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The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

How to Beat Ganon

First, after you fall down the hole in the Pyramid of Power, wait for Ganon to stop talking, then, while he's spining his trident around, attack him with your sword as many times as possible. Next, wait for him to teleport to another location and repeat the process. After you have hit him three or four times, he will start spining his trident around and fireballs will start spining around him. Hit Ganon while they are only circling around his body then get away from him because the fireballs will start spining around most of the room. Then, the fireballs will turn into firebats, to avoid (most) of them, get out the hookshot, while you are using the hookshot, you are invincible. If one of the bats hit you, it will do two hearts damage. After that, Ganon will have one of the firebats spin around him puting down flames. You need to hit him at least once while he is doing this. When the firebat is spining around Ganon, he will jump up and the outer tiles will break off. He !

will repeat this until all of the outer parts of the 'arena' are gone. Then, he will have the lamps on the bottom corners put out while he teleports and shoots out a firebat that leaves flames behind it. You can't see Ganon at the time, so you need to get out the Firerod and relight the lamps (or you can use The Lamp if you are low on magic power, but you need to be quick because if you get knocked off the edge by Ganon or the firebat, you will have to start all over again.) After the lamps are relit, attack Ganon with your sword. He will freeze and you need to shoot him with a silver arrow (If you do not have a silver arrow you get the from the fat ferrie on the Pyramid of Power, where the huge crack is, just throw in your bow and arrow...if you don't have that place blown up then you get the Super Bomb from the bomb shop, Link's house in the light world, and you can only get the Super Bomb after you have the Fifth and Sixth crystal.) After you have shot him with the silver a!

rrow, he will turn out the lights again and you need to light them back up and repeat the process four times before Ganon will die. After that, just sit back and enjoy the ending.

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