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World Driver Championship

The IGN64 Code

Everybody knows that Boss Game's original 'Porsche' vehicle model color was a beautiful, bold, bright pink. We knew it, you knew it, and Boss most definitely knew it. Of course, the stubborn developer stood its ground, swearing time and time again that the car was in fact red. But with constant pestering (and your help), we may have played a key part in forcing the developer to change the hot pink Porsche to blue, which is the car's color in the final release of World Driver Championship.

If you've got a hunger to see the vehicle in its original, blazing pink form, however, we're proud to announce that you still can. Here's how:

Start a new game in the Championship Mode and enter your name as IGN64. Now, all the vehicles in the game -- including the infamous Porsche -- will glow a bright pink.

Change Car Colors

When you are selecting your car, press Z to change its color.

Pink car

Start a new game in championship mode and enter IGN64 as a name.

Mirrored Tracks

Press Z button to select a track instead of the A button

All Tracks and Cars

Start a new game in championship mode and enter your name as "races the best." At the next screen appears press Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up.

Access all GT2 vehicles

In Championship mode, at the GT2 circuit menu, (Teams/Even Select, Save Game, Main Menu) press Z, Right, Z, Z, Z, B, C-Down, A, Right, Start on controller two.

All Sydney tracks

Remove the memory pak from the controller. Then, start a new championship and enter "FROZENSKY" as a name. Accept an offer from one of the two teams. Once you have accepted, return to the main menu, and select a quick race. Choose one of the race modes, and you should have access to any of the Sydney tracks. Return to the main menu, and insert the memory pak. Load your current career to restore all of your game settings. Save your career. Then when the game is reloaded, all six variations of the Sydney tracks should still be available.

Falcon Interceptor

Successfully complete the game with a gold trophy in all events. Return to the event selection screen and choose the novice cup. Defeat the Falcon Interceptor car in the novice cup races. Then the Falcon Interceptor will be unlocked under the Boss Racing on the team selection screen.

Bonus tracks in quick race mode

Win with a particular car and track to unlock the indicated bonus track. Note: Three of these tracks are not available in championship mode.

Track Car Bonus track

Hawaii A (2 laps) Stallion C Las Vegas CR

Las Vegas A (3 laps) Manta C Sydney CR

Lisbon C (3 laps) Rage C Hawaii C

Lisbon CR (4 laps) Swift C Kyoto B

Hawaii C (2 laps) Rage A Kyoto AR

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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