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WWE Wrestlemania X8

Counter Your Opponents Special Move

Press L and R together.

Counter Strike

To Counter Strike press R.

Counter Grapples

To Counter Grapples press L.

Standard Strikes

To perform Standard Strikes press B.

Hidden Arenas

Orginal SmackDown! Arena:Win the WWE Undisputed Championship with The rock. Wrestlemania X7 Arena-in Exhibition,use all arenas once. Royal Rumble 2001-Win Royal Rumble with any Superstar.

Hidden Wrestlers

Raven: Win the WWE Light-Heavyweight Championship

Stacy Keibler: Win the WWE Tag Team Championships

Chris Benoit: Win the WWE Undisputed Championship

Vince McMahon: Win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Ric Flair: Win the WWE European Championship

Rhyno: Win the WWE Hardcore Championship

The Hurricane Championship Title

Beat Career Mode with Every Wrestler in the game including Hidden Wrestlers in less than 24 Hours.

Tajiri: Tarantula

In order to do the Japanese Buzzsaw's Tarantula, get your opponent in the corner facing the turnbuckle. Then, press A in any direction.

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