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Tak And The Power Of Juju

Get All Yorbels

At the pause screen, press UP, Y, LEFT, B, RIGHT, X, DOWN, UP.

Unlock Concept Art

Collect all twelve plants to unlock the Concept Art, which can be found in the Extras menu.

Unlock Movies

Once you see a movie in-game, it will be available for viewing in the Extras menu.

Unlock Story Boards

To unlock the Story Boards, collect 200 yorbels.

Gain 100 Feathers

While playing any level, at any time, go to the pause screen and press b, y, x, b, y, x, b, y, x, over and over again. Every time you get to Y you get another 100 feathers.

Unlock all extras

Pause while playing and enter LEFT, RIGHT, B, B, X, X, LEFT, RIGHT (or B, X, Y, Y, B, X, Y, Y).

Unlock all plants

Pause while playing and enter B, Y, X, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN.

Unlock all moonstones

Pause while playing and enter Y, Y, B, B, X, X, LEFT, RIGHT.

Unlock all Juju powers

Pause while playing and enter UP, RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, Y, X, B, DOWN.

Control loading screen:

While the game is loading, hold Analog-stick Up + C-stick Up to make Tak's head larger. Hold Analog-stick Down + C-stick Down to make Tak's head smaller. Note: This does not change the way the game is played.

Unlimited feathers

Take out the blowgun and have the Feather Attraction Juju power. Fire at the slightly larger plants that pop out of the ground.

Mountain Top Moonstone Puzzle Boss battle

On the Mountain Top Moonstone Puzzle Boss fight, try to do the dance moves correctly when they enter the colored zone.

Spirit Realm: Get past bushes

After you get Lok's spirit and Tlalak talks to you, grab Lok and go towards the spiky bushes. Double jump into the air and float to the top of the bushes. There are not many spikes up here, so you can walk safely. You will have to walk some distance, but not much. Do this to easily to get past the bushes in the Spirit Realm.

Defeating Claylock

At first, hit the plants with your Juju Rattle. You will then get turned into a chicken. Once you have killed all the plants, go through a cut in the grass. There will be a bridge. There are holes in it. Go around them quickly because Claylock will be shooting at you. When you get to the other side, you will turn into Tak. Use Spirit Attack Juju to hit these plants. When you kill them you will turn into a rhino. Break the grass then go across the bridge. When you get to the other side you will turn back into Tak. These plants have force fields. Hit them with Juju Rattle then Claylock will break their force field. Do not get hit by his attack. Once you kill those plants, walk over to your fairy.

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