforcer Line

LW: Matt Barnaby

C: Brad May

RW: Rob Ray

LD: Rhett Warrener

RD: Jay Mckee

Motionless Defense

If done correctly, you can go behind the opposing team's net and not have a man on you. If you are directly in the middle behind the net, the defense will stay at their posts and you can stand there for usually quite sometime. This trick is useful on penalty kills and afterwards, wrap arounds will give you a good chance to score.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NHL 2004

Bonus Players

Create a player using one of the following names of members of the band Alien Ant Farm: Terence Corso, Mike Cosgrove, Dryden Mitchell, or Tye Zamora. The game will adjust the players face and statistics automatically to match that band member. Create a player using one of the following names of members of the band Gob: Theo Gobzinakis, Gob Stomper, Tom Whacker, Pat Wolfman, or Craig Would. The game will adjust the players face and statistics automatically to match that band member. In the Gamecube version, entering Gabe Metal (another band member) will cause the game to freeze. Look at the credits screen in the game and choose any name from the EA development team. Enter that name at the create player option. The game will tell you that it has this player in its database, and automatically adjusts the stats and appearance accordingly.

Dynasty Mode: 2 Upgrade Points

Reach level 2 in your EA Sports Bio.

Commentators: Deep Voice

Reach level 4 in your EA Sports Bio.

Big Head Mode

Reach level 8 in your EA Sports Bio.

Dynasty Mode: 2 Gm Office Rewards

Reach level 12 in your EA Sports Bio.

Dynasty Mode: 3 Upgrade Points

Reach level 18 in your EA Sports Bio.

Mile Wide Stadium

Reach level 24 in your EA Sports Bio.

Commentators: Chipmunk Voice

Reach level 32 in your EA Sports Bio.

Easy Goals

When you have the puck, swing around the opponent's net. If the goalie is on the other side, then shoot with back hand shot. This best works with two players, so that other person can distract the goalie.

Bouncing Puck

Go to game settings menu and adjust the 'Puck Friction', 'Puck Gravity' and every option you can adjust on that screen that has to do with the puck. Go to a game and shoot the puck down the ice. If it does not hit the goalie, the puck should be bouncing all over the place until it runs out of speed.

Getting Good Players

In dynasty mode, rack up on draft picks by signing unwanted free agents and trading them to random teams for draft picks. Doing this also earns you GM experience points.

Freeze Game

When in Create A Player, typing in a certain name will cause the game to freeze. While typing in one of the members of Gob (Gabe Metal), the screen will freeze. For example, typing Metal, then Gabe will freeze the screen, as well as typing Gabe, then Metal.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NHL 2003

Bonus Players

Create a player and enter one of the following names. The game will complete his abilities and stats. Some players will also have a portrait.

Adam Hall

Alfie Michaud

Barry Richter

Ben Simon

Blake Bellefeuille

Brad Moran

Brian Sutherby

Chris Ferraro

Corey Hirsch

Dave Morisset

David Nemirovsky

Derek Mackenzie

Eric Fichaud

Evgeny Konstantinov

Greg Crozier

Greg Pankewicz

Guy Hebert

Ivan Huml

Jakub Cutta

Jason LaBarbera

Jason Zent

Johan Witehall

Kay Whitmore

Larry Murphy

Mark Fitzpatrick

Marquis Mathieu

Martin Brochu

Matt Herr

Matt Higgins

Michel Larocque

Raffi Torres

Rene Corbet

Rich Parent

Rick Tabaracci

Sascha Goc

Scott Fankhouser

Ty Jones

Xavier Delisle

Deflection shot

Get the puck to the offensive zone near the blue line. Hold Deflection/Short Block while shooting. One of your players should skate to the front of the net and deflect the puck in.

Easy goals

If you are skating with someone that has a very high rank in the Deke category such as Joe Sakic, Paul Kariya, etc., once you get past the opposition's blue line, press Down, then press Auto Deke. Immediately after he is done with the Deke, press Shoot. You will score about 95% of the time. Also, take any big shooter and let him take a slapshot directly in the middle of the hash marks. Shoot for the top corner. This will work about 90% of the time. If a defender is on you, once in three zone move to the left or right, then cut back left or right and take you slapshot.

Use NHL player's face and picture for a created player

When entering a name for a created player, use an existing NHL player's name. A prompt will confirm that the player is in the database and then ask if you want to create a player like him. Select "Yes" and you will receive his face type and picture for you player. You can then enter any name and stats once you have finished.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NHL Rock The Rink

Get Glowing Gloves

Play in the NHL league and pick any Rock the Rink league team, and then pick new gear to win. Keep playing until a screen comes up and tells you that youv'e won extra gear. Play again and your players will have glowing gloves

Play two player on King of the Rink

To play two player on king of the rink at the title screen press select triangle R2 L1 right left down X.

Reapers team

Become King in King Of The Rink mode.

NHL Elite team

Score a total of 500 goals to get a team consisting of the top six players in the NHL.

Infinite turbo

Win the NHL Challenge using a created team.

Double speed

Win King Of The Rink mode four consecutive times.

Bubble hockey

Win arcade mode on the medium difficulty setting two consecutive times.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


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