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Defeat your enemies

When fighting an level-boss don't always use the most powerfull weapon. Sometimes a less powerfull weapon will hurt him even more.

I keep fainting in the Taklama Desert

You can pass this only when you cleared Louran. Ask the nomads a description of the route.

I saw a girl in the Gobi

Go after her.

Liem keeps falling from the stone bridge

Stay with Liem. Walk gently with Liem, don't try to run.

In Zue i have had three altars, but where is the fourth ?

Look on the river for two wooden blocks. Here you will find number four. Prepare for a fight!

I am getting poisioned each time by the plant Ra Tree

Use the Ra Dewdrop before you enter. You will find it in Ra Tree too.

The guard in Tower 5 won't let me in

Make sure you have the Crystal Tread in Tower 4. Go to Ellen who will wave a cape for you.

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