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Scorpion King: Rise Of The Akkadian

The easy way to slay those pesky dogs and more!

After playing for around an hour or two in The Scorpion King, you will encounter some dogs, troll men, and snakes.. These are very annoying, do much damage, and are nearly impossible to kill. But, I have found two ways to have these beasts impaled or dead very quickly. The first way is before you get your special sword near the Gorgon/Minotaur level (Posiden Sword). When you meet up with a pesky pooch (Anubis Pooch or normal pooch, troll or snake) simply jump, and do the fist slam/stomp move near the creature(s), the move creating a large shockwave that radiates around you. This will affect every dog, badguy, troll, and snake in the vacinity. Even though it may seem cheap, keep on doing it until they all are dead, otherwise you will be their next meal. The other way is with the Posiden sword. You encounter this sword at the Gorgon/Minotaur level. Once the sword is found, keep it out and use it to attack the dogs. The dogs will be defenceless if you simply stand there, and when they get near, swing. The sword is quick and powerful, and soon the dog/troll/snake will be dead. The troll men can be rather tricky though. To easily slay a troll man (prison levels and on) make sure you keep your stamina up, take out your fists/gauntlets, and use the special super punch on them. They will be weary and take much damage, giving you even more time to inflict huge amounts of damage. I hope this works as an effective slaying method! Have Fun!

Finding power-ups

Look for cracks on the ground and on the walls of buildings and such. You will find Strength and Endurance power-ups, which if not acquired will make the battles with Magus and Set extra ordinarily difficult.

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Ribbit King

Pan-pan And Black Alien

Defeat Picwick for first time to unlock Pan-Pan and the Black Alien in versus mode.


After Pan-Pan frolf against and defeat Lunk to unlock him in versus mode.


Defeat Lunk then go back to Ribbittron and defeat Pappy to unlock him in versus mode.

Sir Waddlesworth

Defeat Pappy to frolf against Sir Waddlesworth. Win the match to unlock him in versus mode.

Unlocking Clips

Collect 10, 20, or 30 Bottle Caps or complete any other task on the bonus disc.

Unlocking Character

To unlock any character to use in VS mode, beat them in the single-player game.

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King Of Fighters KYO

All characters

Complete Asia Chapter with Kyo at level 10. Then highlight Chris at the character selection and press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. All characters, including Orochi, will be selectable.


Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and select Chris at the character selection screen.

Orochi Iori

Complete all chapters. Then hold L2 + R2 and select Iori at the character selection screen.

Orochi Team

Complete all chapters. Then hold L2 + R2 and select all New Face Team members at the character selection screen.

Saishu Kusanagi

Complete all chapters. Then hold L1 and select Kyo at the character selection screen.

Sendo Siblings

Complete Disease Chapter. Then hold L2 + R2 and select any Art of Fighting team member at the character selection screen.

Souiji Kusangai

Complete Souji and Aoi Chapters. Then hold L1 and select Kyo at the character selection screen.

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King Of Fighters ’99

Infinite survival mode time

Highlight the survival mode option, then hold Start + Triangle and press Circle.

Play as Krizalid

At the character selection screen in team versus or single versus modes, highlight the random character icon. Then, hold Select and press Circle, X, Triangle, Square. Krizalid will appear below the random character icon. Note: Highlight any character, then hold Start and press Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Square in the Japanese version of the game.

Bonus characters

At the character selection screen, highlight the normal version of one of the following fighters, then hold L1 and press any button:

Evil Rugal Berstein

'95 Kyo

Real Bout 2 Terry Bogard

Real Bout 2 Andy Bogard

'94 Joe Higashi

'94 Ryo Sakazaki

'94 Robert Garcia

'94 Yuri Sakazaki

Evil Yashiro Nanakase

Evil Shermie

Evil Chris

Real Bout 2 Mai Shiranui

Real Bout Bout 2 Billy Kane

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King Of Fighters ’98

Bonus characters

Hold L1 at the character selection screen and choose a character. The hidden characters may be combined to form new teams.

Classic Art of Fighting Team

Robert Garcia (King of Fighters ?94)

Ryo Sakazaki (King of Fighters ?94)

Yuri Sakazaki (King of Fighters ?94)

Real Bout Fatal Fury Team

Andy Bogard (Real Bout 2)

Joe Higashi (Real Bout 2)

Terry Bogard (Real Bout 2)

Orochi New Faces Team

Orochi Yashiro Nanakase

Orochi Shermie

Orochi Chris

Single Entrants

Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters ?94)

Mai Shiranui (Real Bout)

Billy Kane (Real Bout)

Omega Rugal

Challenge Shingo Yabuki

Satisfy any one of the following requirements to challenge Shingo:

Accumulate 100,000 points (or more) before knocking out the computer in round 3.

Accumulate 100,000 points (or more) before knocking out the computer in round 4. (Note: Round 4 KO must be Perfect).

Without losing a team member, defeat all CPU opponents from rounds 1 to 5.

Fight as Omega Rugal

Using Rugal, finish a one-player game at any difficulty. Save the game. Then load the saved game. At the character selection screen hold Start while selecting Rugal.

Select stage

At the Order Select screen, press Select.

Unlimited Survival mode

Highlight Survival mode option, then hold Start + Triangle and press Circle.

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King Of Fighters ’97

Play as Orochi

Go to Practice mode and press L1, L2, R1, R2, twice. Ororchi himself is only playable in practice mode, but the other five characters can be played in any mode.

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Evil Dead: Hail To The King

Unlimited Chainsaw Fuel

Hold L1 and press X, X, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle at the main screen.

Wolverine troop leader killing

To kill the wolverine troop leader you have to run to one of the four poles that are around you and the leader will follow you. When you get to a pole and the leader is behind you, hit the pole and the rocks will fall on him. Do this until he is killed. Now go to the big pile of stones to leave the area. This will grant you the archery key.

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