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WCW Vs The World

Alternate wrestlers

At the character selection screen, highlight Hulk Hogan, Sting, or Masahiro Chino and press Start instead of X to play their old versions.

Random wrestler

At the character selection screen, press Circle.

The Giant and Jaguar

To get the Giant or Jaguar, you must choose one wrestler (cruiserweight to get Jaguar, heavyweight to get Giant) and beat the six League Challenges. This will open up a new league: Super Jr./Hvyw. Beat that with the same wrestler and you will earn the Giant/Jaguar. Go through this twice to earn all 8 secret wreslers!

Alternate Costumes

When on the character selection screen, highlight the wrestler you want to play as. Instead of choosing with X, hit the Start button. I think all the wrestlers have a second outfit, but I'm not sure. Here are a couple:

Hulk Hogan:

Press the Start button to get his old yellow "Hulkamania" duds.


Press the Start button to get him with blonde hair and different clothes (his old style).

Rally Cross 2 Demo

To gain access to the Rally Cross 2 Demo, pause the game during play and press L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Up and resume gameplay.

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Third Edition

Regis comment

Enter REGIS or REGIS PHILBIN as a name to hear a silly comment from Regis Philbin before he changes your name to something else..

Easier game

Do not enter a name and wait for Regis to get mad and enter a name for you. It will then be easier for you to win a million dollars.

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Second Edition

Funny Regis saying

Enter your name as Regis. Regis will make a silly comment and change your name to Wannabe.

But wait, what if your name is really Regis?(Hey, it's possible!) I guess you'll have to settle for an alternative like Reggis or Reegis or even Regiss. Or, just do what you should be doing anyway and use your middle name.


Try naming yourself as DAN BLONSKY and you will be renamed as IMPOSTER or PHONY or FIBBER.

More Funny Regis-isms

Enter your name as Millionare. Regis will make a silly comment and change your name to Dreamer. Oh my goodness, does the comedy ever stop?

Harder game

Enter WILL VALDEZ as a name.

Unlimited phone-a-friend help

Select "Phone-a-friend" for help with a question. Press Start to pause game play in the middle of the phone-a-friend session. Listen to the remainder of the help message and answer the question. Continue playing the game, and if you get stuck again, pause, then resume the game to get another phone-a-friend session.

Easier game

Do not enter a name and wait for Regis to get mad and enter a name for you. It will then be easier for you to win a million dollars.

Auto game end

Leave the game at the screen after Regis asks "How many players there are?". Regis will eventually get mad and end the game.

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Wild 9

Level select

Pause the game and press Up, Left, Down, R2, Right, Square, X.

Full health

Pause the game and press R1, Triangle, L1, Left, Triangle, Circle, X.

Red beam mode

Pause the game and press Right, Up, Left, Circle, Up, Circle, Circle.

Ten additional missiles

Pause the game and press X, Circle, R1, Right, Triangle, X, Triangle.

Ten additional grenades

Pause the game and press R1, X, R1, Right, Square, Right, Square.

Unlimited lives

Begin a game and reach the Craterscape level. Then, take the extra life located behind the pillar on the bridge at the start of the level. After the total number of lives have increased, press Start, Select, and choose the "Quit" option. Select "Yes" to confirm to return to the title screen. Select the "Start" and "Continue current game" options to restart at the Craterscape level. Collect the extra life again from the pillar and repeat this process to accumulate an unlimited amount of lives.

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Wild Arms

Item Duplication Trick

1. Make sure that the item you want to duplicate is exactly one, like a medicine.

2. Enter a battle.

3. In the first round, have Rudy use an item, such as a power apple.

4. Have Jack switch the position of the power apple and medicine (or whatever item you want to duplicate).

5. Have Cecilla defend.

6. In the second round, have Rudy use the power apple again. You will see that the medicine is gone.

7. Have Jack switch back the position of the power apple with the medicine (now an empty space).

7. Have Cecilia defend.

8. In the empty space where the medicine used to be there should be 255 medicines.

Fun Things to do in Surf Village

Throw the chicken that starts near Tony's house. If you threw the right one it will turn into a Light Shroom (cures Flash.)

Bomb or Punch Tony's dog to get him to chase after you.

Use Cecilia's Magic Wand to talk to the horses for funny messages.

Almost every tool makes the guard at the entrance of the village talk to you.

How To Reach The Abyss

This code only works for the end of the game! After you get the punching glove for Rudy go into any Elw Temple and walk up right next to the transporter. Quickly hit it with the glove and the run in. Continue doing this until you get stuck in the sattelite the you would normally bounce off of. When you go inside you will be in the Abyss. Consider it carefuly before you leave because it takes a long time to get back in!

How to get the Chrono Rune

After getting the Courage Guardian, go to the Wind Altar in Baskar village. Zephyr will finally answer you. Have Cecilia use the wand on Chief Baskar's dog and then go to Adlehyde. If you paid money the whole way through the game to the kid in the mayor's house, he'll ask for 100,000 gella. After paying leave and re-enter and talk to the new guy in the pub to get "Dispellado". Now, at the odd rings north of Baskar, use Dispellado on the stones in this order: NW SW SE NE W S E N. The Illusion Temple will open and you can get the Chrono Rune.

After doing this, go to the Pub in Milama Village for a funny conversation between Jack and a waitress.

Temple of Memory

The password for the Memory Temple is "Emiko".

Two-Player Battles

During a battle insert a second controller into slot 2. And the person with the second controller can use the characters also.

Easy Money and Lots of It

To get money with almost no effort at all,you must do the Item Dupe trick.(Must have 3 characters first).Dupe the Potion Berry which is a rare item,but you'll pick it up really early in the game.After you have 255 of it,SELL 155 of them or you can sell all of them.Each berry is priced at around 500.155 of them can get up to 50,000!

Money and Exp. Heaven

Go to the island where the Ancient Arena is, there are islands directly east of it. The first island will do fine. Walk around there and there will be battles that should be easy depending on your level. Eventually you will encounter two very strange creatures called hayokanton (not the exact name, i think), defeat them and they will give a very high amount of money and exp. (very high) use a lucky card to get even more, if you run out of lucky cards, go back to the Ancient arena and fight the first round and then quit you will get a lucky card and a couple of other items. When you fight these monsters Arch Smash, Magnum Fang (for more fast draw attacks, duplicate a secret sign to make every attack 1 mp) work pretty good but then again you might find something that works better.

NOTE* these enemies can be hard on the islands depending on your level and they have strong attacks that have status changing effects (poison,curse,disease, etc. but be aware that it will not be only one status change) use a full Libra or even better duplicate the Sheriff Star from the abyss it will help greatly. One of the best tactics is to focus on one then the other.

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Wild Arms 2

Beat Ghost

Use the Tim's Turnundead spell on the hidden boss Ghost in the Fiery Wreckage level to instantly kill him.

Beat Titanius

Use Tim's Hi-Combine with the guardian Raftina on Titanius in the town of Halmetz. He will almost always die instantly.

Defeating Gatlorg

Use Ashley's second form's Gun Blaze attack on Gatlorg in the Pirate's Warren. He will die in three to four hits.

Defeating Bulkogidon

Use Ashley's second form's Mad Lucied attack on Bulkogidon located in the Fab Science Lab. He will die very quickly.

Getting Marivel

Go to the Crimson Castle behind the Guild Galad Urautu station to find a desert. Park your dragon near the green blip, and enter the castle. This is very difficult to navigate through, Go through and stay to the right. Press a switch to open the door, and drop down where two treasure chests are located. Go to the next three switches. When you are done, go through the middle part of the castle and enter the room with a long rug beside it. You should see a stone object telling you to get lost. Keep going down and read each stone figure. When you are done Marivel will appear from her coffin and give you a special tool, "Electel", and a map scope. She also is now on your team.

Block combination

In the place floating in the air west of Sylvia, place the blocks from the door to the stone in the following order: star, moon, sun, cloud.

How to get to the Black Market

It is located near Damsen City, where it is grassy and there are rock pillars. You will find a place called "Odd Headquarters". Try hitting him. When you go down stairs, you will see a robot that is destroyed. Electrocute him with an Electel and he will become movable. When you go under, you will be in a place titled "Black Market". You can get items from the man near the counter that you cannot find anywhere else, such as Revival Fruit. Find some gems and turn them to a solid block by using the Change Rod. Walk on the blocks to get to a fence-like area. Use the Mist Jacket to move through it. After you are, done hit the switch and get the treasure chest.

Finding Hyulkontons to fight

Go to the Withered Ruins, which is near the town of Miera. Go towards the back end of the ruins. When a battle against a Gagison comes up have Tim use "Divide" on it. Make sure he is only using "Divide" on the Gagison or this trick will not work. The Gagison will turn into a Hyulkonton. Be careful, because they have 64,000 health (hit points) and have two moves that can place a lot of status changes on your characters. They are well worth the fight, because they are worth 30,000 experience points and 50,000 gella. If you use a Lucky Card, those numbers will double.

Unlock the doors at the Good Luck Zone

First equip the Odd Sandals and Fengalon to any of the chracter then walk in the room until you fight a Golpa and steal it's secret key with pickpocket. Use the secret key to unlock the doors at Good Luck Zone.

Fab Lab questions and answers


Q: What parameter is changed by increasing RES (response value)?

A: Evasion Percentage

A: Percentage of First Attacks <-
A: Percentage of successful escapes

Q: What did you finally get after suffering for almost 3 years?

A: Full Libra

A: Hazel Sprig

A: Holy Grail

Q: What is the total number of Crest Sorcery spells that can be cast by Lilka?

A: 40

Q: What item can be pickpocketed from the Monster "Lindworm?"

A: Big Berry

Q: If Ashley + Tim is "31," then what is Brad + Lilka?

A: 46

Q: What is the average time needed for Lombardia to circle Filgaia?

A: About 40 Seconds

Q: In the hidden settings, what is the length of "Hyulkonton" in meters?

A: If an alien, 3 meters.

Q: How much is a Heal Berry cose in Bell Ringing Halmetz?

A: Isn't for sale

Q: Which is the youngest among these characters?

A: Tim Rhymeless

Q: Between Tim and Kanon, which one needs less EXP to become level 99?

A: Actually, they are both the same.

Q: The player character gender ratio is one to one in this title. So, what is Lucied's gender?

A: Man (male)

Q: What is the origin of the name of the Boss Monster Kalivos who appears in the Withered Ruins?

A: "Shark Land" in magic argot

A: At first, a temporary boss

A: The word Vokalis scrambled.

Q: What is the origin of the "EMMA Motor" that powers the Valeria Chateau?

A: Short for Electromagnetic Engine

Q:What percent of the characters' HP is restored by the Gems, large and small, respectively?

A: 25% and 1% of MAX HP

A: 25% and 2% of MAX HP

A: 10% and 1% of MAX HP

Q: Which combination of monsters appears in the Millenium Puzzle?

A: Bogey, Gohm, Blue Book

Q: Who uses the original power called "Bayonet?"

A: Ashley Winchester

Q: What is the total HP of the Boss Monster Vagesta?

A: 4500

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Winning Eleven 4

Bonus teams

Successfully complete the game with all the league and cups under the hard difficulty setting. The European All-Star Team, World All-Star Team, Classic European All-Star Team, and Classic World All-Star Team will be unlocked.

To Unlock World and European Classic AllStar

Go to Master League,choose any team,set the difficulty to Normal with 10 minutes to play.Now play and make sure to stay at the top of the league after the 14 match( does'nt matter if you have lose record or draw ) just make sure finish first of top.After the credits,the memory cards also will autosave at the screen to confirm that the classic AllStar is playable at the exhibiton modes.

Unlock Secret World & European All Star

Go to international Cup,choose any team,set difficulty to normal with 10 minutes,and play till win the cup.After the credits,it will autosave the memory card to tell you that two new Team is Playable.Later check it out at the exhibition modes.(choose autosave)

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


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