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SpongeBob: The Battle For Bikini Bottom

Sponge Bob's Long Jump

First press A and when you are falling press A again. Press B to stop.

Golden Underwear

Look hard for this because it gives you another layer. They are mostly in Bikini Bottom. (1 is on the Police Headquaters' roof.)

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Rugrats: The Search For Reptar

42 Secrets

If you insert your game CD into a PC and upen up the datahints folder, there will be 42 text files filled with cheats, tips, and hints!

Easier Putt in Minigolf

While putting in the minigolf course, hold down the walk button and the aiming line will move a lot slower and make it easier to aim. It's not much, but it does help.

Jumping Down the Stairs

While you are in the house, get to the top of the stairs and make sure your facing down the stairs. Now you should be able to jump the whole stair case and it wont even hurt Tommy. Not much of a code, but its fun and saves a bit of time.

Play On Playground Equipment

Go to the game Grandpas teeth "medium". If you press Circle next to the playground equipment you will see a small movie of the Rugrats playing on the equipment.

Play the piano

Go to the living room and there you will find a small purple piano. Go up to the front where you see the keys and press circle.

Play with Spike

You can play fetch with Spike outdoors by picking up the small ball, the bone, and the stick.

Secret Level

Get 13 or more Reptar bars and you will gain a secret level after you beat the game, in which you are Reptar.

Secret Reptar Bars

Go to the basement and look on the right side of the computer.

When playing hole 8 on Ice Cream Mountain, go around to the other side of the pyramid. Go into the entrance way and explore throughout all of the pyramid. You will find a lot of Reptar Bars and also you will find Mr. Friend's mummy.

Go into the back yard and look behind Spike's dog house.

Go into Stu's and Didi's room and walk into the closet. Then look on the left side.

Look behind the couch in the family room upstairs.

Go behind the crib in Tommy's room.

Look behind the trash can in the kitchen.

Shortcut in "Incident, Isle 7"

On Incident, Isle 7, when you go where the plants are, there will be three balloons tied together. Run into them and press CIRCLE. This will bring you to the middle part of the board.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Need For Speed: V-Rally 2

All cars,trophies,levels

Go to game progression screen at the options menu then press: L1,R1,left,right,left,right, up,down,up,down,X,X+select:(just press X on any box there)

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed

Cheat mode

At the credits screen, quickly press Right, Left, Up, Down, Circle, Square.

Modern era

First enable cheat mode then select evolution mode and enter BEEM as your name.

Golden era

First enable cheat mode then select evolution mode and enter BEEG as your name.

Mission 6 and GT2 car

First enable cheat mode then enter PALF as your name.

Mission 9 and 917K car

First enable cheat mode then enter PALI as your name.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Need For Speed: High Stakes

Easy Money

After buying your first car go to two-player mode and select highstakes. It will ask you if you want to save; select yes. After accessing memory slot 1 it will ask for memory card 2. After this race and on the second forfeit and you when a car and you can sell it or keep two of the same cars you can do this over and over again.

All cop cars

To get all cop cars you have to arrest 10 cop cars for each new cop car you get.

Easy Tickets

Enter "HOT PURSUIT" mode and choose a cop car. When the game starts, Hold L1 to turn off your sirens. The person speeding will slow down. When you've caught up to him , Hold L1 and press up and pull him over!!

Cool cars,Helicopter,And more!!

For cool cars type in your name at the "USER NAME" in the "options" menu,

HOTROD unlocks hot rod bonus car

FLASH unlocks phantom bonus car

WHIRLY unlocks bonus helicopter

BIGOVEN all cops speak in english

Access to all cars

Currently I do not know of any controller button combos or usernames to unlock every single car in the game. You will simply have to get them the old fashioned way and that is win and unlock them on your own. I do have a tip for the harder races that specify no special car be driven. When a race states that the cars used is open chose the BMW M5 since it is a slower good handling car that is difficult to spin out and crash with, especially if you are on the very hard mirrored, backward, or night time tracks that you have never raced on before. Another good tip is if you are not in first place and find yourself on an unfamiliar version of a track you thought you already knew is to follow your opponents the first lap to learn where to slow down and turn at.

Username cheats

Type your username in as these names to reveal the hidden or difficult to get vehicles. Please save your current game first, as these usernames will disable game saving until resetting your system. HOTROD (unlocks Titan) FLASH (unlocks Phantom) WHIRLY (unlocks the Police Helicopter)

Heavy Car Enabler

Select any race in any mode. After pressing X, or Start immediately Press and Hold (LEFT+CIRCLE+SQUARE), this will make your car heavier enabling you to smash into other cars and send them flipping. Please note--at times if you are going too fast you may still crash when attempting to run into another car.

Dashboard Enabler

You must first enter the Turbo Boost Enabler Code for this one to work, then quit the race to enter this code. (Many online game related cheat sites state that this code must be entered first, however I have tested the codes and have found that the Turbo Boost code actually must be entered first.) Select any race in any mode. Reenter the Turbo Boost Enabler Code (UP+X+TRIANGLE).

Turbo boost enabler

Select any race in any mode. After pressing the X, or Start button immediately Press and Hold down (UP+X+TRIANGLE). To use the Turbo Boost feature simply honk the horn for an instant increase in acceleration. This code is especially helpful if you have been heavily rear ended by an opponent or the usual Police to correct a spin out. Please note that this code will only momentarily let you escape the Police, they will always catch up or be just up the road from you.

Hot pursuit tips when you are the cops

When you play the role as the Cop immediately at the start of every pursuit call for backup. At the harder difficulty levels you will have to wait a while before any extra backup is available, but if you are having problems pulling over a suspect the extra help will shave valuable time off of your overall time spent on a difficult arrest. Always call for backup!


Access super police cars

To gain the extra Police Cars you will have to arrest all ten suspects within the amount of time given at every difficulty level to gain access to the higher performance Police Cars. To get the American/United States Super Police Cars like the Corvette C5 Pursuit car arrest all ten suspects on the Canadian, or USA tracks. A simple tip is to not enter a username by not doing so you will gain extra pursuit time.

Drunk mode

Start a race .At loading screen. Immediatly press and hold up+L1+R1.And the screen will be blurred!

Every cop car

To get every cop car, go to the "User Name" Menu. Type in "NFS PD". You will hear a noise. The noise sounds like when you purchase a car from the Tournament or the Special Events. When you pick a cop car in Hot Pursuit mode, notice there is a new cop car. It's a Lamborghini Diablo SV with a diffrent paint job on it. Same with the BMW M5. And you also get to be any cop, even the International kinds when your in USA or Canada!!!

Drive the indy car

To drive the indy car, go to the USERNAME menu. Type in Fone. Go to Test Drive. Select the Phantom car and push start. Before the loading screen appears, hold down L1, R2, DOWN, Select, X, and triangle. You should see a nice, fast looking INDY car.

All Cars And Tracks

Go to user name and type in wicked, this will allow you to use any car, on any track, but only in Testdrive Mode, the cars include a helicopter, titan car and phantom.

Extra Music Tracks

First go to the audio from main menu. Then go all the way to the bottom there are two music samples turned off. Just turn them on and you can listen to them when you are playing.

Good Cars

To activate the cheat go to the USERNAME section and put your name as DIGGER. The cheat only works in tournament mode. All the tournaments will say: Car needed: WEIRD OHS car. You should have 1 million dollars and you should see a nice WEIRD OHS car.

8 Police Backups

This code is EXTREMLY hard to do and you must time it correctly. Also this code takes a while to get. Type your name as "allunit". Then, go to Hot Pursuit and play as EXPERT mode. Play Duel. Select the track "Dolphin Cove". Select the TITAN car if you typed in the code for it or won it. Once the loading screen appears, wait until the yellow line reaches around the middle. Then, quickly hold down select and press X, Triangle, O, Square, L1 twelve times, and R2 5 times. You must press those buttons in an easy pace. Once the race starts, drive your car all the way to the Dolphin Cove tunnel (2nd tunnel). You are NOT allowed to drive backwards or drive the other way or else the code won't work. Stop at the tunnel and wait for your opponent or a cop to pass by. Once they are near your area, try to ram your opponent or cop. Press and hold X and O exactly when your opponent or cop hits you. If its a cop, you will be fined. If its your opponent, he should be flipping in the air! If he's not doing flips, the code won't work, either. Once you did those, quit the race. Then go to One Player. Next, go to Hot pursuit, EXPERT, Solo. Next, select the track "Kindiak Park". Select the Lamborghini Cop if you earned the car. Once the loading screen appears, Press and hold all the buttons except the directional buttons. If you've done it right, call for backup. Once you call for backup, you will see 8 or 9 which is including you cop flashing dots on the map. Once you see all 8 of those cops, there are 4 Corvette cops and 4 Lamborghini cops. Those units are unit 20, 25, 45, 31, 217, 371, 353, and 316. Good luck and have fun with this code if you got it!

Clone your Cars

You need to have a game saved on mem' card. Select the two player option. Select High Stakes. Press X. It should come up with a message and two options. Select the OVERWRITE option. Selct your track. It will come up with a message saying "Checking for Valid Memory Card in slot 1". Make sure you have your mem' card in slot 1. The it will have another message saying "Checking for valid Memory Card in slot 2". Quickly remove the mem' card in slot 1 and insert it in slot 2. Select your car(s). Put your mem' card in slot 1 to load the 1st car, Then switch it over again.

Make sure that the 2nd player Forfeits.

Make sure that your memory card is in slot 1 to receive your cloned car.

See at vendor's WWW page


Need For Speed 3

Bonus tracks

the room .........Playtm



Space station..mnbeam


Empire city......mcityz

for the track you want type under user name

Enter the below codes as the user name to get the desired effect

Rocket - El Nino car.

Playtm - Toy room track.

Xcav8 - Caverns track.

Xcntry - Auto cross track.

Mnbeam - Space station track.

Mcityz - Empire City.

1Jagx - Jaguar xjr.

Gldfsh - Underwater track.

Seealli - Additional views.

Playtm - Playroom track.

Spoilt - Get all cars.

Amgmrc - Brings out a Mercedes GTK.

Enter the following codes after you press Start on the last screen before you enter the game, before the loading screens appears. You can only use controller one to enter the codes.

Start + Select + R1 + L2

Makes cars around you flip around when you hit your horn.

Up + X + Triangle

Slows down the game by 20 percent.

Select + Square + X

Increases the weight of your car.


Go to the user setup screen, then type in GLDFSH for an underwater level or

type in PLAYTM for a toy track level.

Police speak in french, spanish, german

French: Right +R2 +L1

Spanish: Down + R2 + L1

German: Up+ R2 + L1

Enter codes when you enter the horn or car wieght codes, before loading screen.


To do an awesome burnout, put your car in neutral and put one of the brakes on and then floor the gas with the brake still applied and shift into first gear with the brake and gas still on.

Gumball Policecars

Select the Redrock Ridge track. Then before the loading screen appears, immediately hold Down + R1 + L2 continue to hold the buttons until the loading screen disappears. Now the Green Landrovers will be replaced by Gum ball police during the race.

Power Horn

Press and Hold (Just until the loading screen comes up)

Start + Select + R1 + L2

Drive a cop car

To enable this code pick your stuff, then at the RPM screen before the loading screen press and hold Left, L2, R1 then hit X but dont hold X continue to hold these buttons until the RPM screen dissappears when the game is done loading you should be a cop car. You can't pull anyone over but using the horn button will activate your siren and lights.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Need For Speed 2

Track Passwords


Champ. at Proving Grounds:LDKMTP

Champ. at Outback: GRDWPG

Champ. at North Country: HTYSBG

Champ at Pacifc: WGVLQG

Car Passwords

Ford Indigo:LILZIP





Station Wagon:WAGOME


Audi Quatro:QUATME

Limo w/ spa:LIMOME

Long Car:LCME





Army Truck:ARMYME

Snow Plow:SNOWME







Faster Acceleration:POWRUP

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


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