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WWF No Mercy

Wrestle as Funaki

At the character selection screen, highlight Tanka Michinoku and press C-Left or C-Right.

Wrestle as Goodfather

At the character selection screen, highlight Godfather and press C-Left or C-Right.

Wrestle as Debra

At the character selection screen, highlight Terri and press C-Left or C-Right.

Wrestle as Jacqueline

At the character selection screen, highlight Ivory and press C-Left or C-Right.

Fatal 4-way match

Choose Royal Rumble, then "Select". Set the number of superstars to "4". Then, set the following rules: Count Out: No, Pin: Yes, Submission: "Yes", TKO: "No", Rope Break: "Yes", DQ: "No", Bloodshed: "Yes", Time Count: "No".

Use opponent's ground moves

Get a special, then press A + B when your opponent is on the ground.

Bonus wrestlers

The following wrestlers can be unlocked by either buying them at the Smackdown Mall or by completing the following tasks:

Jerry Lawler: Defeat the 21st opponent in survival mode.

Shane McMahon: Defeat the 31st opponent in survival mode.

Mae Young: Defeat the 41st opponent in survival mode.

Cactus Jack: Defeat the 51st opponent in survival mode.

Ken Shamrock: Defeat the 61st opponent in survival mode.

Mick Foley: Defeat the 71st opponent in survival mode.

Vince McMahon: Defeat the 81st opponent in survival mode.

Shawn Micheals: Defeat the 91st opponent in survival mode.

Andre The Giant: Defeat the 101st opponent in survival mode.

Alternately, the following characters can be unlocked by playing through championship mode:

Vince McMahon: WWF course, chapter 10-3

Shane McMahon: Intercontinental course, chapter 9-4

Linda McMahon: WWF course, chapter 10-2

Earl Hebner: WWF course, chapter 10-4

Shawn Micheals: WWF course, chapter 10-9

Cactus Jack: Hardcore course, chapter 9-7

Mick Foley: WWF course, chapter 10-1

Andre The Giant: WWF course, chapter 10-8

Easy Money

Think you can really kick some @$$? Well, test your confidence and play the Single Play Survival Mode. If you stay in long enough and eliminate at least 30 wrestlers, the money you obtain gets into the thousands. Unfortunately, it does not save the amount you won from a previous survival mode.

Wrestle as Jerry Lawler, Pat Patterson or Gerald Brisco

Once you have Jim Ross highlight him when choosing a wrestler and push C-Right once for Jerry Lawler, twice for Pat Patterson, and three times for Gerald Brisco.

Wrestle as Paul Bearer, Howard Finkle, or Micheal Cole

Buy Earl Hebner out of the smackdown mall. He only cost 10,000. Once you have bought Earl Hebner highlight him win choosing a wrestler and push c-right once for Howard Finkle, twice for Paul Bearer, and three times for Micheal Cole.

Swanton Bomb trough the table from ladder

Play a single game on any opponent with Jeff Hardy. Try to make your opponent on the losing it with a submission (In your attitude bar have to be written: Losing it) Then when it will be done go outside of the ring and place the ladder near the table. Put the opponent on the table and make again the submission for another losing it. (If he's up, do a body slam or something with your A in little grab and submit him again) Then go up the ladder and just press A when you'll be at the top of the ladder and then watch the greatest high fly move trough a table!

3D Trough Table

Play a handicap match with 2 of your friends.Take the Dudleyz and any opponents. Get on the Dudleyz tables in the locker room. (Or dressing room, first left door in the corridor) Say to the opponent friend to run of you two while you are in the right down corner of the table and the opponent is in the left upper corner.Then here we go for the greatest move trough of a table.Try it, it is very cool!

How to use weapons without getting DQ'ed

When in a match, go outside and press C-Left while pressing the D-pad toward the crowd. You should get a weapon. Don't go back in the ring. Stay out side the ring and press C-left to throw the weapon that you got. You will not get disqualified.

Get weapons

Go up to the barricades, the bar, or the locker and press C-Down. You will pull out a weapon and can press B to use it or C-Left to throw it.

Pool cue weapon

Press C-Left when near the pool table in the backstage bar.

Hidden weapons: Titantron

Another place where you can get weapons is where the Titantron is located. Go to the black space (on whichever a stadium has it ) and press C-Left.

Hint: Replacement moves

The TKO can be used as the Messiah's Godsmack.

The Double Arm DDT can be used as Buff Bagwell's Butterfly DDT.

The Huge Chokeslam can be used as The Big Show's Showstopper.

The Scissor sweep can be used as the Drop Toe Hold.

The DDT 2 can be used as Raven's Evenflow DDT.

The Tiger Driver can be used as Ahmed Johnson's Pearl River Plunge.

The Phoenix Splash can be used as Jeff Hardy's Tumbling Body Attack.

The Backflip can be used as Lita's moonsault.

The Dudleyz Atomic Drop can be used as Buh Buh Ray Dudley's Buh Buh Bomb.

The Senton Bomb can be used as Grandmasta Sexay's Guillotine Leg Drop.

The Electric Chair Drop can be used as Edge's Edge-o-matic.

The Downward Spiral can be used as Kanyon's Flatliner.

The Sharpshooter can be used as Sting's Scorpian Death Lock.

The Elbow drop off the Turnbuckle can be used as Test's Diving Elbow.

The Camel Clutch can be used as Scott Steiner's Steiner Recliner.

The Fishermans Suplex can be used as "Mr. Perfect" Kurt Hennig's Perfectplex.

The Morality Check for Chuck Palumbo's Jungle Kick.

The Hangman's DDT can be used as Justin Credible's "That's Incredible".

The Cobra Clutch Suplex can be used as The Demon's "Love Gun".

The Mountain Bomb or the Super Back Body Drop can be use as Nova's Kryptinite Krunch.

The Screwdriver can be used as Scott Steiner's "Big Poppa Pump" ( the move's original name).

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