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Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001

3DO Clouds

At the Stadium Selection screen, press L2, R2, L2, R2, Square, Square.

Wacky Clouds

At the Stadium Selection screen, press R2, L2, Square, L1, R1, Square.

Super Fastballs

During gameplay, press X, X, Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Left, Right.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NHL 2001

The Dude player

Enter the create-a-player screen and enter "Bruce Willis" as a name. The announcers will refer to the character as "The Dude" during the game.

The Hammer player

Enter the create-a-player screen and enter "Hammer" as his first name. The announcers will refer to the character as "The Hammer" during the game.

Jersey number 99

Enter the create-a-player screen and enter "Wayne Gretzky" as a name. Save the player without editing his attributes. Then, select the "Edit Player" option and change the player's name and set up the attributes as desired. The player's jersey number will say 98 but in the season and on your roster his jersey will be 99.

Super foward

Enter the create-a-player screen and enter "Peter Forsberg" or "Jaromir Jagr" as a name. Answer "Yes" to use his ratings, then adjust them as needed. You can also use NHL Challenge bonus points to boost their attributes. Return to the previous screen and change his name to your choice, but do not change any other setting.

Super defenseman

Enter the create-a-player screen and enter "Sandis Ozolinsh" or "Chris Pronger" as a name. Answer "Yes" to use his ratings, then adjust them as needed. You can also use NHL Challenge bonus points to boost their attributes. Return to the previous screen and change his name to your choice, but do not change any other setting.

Super goalie

Enter the create-a-player screen and enter "Patrick Roy", "Dominik Hasek", or "Ed Belfour" as a name. Answer "Yes" to use his ratings, then adjust them as needed. You can also use NHL Challenge bonus points to boost their attributes. Return to the previous screen and change his name to your choice, but do not change any other setting.

Three minute power-play

First, get into a fight, but do not punch the other player at all. Just stand there and let the other player punch your player. To force the other player to fight back, pause the game and switch controllers to the other team. If your player loses the fight, he will get a two minute minor for roughing and the other player will get a five minute major for fighting. After your player serves his two minutes in the penalty box, you will have a three minute power-play. If your team scores on that power-play, the player will still stay in the penalty box because he is serving a major.

Hidden Rookies

You may be wondering where some of your favorite players are, like rookies(example-Jani Hurme) or players who weren't signed by the beginning of the NHL season(example-Garth Snow), but I MAY HAVE THE SOLUTION. First, go into the create a player screen and type the name of the missing player in the name box. When the dialog box askes you the question about the database say yes. If the player you are looking for isn't there, sorry, but it works for others. Many codes sites don't post these lists because they are so long, but here are some players that work that I found...(I hope they post it!!)

-Kyle Calder

-Jonathan Girard

-Rico Fata

-Petr Schastlivy

-Travis Brigley

-Lee Sorochan

-Brent Johnson

-Scott Hannan

-Garth Snow

-Jason Podollan

-Willie Mitchell

-Ray Giroux

-Petr Mika

-Jason Krog

-Dale Purinton

-Jani Hurme

-Marian Cisar

-Rumun Ndur

-Terry Virtue

-Derek Armstrong

-Dan Kesa

-Johan Witehall

-Frank Banham

-Mike Fountain

-Dieter Kochan

-Eric Boguniecki

-Denis Hamel

-Benoit Gratton

-Frederic Chabot

-Jan Vopat

-Mike Watt

-Vladimir Chebaturkin

-Ryan Bonni

-Dan LaCouture

-Reid Simpson

Use these^ and keep searching and posting more !

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NFL Gameday 2001

Cheat Codes

Enter the options screen and choose the "Easter Eggs" selection. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Effect Cheat
All Bobo teams ALL BOBO
Players have more endurance ENDURANCE
Flat players TWO D
Tiny players FLEA CIRCUS
Large football BIG PIG
Frame by frame movement STROBE LIGHT

Bonus teams

At the team selection screen, press Circle for the Super Bowl teams. Press Circle(2) at the team selection screen for the All-Star teams.

NFL GameDay '99 music

Place the game disc in an audio CD player and play track two to hear music from the opening of NFL GameDay '99.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NFL Blitz 2001

Cheat Codes

Enter these codes on the versus screen. The numbers tell how many times press the TURBO, JUMP and PASS buttons.

For example, 5-2-5 means: Press TURBO 5 times. Press JUMP 2 times. Press PASS 5 times.

Big football - 0-5-0 Right

Red, white and blue football - 3-2-3 Left

No random fumbles - 4-2-3 Down

Infinite turbo - 5-1-4 Up

Super blitzing - 0-4-5 Up

Show field goal % - 0-0-1 Down

No first downs - 2-1-0 Up

No punting - 1-5-1 Up

Big head - 2-0-0 Right

Huge head - 0-4-0 Up

Super field goals - 1-2-3 Left

Power-up blockers - 3-1-2 Left

Power-up offense - 3-1-2 Up

Power-up defense - 4-2-1 Up

Power-up teammates - 2-3-3 Up

Late hits - 0-1-0 Up

Headless team - 1-2-3 Right

No interceptions - 3-4-4 Up

Hide receiver name - 1-0-2 Right

Invisible - 4-3-3 Up

Unlimited throwing distance - 2-2-3 Right

Fast turbo running - 0-3-2 Left

No head - 3-2-1 Left

Allow stepping out of bounds - 2-1-1 Left

Fast passes - 2-5-0 Left

Team big heads - 2-0-3 Right

Clear weather - 2-1-2 Left

Snowy weather - 5-2-5 Down

Rainy weather - 5-5-5 Right

Old day stadium - 5-0-1 Up

Night stadium - 5-0-2 Down

City stadium - 5-0-1 Left

Old night stadium - 5-0-2 Up

Day stadium - 5-0-1 Down

Asphalt field - 3-0-1 Up

Dirt field - 3-0-2 Up

Snow stadium - 5-0-3 Down

Roman stadium - 5-0-3 Left

Grass field - 3-0-0 Up

Future stadium - 5-0-2 Left

Old snow stadium - 5-0-3 Up

Astroturf field - 3-0-3 Up

Snow field - 3-0-4 Up

Cleveland Browns playbook - 1-1-3 Left

Dallas Cowboys playbook - 1-1-4 Left

Miami Dolphins playbook - 1-3-1 Left

Denver Broncos playbook - 1-1-5 Right

Kansas City Chiefs playbook - 1-2-5 Left

Philadelphia Eagles playbook - 1-4-3 Left

Pittsburgh Steelers playbook - 1-4-4 Left

San Diego Chargers playbook - 1-4-5 Left

San Francisco 49ers playbook - 1-5-1 Left

Detroit Lions playbook - 1-2-1 Left

Green Bay Packers playbook - 1-2-2 Left

Baltimore Ravens playbook - 1-0-3 Left

Buffalo Bills playbook - 1-0-4 Left

New England Patriots playbook - 1-3-3 Left

New York Jets playbook - 1-4-1 Left

Oakland Raiders playbook - 1-4-2 Left

Indianapolis Colts playbook - 1-2-3 Up

New Orleans Saints playbook - 1-3-4 Left

Jacksonville Jaguars playbook - 1-2-4 Left

Seattle Seahawks playbook - 1-5-2 Left

St. Louis Rams playbook - 1-5-3 Left

Tampa Bay Buccaneers playbook - 1-5-4 Left

New York Giants playbook - 1-3-5 Left

Minnesota Vikings playbook - 1-3-2 Left

Arizona Cardinals playbook - 1-0-1 Left

Atlanta Falcons playbook - 1-0-2 Left

Carolina Panthers playbook - 1-0-5 Left

Chicago Bears playbook - 1-1-0 Left

Cincinnati Bengals playbook - 1-1-2 Left

Tennessee Titans playbook - 1-5-5 Left

Washington Redskins playbook - 2-0-1 Left

Requires 2 player agreement

No play selection - 1-1-5 Left

No CPU assistance - 0-1-2 Down

Show more field - 0-2-1 Right

Hyper blitz - 5-5-5 Up

Power-up speed - 4-0-4 Left

Only in one-player game

Smart CPU opponent - 3-1-4 Down

Deranged blitz mode - 2-1-2 Down

Ultra hard mode - 3-2-3 Up

Only in two-player game

Super passing mode - 4-2-3 Right

Super blitz mode - 4-4-4 Up

Tournament mode - 1-1-1 Down

Requires 2 human teammates

Always quarterback - 2-2-2 Left

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NCAA March Madness 2001


If you're falling behind, get the ball to your best three-point shooter to try to close the gap.

If your opponent is playing a 2-3 zone defense, work the ball down low to your power forward or center. When the defense collapses on your man in the paint, kick the ball out to your shooting guard, who should have a good look at the basket.

After grabbing a defensive rebound, look to start a fast break by throwing the ball to a teammate up-court.

Easier Shots

During a game, pause, and go to the game setup option. Then go to game options. There should be a feature where you can in/decrease the chances of your shots going in. Push the icon all the way to the right of the bar. You should make most of or all of your shots.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NCAA GameBreaker 2001

Easter eggs

All Blue Chips - motivate

Super walk-on players - FRANKENSTEIN

All attributes at 99 - BEAT DOWN


Fat stats - REAL ESTATE

Fat stats - PHYSICAL

Fat stats - Vers

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NCAA Football 2001


Enter one of the following cheats at the secret codes screen to activate the corresponding cheat function:

All stadiums unlocked OPENSESAME
Juggernaut team BULLDOZER
Maximum recruiting points HEADCOACH
Maximum attribute points BALLER
Receivers always catch HANDSOFGLUE
Defense always intercepts OSKIE
Slower players CEMENTFEET
Faster players SCRAMBLE
Faster daytime effects DAYNIGHT
Change the date Y2K
Wind at maximum SAFETY
Full poll [Note] POPULARITY

Note: Press R1(2) at the poll screen to view more team rankings.

Touchdown celebrations

Hold one of the following buttons immediately after scoring a touchdown at the risk of an unsportsman-like conduct penalty:

Heismen pose

Hold X.

Ball spike

Hold Circle.

Muscle flexing

Hold Square.

Back flip

Hold Triangle.

Spin the ball

Hold R1.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


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