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Virtua Striker 2002

Get Velvet Stadium

Use road to International Cup Mode and get to World Cup in year 4 then win the world Cup tournament.

Get Century Stadium

Use road to International Cup Mode and get to World Cup in year 4 then win the 1st game of the World Cup tournament.

Get Yukichan United Team

Use ranking mode and get 30 points then beat the Yukichan United Team when they challenge you.

Get FC Sonic Team

Use ranking mode and get 20 points then beat the FC Sonic Team when they challenge you.

Extra player edit selections

Win the Road To International Cup with any team. Enter the "Edit Player" option with that same team. The "Cap" option will be unlocked in the "Hair" menu and the "Glasses" option will be unlocked in the "Others" menu. Additionally, enter "CAT" as a name for your custom player to unlock the cat appearance in the "Face" menu or "SANTACLAUS" as a name for the Santa Claus appearance.

St. Road stadium

In the Road to the International Cup, win the second round of the International Cup.

Estadio Nou Esperanza stadium

In the Road to the International Cup, win the semi-final game in the International Cup.

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Pro Rally 2002

Master Code

Enter ASEREJE as a name to unlock everything in the PAL version of the game.

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NFL Quarterback Club 2002

Jim Everett

Break any record on QB challenge.

Phil Simms

Throw over 500 yards in 1 game.

Boomer Esiason

Throw 15 completed passes to 1 reciever.

Bernie Kosar

Throw for 5 TD's in 1 game.

Jim Kelly

Have at least 20 pass attempts and a 105 QB rating in 1 game.

Troy Aikman

Beat 7 computer opponents in QB challenge.

Unlock Dan Marino

Throw for over 5,000 yards in a single season.

Unlock Steve Young

Get 50 touchdowns in a single season.

Warren Moon

Throw 450 passing attempts in a single season.

Easy kickoff recoveries

There are eight corners on the base of the Analog-stick. When you select what type of kickoff you are doing, choose the middle. When you get to the part where you aim your kick, press the Analog-stick Down/Left. Press A and try to get the kick to be as weak and accurate as possible. When the kicker kicks the ball, switch to the player to the left of the kicker. Run at the ball, and almost always, he or another player on your team will recover the it.

Easy sacks

Select "FG Block" as your play. When your players line up, choose the linemen that is second from the left. Move him between the second to last and the third to last linebacker on the right side. When the opposing team snaps the ball, do a Bull Rush (A), and either you or another player will get through the offensive line and be able to get a sack; or if the opposing team does a handoff, a loss of yardage. On defense, select "Goal line". Select the safety that is far right and move him to the line in between the middle linemen. When the ball is snapped, you will always be able to get past the line. Note: When doing this, watch for the pass because it will leave the "Y" receiver open.

Ignore injuries

When a player gets injured while on offense, start doing the hurry-up offense and the player will continue to play. They seem to forget about the injury.

John Elway

Rush for 2000 total yards in a season.

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NFL Blitz 2002

Hidden Players

Use the following ID and pin's


BEAR 1985

CLOWN 1974


DEER 1997


EAGLE 1981

FAT 1969

HORSE 1999


LION 1963

PINTO 1966


RAM 2000

RAVEN 2001

RBL-DBN 9669





TIGER 1977


Cheat Codes

At the versus screen, press L, R, and A to change the icons on the bottom of the screen. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad in the indicated direction to enable the code. If you entered the code correctly, you will see the name of the code and hear a sound. For example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press L, R(2), A(3), Left. Note: More then one code may be activated per game.

Effect Code

Extra time after plays 0-0-1 Right

No CPU assistance [Note 1] 0-1-2 Down

See more field [Note 1] 0-2-1 Right

Big feet 0-2-5 Left

Big shoulders 0-2-5 Right

Chimp mode 0-2-5 Up

Classic NFL Blitz ball 0-3-0 Left

Chrome ball 0-3-0 Left

Fast running speed 0-3-2 Left

Indians team 0-4-5 Left

Super blitzing 0-5-4 Up

Tourney mode in two team game 1-1-1 Down

Super field goals 1-2-3 Left

Clear weather 1-2-3 Right

Cowboys team 1-3-5 Left

No punting 1-4-1 Up

Huge head for ball carrier 1-4-5 Left

Big head for ball carrier 2-0-0 Right

Big head for team 2-0-3 Right

No first downs 2-1-0 Up

Allow stepping out of bounds 2-1-1 Left

More code entry teim 2-1-2 Right

Always QB [Note 2] 2-2-2 Left

Always receiver [Note 2] 2-2-2 Right

Ground fog 2-3-2 Down

Fast passes 2-4-0 Left

Midway team 2-5-3 Right

Rollos team 2-5-4 Up

Bilders team 3-1-0 Up

Smart CPU teammates 3-1-4 Down

No target receiver highlight 3-2-1 Down

Noftle mode 3-2-5 Up

Extra offense plays 3-3-3 Down

Neo Tokyo team 3-4-4 Down

More fumbles 3-4-5 Up

Showtime mode 3-5-1 Right

No interceptions 3-5-5 Up

Crunch Mode team 4-0-3 Right

Power-up offense 4-1-2 Up

Unlimited turbo 4-1-5 Up

Power-up defense 4-2-1 Up

Brew Dawgs team 4-3-2 Down

Gsmers team 5-0-1 Up

Power-up linemen 5-2-1 Up

No random fumbles [Note 1] 5-2-3 Down

Armageddon team 5-4-3 Right

No replays 5-5-4 Right

Snowy weather 5-5-5 Left

Rainy weather 5-5-5 Right

Note 1: Two player agreement required.

Note 2: Two human teammates required.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NFL Gameday 2002

Bonus Teams

At the team selection screen, press Circle for the Super Bowl teams. Press Circle (2) at the team selection screen for the All-Star teams.

Cheat Codes

Enter the options screen and choose the "Easter Eggs" selection. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Effect - Code

All Bobo teams - ALL_BOBO

Better defense line - LINE_BUSTER

Better running back - SUPER_FOOT

Big players - TINY

Cheerleaders pictures after game - FASHION_SHOW

Floating players - POP_WARNER

GameDay stadium - GRUDGE_MATCH

High endurance - ENDURANCE

Large football - BIG_PIG

Players named after 989 Sports programmers - 989_SPORTS

Players named after European league stars - EURO_LEAGUE

Players named after NBA stars - BASKETBALL

Players named after Redzone programmers - RED_ZONE

Players named after U.S. Presidents - OVAL_OFFICE

Reduce fatigue - FATIGUE

Tall and skinny players - PENCILS

View credits - CREDITS

Small Players - MUNCHKINS

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


NBA ShootOut 2002

Gameshark Codes

Home Team Infinite Timeouts 300E8818 0006

Home Team No Timeouts 300E8818 0000

Home Team Scores 0 300176E0 0000

Home Team Scores 200 300176E0 0064

Home Team Score Modifier 300176E0 00??

Away Team Infinite Timeouts 300E881A 0006

Away Team No Timeouts 300E881A 0000

Away Team Scores 0 30017720 0000

Away Team Scores 200 30017720 0064

Away Team Score Modifier 30017720 00??

No Shot Clock 300ED1F0 0018

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


MLB 2002

Fantastic Player

Enter 'Scott Murray' as a player name at the player creation screen. He can hit about 606 foot homeruns.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


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