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Triple Play 2000

Easy Homeruns

When you come to bat, hold the analog stick diagonally up and left and press the B button. If your position is correct you will hit a homerun most of the time.

Three Ball Count

Hold L+R+Z and press Up, Down while in the batters box.

Instant Three Outs

Hold L+R+Z and press Down,Up.

Instant Strikeout

Hold L+R+Z and press Right, Up, Right, Up.

Increase Score x 1

To increase the home team score by one hold L+R+Z and press C-Left twice. To increase the away team score by 1 hold L+R+Z and press C-Right twice.

Hit a homer

Hold L+R+Z and press Left, Up, Left, Up when your batter is in the batter's box but has not recieved the first pitch.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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