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Shrek 2

Defeating Rats

When fighting rats the characters to use are Fiona with her spin attack, Little Red with her spin attack, or with Gingerbread Man with the candy cane that hits all the enemies within range.

Unlock Pussinboots

Defeat Pussinboots in the fourth stage to unlock him.

Mission with transformed people into rats

When you do the mission where the people are turned into three rats, use Lil' Red to shoot regular apples at the traps. Also, use her when you have to shoot long distances over water.

Final mission: Easy win

In the beginning, use Flona's Slow Motion ability to get past the knights. Then, use Donkey to defeat them.

Blackbird Sympathy mission

When doing the Blackbird Sympathy mission, all the birds do not have to be there. However after you miss so many buttons, you will fail.

Cinderella mission

When you do the Cinderella mission in Far Far Away, finish Humpty Dumpty's first. Get the hourglass, then get the one there where Cinderella is located. Then, only use Fiona's slow motion when they get too close to her.

Crazy Larry's Leprechaun Shop

He is first located in the Spooky Forest near some bats and a bridge. He is standing on a stump on a tree.

The second time, he is located in the Walking The Path level. He is around the bridge where you meet the troll and save the goat. He is on the little piece of land when you jump off the bridge. You may need to use a high jumper to get to the other side.

The last time you will see him is in the Prison Break level, where there is a troll and one of the Pork Chop Brothers is trapped in the cage. Take the ball, roll it up the hill, put it on the weigher, then roll the ball back down hill. It will bust open the gate. Then, go up the stairs to find him.

Saving Magic Beans in Far Far Away

When you are in the Far Far Away level, you do not need the Magic Beans to finish all the tasks. Go to a mission that you have already completed. Go all the way down and choose to go to the next level. Note: You do not need all the Magic Beans.

Level Select

Go to the first level, press Start to pause game play, and enter the 'Scrapbook' screen. Then, press Left, Up, A, B, Left, Up, A, B, Left, Up, A, B, Up(5). The phrase 'That's what I call spreading joy' will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

All Bonus Games

Go to the first level, press Start to pause game play, and enter the 'Scrapbook' screen. Then, press Left, Up, A, B, Left, Up, A, B, Left, Up, A, B, X, B, X, B, X, B. Exit the 'Scrapbook screen, quit the level, then, select the 'Bonus' option.

Getting past the Far Far Away level

To get past the Far Far Away level, you need to go to a mission that you have already completed. Once you are talking to the King and menu with "Yes", "No", and "Next Level" appears, choose "Next Level". Note: You may need to complete all of the missions and/or collect all or some of the Magic Beans for this to work.

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Get $2,500,000

Start a new game in single player mode and enter LOADED as a name.

Easy money

Choose a car you wish to gamble for but do not press "Gamble" yet. Instead, remove your memory card, then press "Gamble". You will be asked if you are sure. Select "OK", then the message "Autosave has been disabled" will appear. Select "Continue without autosave". If you lose the race, reset your Gamecube, insert the memory card, and you will still have the money. If you win, put the memory card back in after the race, then go to options and autosave. Select "Overwrite file", and you will be able to save the car again.

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Serious Sam: Next Encounter

Bonus Levels

Successfully complete the game with the indicated number of 'Gold' ranks to unlock the corresponding bonus level. To access them, press X at the level selection screen to display the 'Lost Levels' level selection screen.

Ancient Rome - Praetorian Camp: 3 'Gold' ranks

Ancient Rome - The Forum Romanum: 5 'Gold' ranks

Ancient Rome - The Forum of Trajan: 7 'Gold' ranks

Ancient Rome - Addressing the Senate: 9 'Gold' ranks

Ancient Rome - Caesar's Sanctum: 12 'Gold' ranks

Feudal China - The Silk Road: 15 'Gold' ranks

Feudal China - The Gate of Supreme Harmony: 18 'Gold' ranks

Legendary Atlantis - The Steam Tower: 22 'Gold' ranks

Legendary Atlantis - The Geothermal Tunnels: 24 'Gold' ranks

Legendary Atlantis - The Corridors of Power: 26 'Gold' ranks

The Gallery: 31 'Gold' ranks

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Sega Soccer Slam

Unlock Stadiums

Open Oasis stadium: Up, Up, Down, Down, X, X

Open Pacific Atoll stadium: Up, Up, Left, Left, Y, Y

Open Jungle stadium: Up, Down, Left, Right, X, Y

Open Alpen Castle stadium: Up, Up, Up, Down, X, X

Open Riviera Ruins stadium: Up, Down, Down, Y, X

Open Reactor Core stadium: Up, Left, Left, Right, X, Y

Open all stadiums: Up, Up, Up, Up, X, X

Alternate Teams

Alternate El Fuego: X, X, Down, Down, Left, Right

Alternate Spirit: Y, Y, Down, Down, Left, Right

Alternate Subzero: Y, Y, Down, Right, Left, Up

Alternate Toxic: Y, X, Down, Down, Up, Up

Alternate Tsunami: X, Y, Down, Up, Right, Left

Alternate Volta: Y, X, Down, Up, Down, Up

All alternate teams: X, Y, Down, Down, Down, Down

Gameplay Cheats

Maximum power: L, R, Left, Right, Y, Y

Infinite turbo: L, R, Right, Up, X, X

Big hits: L, R, Up, Up, X, Y

Infinite spotlights: L, R, Down, Right, Y, X

Fun Balls

Beach ball: R, Right, Right, Down, Y, X

Black box: R, Left, Left, Down, X, X

Box ball: R, Left, Right, Right, Y, Y

Classic soccer ball: R, Right, Left, Left, Y, X

Crate: R, Left, Down, Right, Y, X

Earth: R, Right, Right, Left, X, X

Eyeball: R, Right, Down, Up, X, X

Magic 8-ball: R, Right, Up, Up, Y, Y

Remy's head: R, Left, Right

Rob's head: R, Left, Up, Left, Y, X

Rusty can: R, Left, Up, Up, Y, Y


Angus' items: Left, X, Right, X, Up

Arsenault's items: Left, Y, Up, Y, Down

Boomer's items: Left, Y, Left, X, Up

Dante's items: Left, X, Right, Y, Left

Djimon's items: Left, Y, Down, Y, Up

Duke's items: Left, Y, Up, X, Right

El Diablo's items: Left, X, Right, X, Down

Half Pint's items: Left, Y, Up, X, Up

Kahuna's items: Left, Y, Right, Y, Right

Kaimani's items: Left, X, Down, X, Down

Kiril's items: Left, Y, Up, X, Left

Lola's items: Left, X, Left, Y, Down

Madeira's items: Left, Y, Down, X, Up

Nova It's items: Left, Y, Down, Y, Right

Raine's items: Left, X, Up, X, Up

Rico's items: Left, X, Right, X, Right

Rumiko's items: Left, Y, Left, Y, Up

Zari's items: Left, Y, Left, Y, Right

Random Stuff

Pleasantville mode: Y, X, Y, X, Y, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left

Citizen Kane mode: X, Y, X, Y, X, Y, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

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Secret Weapons Over Normandy

Unlock X-Wing and TIE Fighter

To unlock the X-wing and Tie Fighter in Instant Action Mode, beat all 15 missions and all 22 challenge missions.

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Second Sight

X-space '92 Mini Game

On level 6, Madness, use a computer disk found in the level on a PC to play the X-Space '92 mini game. Once this has been done, the game will be able to be accessed on the 'Applications' sub-menu when you pause game play.

Earth Impact Mini Game

On level 8, Reliance, go into the games room to find a fully-operational Earth Impact mini game. Once this has been done, the game will be able to be accessed on the Applications sub-menu when you pause the game.

Online Chatroom

On level 3, Experimentation, on the PC where you killed the security guard outside the elevator, open the 'Front Desk' applications folder on the desktop. Then, select HyperChat. You will then be able to see what the Guard has been up to, as well as that the person who the guard was talking to continues talking and gets more worried as he does not reply.

Free Radical Reference

On level 13, Conspiracy, watch the video file you made and check the email on the PC. A new comedy file will download and tell you about Free Radicals official website, www.frd.co.uk. Keep logging on for more messages.

Madness Level: Freed By Psycho

Just before you get to Jayne Wilde, you will move through a grid with a series of cells. You can open these cells to cause a bit of havoc. However, if you stand in an empty cell and project yourself out the door and to the switch outside, you can lock yourself in. Snap back to your body and Vettic will make a comment like 'Well that was clever.' Wait a few seconds and one of the psychos in the cells will run along and pull the lever, freeing you.

Open Doors

On the level 1, Isolation, when you open the elevator, the mirrors show the elevator as being closed, but its doors are still open behind you.


In Starke's apartment change the channel on his TV to see the game credits.

Crying agents

Take out the tranquilizer and shoot someone in the crotch. They will fall over and start crying.


On the Conspiracy and the Madness levels, you can use the projection to open doors and flick switches. You can also possess the guards. If you get close enough to a guard when you have activated the projection, he will flash blue. Press A and you can go off and kill all the guards for as long as your have psyche energy remaining. You can repeat this until all the guards are killed and all the cameras are disabled.

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Scorpion King: Rise Of The Akkadian

The easy way to slay those pesky dogs and more!

After playing for around an hour or two in The Scorpion King, you will encounter some dogs, troll men, and snakes.. These are very annoying, do much damage, and are nearly impossible to kill. But, I have found two ways to have these beasts impaled or dead very quickly. The first way is before you get your special sword near the Gorgon/Minotaur level (Posiden Sword). When you meet up with a pesky pooch (Anubis Pooch or normal pooch, troll or snake) simply jump, and do the fist slam/stomp move near the creature(s), the move creating a large shockwave that radiates around you. This will affect every dog, badguy, troll, and snake in the vacinity. Even though it may seem cheap, keep on doing it until they all are dead, otherwise you will be their next meal. The other way is with the Posiden sword. You encounter this sword at the Gorgon/Minotaur level. Once the sword is found, keep it out and use it to attack the dogs. The dogs will be defenceless if you simply stand there, and when they get near, swing. The sword is quick and powerful, and soon the dog/troll/snake will be dead. The troll men can be rather tricky though. To easily slay a troll man (prison levels and on) make sure you keep your stamina up, take out your fists/gauntlets, and use the special super punch on them. They will be weary and take much damage, giving you even more time to inflict huge amounts of damage. I hope this works as an effective slaying method! Have Fun!

Finding power-ups

Look for cracks on the ground and on the walls of buildings and such. You will find Strength and Endurance power-ups, which if not acquired will make the battles with Magus and Set extra ordinarily difficult.

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