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Moto Racer World Tour

Unlock Everything

Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Up at the main menu.

Slow CPU Bikes

At the main menu press Down, Up, Up, Right, Triangle, Square, R2. The screen will flash and CPU bikes will now have lower top speed.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Enable Smoke & other cool stuff

On the screen after the prepare for kombat type this X,L1,L2.A sound will indicate you did the code right.OK,On the Kombat Kube press up The block turns to a blue ? Then enable everything you want and have fun!!!


Go to opitions were the ? menu is and press and hold L1.L2.R1.R2 then hold up a noise will indicate the cheat has worked.


To play as Chameleon select a male ninjA. At the beginning of a fight hold R1,R2,HK,HP,and back until a puff of smoke poofs and Chameleon appears.

Select your stage

At the character select screen go to Sonya and hold start and up until you hear a sound then select your character and after that you can select your stage.

Random Character Select

First, go to the character select screen. For player 1, move to Noob Saibot and press up+start. The cursor will go wild and move around to some of the characters. Which ever one it lands on, that is the one you will be fighting with. For player two, do the same except move to Rain and press up+start. The same thing will happen again.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Mortal Kombat Mythologies

Other codes

GTTBHR - 1000 lives

NXCVSZ - 10 urns

CRVDTS - View credits

ZCHRRY - Max experience: start in level 8 with unlimited levels ( put it on medium! )


Mission 2 - THWMSB

Mission 3 - CNSZDG

Mission 4 - ZVRKDM

Mission 5 - JYPPHD

Mission 6 - RGTKCS

Mission 7 - QFTLWN

Mission 8 - XJKNZT

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Mortal Kombat 4

Play as james bond (weapon is a gun)

First go to arcade mode and highlight jonny cage then hold start and press HK 3 times then select him as you progress to the game you will be james bond. Cool huh?

Noob Saibot

Start a two player game.Do the Noob Code(012-012).Win with either player,make sure to continue.Now,repeat what you did with Goro.Select hidden with the Run button,hold it,go up to Reiko,then press and hold Block along with Run.


At the select screen,select the"hidden"option with the run button,and keep holding run. Move up to Shinnok and,while still holding run,select Shinnok with the Block button.Keep holding BL and RN until the round starts,and you are Goro!

Play as Goro or Noob Saibot

For either of these to work,you must first beat the game with Shinnok & Reiko.

Play as Meat

Choose group mode and play against all 15 characters in 2 player mode.After finishing with the last character which is

Sonya,your next character will be Meat.Meat has the previous character's moves.

Alternate costumes

Press Start and any button to rotate the select screen pictures two times to enable each character's second costume, except for Sonya and Tanya. The select screen pictures must be rotated three times for those characters.

Cheat Menu

Enter Kombat Kode 302 213 at the player vs. screen. Exit this match and enter the options menu. Highlight "Versus Screen Enable" and hold Block+ Run for ten seconds.

Noob Saibot

Finish the game with Reiko and then go to vs battle and enter the kombat kode... 012 012. Then exit the match and go to player select screen higlight hidden and press run and then finally, highlight Reiko still holding run and then press block.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Monsters, Inc. Scream Team

Full Scream Meter

Hold down the L1 and R2 buttons and press Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Monster Trucks

No damage

Press Left(4), Up, Down, L1, R2 at the main menu. The sound of a burp will confirm correct code entry.

Super vehicle

Press L2, Left, Right, Up, Down, R2 at the main menu. The sound of a burp will confirm correct code entry. The durability of all trucks will increase.

Monster trucks

Press L1, R2, L2, R1, Up at the main menu. The sound of a burp will confirm correct code entry.

Increased traction

Press Left, L1, R2, R1, Left, R2(3) at the main menu. The sound of a burp will confirm correct code entry.

Checkpoint skip

Press L1(2), R1(2), L2(2), R2(2) at the main menu. The sound of a burp will confirm correct code entry. Begin a race in endurance mode. Press Triangle to be flown to the next checkpoint by helicopter.

Better handling

Press Left, Right, Circle, Square at the main menu. The sound of a burp will confirm correct code entry. Your truck will be able to corner better during game play.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


Monster Rancher 2

Get the Phoenix

To obtain a Phoenix monster you must join Dr. Talico on his adventure at the Volcano. Then, on your way you'll see the first building to be searched. Search it and the legendary Phoenix monster will get out of the Volcano. Search it again and you should find the Fire Feather. Combine it with any two monsters then, you'll get Phoenix 100%. This monster is strong in every areas.

To obtain Wracky

Your monster must have a fame 90 or above during the year 1005. A fan will send you a strange doll that will dissapear the next week. The next time a monster dies at the Ranch, after the funeral(If you have one)instead of going to the Town,the Wracky comes to life and is named by Colt.She names him Charles.

To obtain Dragon

If your MONSTER IS CLASS B OR (not higher or lower), He might get invited to an Invitational fight on August 2nd. Its a single fight against a dragon. If you win, you recieve a Dragon Tusk. Use this item as a seasoning when combining any two monsters together to get a Dragon.

Getting Joker

To get the Joker monster, you must go with Dr.Talico on his secon trip to the Kawrea Volcano. This time you'll be inside the volcano and when you start, you'll have 3 ways to go. Go all the way right and follow the path. Ignore all the small shrines that branch from the route and keep going untill your in an intersection, with a tree on the bottem path and some pillars in the upper path. Push the pillars away and take the upper path and follow it. You'll eventually come to a building that has stairs leading to the top. If Dr.Talico says its some Holy Altar Ground, your in the right place. Investigate the area untill you find the Joker's Mask. NOTE: The Joker's Mask is NOT ALWAYS there, you may have to reset the game a couple times. When you do get the Joker's Mask, combine any two monsters and use the Mask as the secret seasoning and you will get the Joker monster!

Get Wooden Duck Monster

While adventuring in the forest adventure with the treasure hunter, explore the line of three trees to the right. If your lucky, you'll find an item called "Strong Glue". The treasure hunter will tell you that it can be used on the item you receive by collecting 5 diomand marked cans of Cup Jelly. After finding the glue, feed your monster Cup Jelly (being carful not to let it get too skinny) until you collect five of the cups that have diomand marks on them (this happens randomly). Colt will automatically use the glue on the Quack Doll that comes in the mail a few weeks later. Use the glued Quack Doll as a secret seasoning in the lab when combining any two monsters and there's your Wooden Duck.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com


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