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Multiplayer cheat

For a new multiplayer option in Quake2, you must beat the game in the easy mode in single player. This will enable two new options in the multiplayer mode.

Bronze Cheats

To achieve the Bronze Cheats, you must end the game in the easy difficulty This will open two options for multiplayer mode: Weapons Stay and One hit kill

NOTE: Remember to save the cheats on your memory card

Gold Cheat

To get gold you must beat the game on hard. Winning gold will give you infinte ammo, all weapons and all the rest of the multiplayer codes you recieve when you win silver and bronze.


Pause the game and press L2, L2, R1, R2, R1, L2.

Silver Cheat

To enable Silver Cheat, finish the game in MEDIUM difficulty. This will open 2 more bars in multiplayer mode : Game Speed and Blast Force. Plus it will unlock the multiplayer cheats you get for winning bronze.

Kill Final Boss easily

First when you enter the boss room strafe one step to the right so you see the tank commando and shoot him down with your rocket launcher when he's dead run forward to the flying enemy and run from right to left and shoot at him with your hyperblaster and when you dont have any more ammo take the minigun and do the same thing again. Then you shoot the other tank commander with your rocket launcher and when do the same thing to the flying enemy.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Q*Bert 3

X*Bert mode

Press B, Y(3), B, Y(3), Start at the options screen. Start a new game to begin at the first bonus level.

View credits and backgrounds

Hold R + L at the options screen will appear. The credit screen will be displayed. Press Select to view different backgrounds.

Skip to level 11

Press B(8) at the options screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Press Start and return to the title screen. Start a single player game to begin at level 11.

View all intermission scenes

Press Right, Up, B, A, Down, Up, B, Down, Up, B at the title screen.

View special ending

Hold Select and press [L + R] ten times. While continuing to hold Select, press B, A. The sound of a bomb exploding will confirm correct code entry.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Quest 64


Every time you get the option to increase your magic, always increase your water element. You will get the best spells. These spells are a necessity to get early in the game.

Easy Boss battles

Before facing Bosses such as Guilty, Begis, or Mammon, collect as many Dragon potions as possible. During the battle with the Boss, use the Magic Barrier spell under Earth magic. Brian will be protected against magic attacks, allowing him to attack the Boss without harm. Use the Dragon potions to restore MP to cast the spell again when it wears off.

Super attack

Get within striking distance of the staff during combat. Select any spell, then press A. This will result in an attack with both the staff and magic spell in a single turn.

Preferred Elements

The best Elements, in order, are: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind.

Entering the Forest

Before entering the forest, fight the enemies around the sign and the trees.

Staff attack

Having all the Elements is still not as powerful in combat as using the staff. When usedsuccessfully, the staff almost always does more damage to most enemies than theElements.

Easy Zelse battle

When facing Zelse in the battle for the Wind Jade, Brian can avoid his second attack by standing six or seven steps away from him. When in this position, Brian will be able to easily outrun his attack.

Avoiding Earth-based magic

Run towards any monster that uses Earth-based magic while they are attacking. They always miss if Brian is close enough to the monster. Since their stone attacks are more powerful then their physical attacks, this strategy will also conserve hit points.

Super Defense

For the best way to raise defense find a monster that uses spells like Windcutter Lv3 or Homing Arrow Lv3. In other words a monster who uses lots of individual attacks in one turn. Defense is accumulated more by how many times your hit, not how great the damage is. Now just simply let this monster attack you, you leave it alone and let it do its thing. While its hacking away at you cast healing spells to keep yourself from dieing. When your health gets too low kill the monster and repeat.

Super Agility

Take Brian to a large area where you can not be attacked by any monsters. Start Brian running in small circles and while running unplug your controller. Brian should still be running in circles. Now if you didn't know, running raises your agility, so just before you go to bed start Brian running in circles, turn off the tv and let him go loose all night!. When you wake up your agility should be super high. If you want it higher, repeat!

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Quake 64


Go to the pasword screen and enter all q's. it will say invalid password but do not woory, just exit the screen and go to the options screen. here you will find a listing for debug mode, enter it and you will have varios cheats including god mode and warp levels. enjoy....

No clipping mode

Enter NOCLIP as a password to pass through walls.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Quake 2

Twists level

Enter FBBC VBBB FBBC VBF7 as a password.

Extra Uniform Colors

Enter the password S3TC 00LC 0L0R S??? for more uniform colors.

Higher Jumps in Multi-player

Enter the code S3T1 NF1N 1T3S H0TS.

Low Gravity in Multi-player

Enter the password S3TL 0WGR V1TY ???? to reduce the gravity in multiplayer games.


02 - PGBR VK?B 65BH Y3HD


04 - 2KLR SDRY ?VV4 YQ8X

05 - VK3T 7LFC 94B7 D3R3




09 - R??P 7NY4 2WGX 99TX

10 - Q??K BBBV NBQ1 7GCV

11 - P64? ZM5B ?BM0 5YH6

12 - N664 SQ63 XB?K B7LF

13 - M682 M7QT 1215 8098

14 - L669 H8MD G8XB JNYV

15 - K681 X8CL H01K 1PF5

16 - J6?0 BT5M NRZ2 QXLL

17 - H6?0 XXFW PHV1 77P4


19 - F6Y3 WXQK CHD0 8K4D

Change Level Colors in Multiplayer

Enter the password S3TC 00LC 0L0R S??? to change the game's color pallette.

Infinite Shots in Multi-player

Enter the code S3T1 NF1N 1T3S H0TS.

Mission Mode

To access mission mode, go to the password screen and enter the password FBBC VBBB FBBC VBF7. This will take you to mission 0, where you try to kill the enemies within the stage in a certain amount of time.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Quake 3: Arena

Cheat mode:

Press ~ to display the console window. Type /devmap . The message "Free for all and cheats enabled" will appear while the level loads to confirm correct code entry. Press ~ to display the console window during game play and type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

Toggle God mode /god

All weapons and ammo /give all

Invisibility /give invisibility

Quad damage /give quad damage

Flight ability /give flight

Set frag limit /fraglimit <0-500>

Disable automatic weapons seta cg_autoswitch 0

Enable automatic weapons seta cg_autoswitch 1

Third person view /cg_thirdperson 1

Level select map

View console commands [Tab]

Level names

Use one of the following entries with the map code.

Location Level name

Introduction q3dm0

Arena Gate q3dm1

House of Pain q3dm2

Arena of Death q3dm3

The Place of Many Deaths q3dm4

The Forgotten Place q3dm5

The Camping Grounds q3dm6

Temple of Retribution q3dm7

Brimstone Abbey q3dm8

Hero's Keep q3dm9

The Nameless Place q3dm10

Deva Station q3dm11

The Dredwerkz q3dm12

Lost World q3dm13

Grim Dungeons q3dm14

Demon Keep q3dm15

The Bouncy Map q3dm16

The Longest Yard q3dm17

Space Chamber q3dm18

Apocalypse Void q3dm19

Power Station 0218 (Tournament) q3tourney1

The Proving Grounds (Tournament) q3tourney2

Hell's Gate (Tournament) q3tourney3

Vertical Vengeance (Tournament) q3tourney4

Fatal Instinct (Tournament) q3tourney5

The Very End of You (Tournament) q3tourney6

Dueling Keeps (Boss) q3ctf1

Troubled Waters (Boss) q3ctf2

The Stronghold (Boss) q3ctf3

Space CTF (Boss) q3ctf4

Secret level test box


Press [F11] during game play to save the current screen in .TGA format in the baseq3/screenshots folder.

General strategy

Always strafe in a circle around whoever you are shooting. Never stop moving. Always try to get rocket launcher first, then jump and zig-zag run to avoid getting shot. Always use the plasma gun when you have quad damage since it shoots fastest and can hold a lot of ammunition. Run backwards away from people and shoot them at same time.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Quake 2

999 Health

To acquire 999 health, push the Tilde [~] key to bring up the console. Then type "give health 999" and push Enter.

Note: If you collect other health items, your health meter will go back to the normal 100 health.

Change Crosshair

To change the crosshair, push the Tilde [~] key and type, "Crosshairx" where x is the magnification constant; then push Enter.

Note: X is a value between 1 and 5.

Change Gravity

To change gravity, push the Tilde [~] key and type, "Sv_gravityx" where x is the gravitational constant; then push Enter.

Note: A value of 800 is "normal" gravity.

Give Command

The Give command brings forth an item or object, player or enemy. To ?give? an object, push the Tilde key [~] and type "Givex" where x is the singular form of the desired item (without spaces).

Here are a few examples:




Armor Shard

Blue Key

Body Armor

Combat Armor

Commander?s Head



Power Cube

Power Shield

Red Key

Security Pass




God Mode

Type the tilde and then type "god". Press return and you will be in God Mode.

Id Gallery (Unit 9)

To see pictures of Quake 2 staff, first defeat the final boss. Then search the grounds for a stress fracture that has formed during the struggle. Shoot the crumbling surface and enter the crawl space.

Secret Level (Unit 1, Level 3)

To reach the secret level, go to level 3 (in the first unit) and walk forward until you see a large pool. Two Light Guards and an Enforcer patrol the area. Kill them and grab the Re-breather that they protect, activating it by pressing the B button. Now wade into the pool and slither through the large crack in floor. (You will have to duck because you?re too big to enter any other way.) Once you have crawled through the crack, search for a narrow tunnel. The tunnel will lead to a tiny oasis. And once there, push the Space Bar until you discover a small "secret" room. In the room, two bodies lie next to an elevator. Step over them and push the elevator button. You?ll descend to a secret level!

Secret Room behind Waterfall (Unit 5)

In the Receiving Center (Unit 5), go to the area where you see a waterfall. With a running start, jump over the ledge and into the falls! You should land in a small corridor.

Cheat Codes

First you must press the " ~ " key and then type in the cheats below:

give all

give health

give weapons

give ammo

give armor

give body armor

god notarget


give jacket armor

give blaster

give shotgun

give super shotgun

give machinegun

give chaingun

give grenade launcher

give rocket launcher

give railgun

give bfg10k

give shells

give bullets

give cells

give grenades

give rockets

give slugs

give quad damage

give invulnerability

give silencer

give rebreather

give environment suit

give ancient head

give adrenaline

give bandolier

give ammo pack

give data cd

give power cube

give pyramid key

give data spinner

give airstrike marker

give blue key

give red key

give security pass

give commander's head

give power shield

give armor shard

give combat armor

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


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