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Super Smash Brothers

Lives when dead on teamstock

When you are gone from battle on teamstock mode and someone else is on your team to barrow a life from them press and hold these buttons: A B R & START.

Kirby's Power Loss

Everybody knows that Kirby can swallow his apponents and take on some of their powers in this game, but what if you accidentally "ate" a charecter that you didn't want--and you want to pursue someone else? Simple:Just press the L button to pull Kirby's "Hello!" taunt and he will discard whatever power he took on!

Borrow a Life

When playing a team multiplayer match, if you are defeated, but your team mate still has one or more life in stock. You can use one of his life to get back in the action by pressing A+B+Z+Start. Be sure to ask for permission from your friend!

Hidden level and characters

Here is all the characters you can get in super smash bros. To get Luigi you have to beat practice 1 with all of the 8 intial characters. The way you can beat Jiggleypuff is by beating the game regular any difficulty. The way to get Captain Falcon you have to beat the game under 20 minutes any difficulty(including bonus stages). Ness can be achieved by beating the game with 3 lives on normal difficulty and no continues(quite a challenge). To get the special secret character I believe the name is Pruin or the girl Jiggleypuff you have to beat the game with Captain Falcon any difficulty level. The secret bonus stage can be reached by you have to beat the game with all the characters.

Music menu

To get the music menu beat bonus1 & bonus 2 with all 12 characters then go to options and there it is.

Hidden characters

This code is to get the hidden players. To get Jigglypuff beat the game on any difficulty and watch the credits (or press start) and at the end you battle jigglypuff if you win you get him. To get Captain Falcon beat the game on any difficulty in 20 minutes or less. To get Ness beat the game on normal with 3 lives. To get luigi beat the practice 1 bonus with each of the main 8 characters. Well thats all (to beat the game i reccomend you use kirby or samus). Oh and you watch the credits and battle each person before you get them. Good luck!

Item List

To get the secret item list (which allows you to chose which items you want in VS. mode) set all players to the same fighter (i.e. All Mario) and let the computer control them (no human players). Stock 1, all at level 9. When the fight is over it should say that the item list has been unlocked.

Get Mew in your pokeballs

After you get all 4 secret characters, (Luigi,Ness,Captin Falcan, and JigglyPuff) you can find Mew in your pokeballs! It takes a little bit of time, but you'll see one. If you have the Secret Item Menu,set it to all Pokeballs and it will be easier.

Change Outfit

You can change your character's outfit by tapping the four c buttons at the character select screen. Some costume changes are limited to colors, but characters like pikachu are also available with hats.

Air pokemon

With pikachu in safron city or another carctor using the hammer use pikachus thunder where he uses a bolt of lightning abouve a pokemon that rams that comes frome the roof not atacks chansey is the best he'll go flying its cool some time chansey will get evan with a egg bomb booby trap it works with the hammer.

Pokeball powers

Pokemon in the Pokeballs

The Pokemon in the Pokeballs have the following powers:


Flies off to get the rest of its hive to attack the opponent.


Blasts opponent with water spray.


Pops out and give you an item.


Starts to breath fire in each direction.


Just blows fire in one direction (only in Silphco stage).


Arrives and mimics one of the other available Pokemon's attacks.


Flops around trying to hurt opponent.


Comes out and flies at the opponent doing a kick attack.


Arrives and starts blasting foul smoke in the air.


Pops out and showers out coins that hurt opponent.


The special secret 151st Pokemon makes his appearance and flies away.


Shows up, flies up top, and then boulders drop from the ceiling.


Rams you or the opponent (only in Silphco stage).


Pops out, flies up, and then comes down huge, hurting your opponent.


Finds opponent and blasts them with rays.


Razor Leaf attack; leaves from this Pokemon fly at opponents (only in Silphco stage).

Take off 30% against the enemy

With Ness use PK Thnunder and hit your self, this will take nothing away now while you are sparkling if you hit the enemy it will take off 30% in that one hit.

Keeping your opponent off the platforms

Use the following moves when playing as the indicated character to knock your opponent off the platforms.

Mario and Luigi:

Press B to throw a fireball when they try to come back.


Press B for the PK Fire if they come near your character in the air. Your opponent will be pulled down and paralyzed once it hits.


If you are near the end of the platform, wait for your opponent to approach. Then, press B to turn them into an egg. If you are close enough to the edge, the egg will make them fall and they will not be able to get back up.

Donkey Kong:

After knocking an opponent off, press B to charge up the punch. Use the punch when they are close enough while in the air.


Press Up + B near the edge when your opponent approaches.


Press B to throw the boomerang after knocking them off the platform and they try to get close again.


Press B to keep firing the blaster.


Press B to charge up the gun, then shoot it when a knocked off opponent returns.


Jump and press B to shoot a little ball of electricity. If it hits a returning opponent, they will be paralyzed.

Captain Falcon:

Press B to use the Falcon Punch when your opponent tries to return.


Press B to use the lunging punch when a returning opponent is close enough.

Earn Sound Test and Item Switch

To earn Sound Test, make sure you have all four secret characters, then play and beat both bonus practices stages and you'll have it. To get Item Switch, play 100 rounds of multiplayer mode. (Hint: set timer on 1 minute and let computer play.)

Quick Recovery

Have you ever been hit so far you haven't been able to get back into the game with your buddies? After being hit in the air, tap Z as soon as you hit the ground. When you hit the ground, you will spring from the ground quickly, and you can be back in the hame faster. Also, you can press forward or backward to roll after you have sprung back into play.

Secret Charge Up

When you have a bat and the star wand or the beam sword, you press over and A at the same time and it should do a little sparkle thing that does twice the damage.

Jigglypuff and Luigis' "Smash Technique"

Start a 1 player or Vs Mode game. Choose Jigglypuff or Luigi to be your character, and a stage. While you play in a game, try one of your characters' techniques. If you chose Luigi, run next to an enemy character and hold up on the control stick. Then press B, if you hear a "Cling" noise, you done the attack correctly. If you have chosen Jigglypuff, approach an enemy character and get very close, then hold down on the control stick, then press B.

Note: Each of these attacks can make an easy knock-off.

Chansey health recover

First, enter a 1 player mode(use Training Mode) or VS mode game, choose the characters for the game, and pick Saffron City to be your stage at the "Stage Select". In Saffron City, there is a box-like object that will have Pok'emon attacking from inside it. Pok'emon like Polygon and Venusaur will be seen. They can give you some damage, but the Chansey actually gives you life- 5 percent off. To get the life, run up to the Chansey when it pokes its body out of the box.

Note: This does not work on Chanseys who come out of Pok'eballs.

Best Attack

You have probaly played Super Smash Brothers and thought, "I wonder what the best attack could be?" I believe Yoshi has the greatest attack. Start a game and select computer characters, Yoshi being your character, and choose a stage. As your enemy jumps, jump slightly above the character hold the control stick and R button down. Yoshi should be repeatedly kicking downward. Keep holding the buttons until you and your enemy land. For more damage, try to make your enemy jump higher, and do the same as before. Once, I made 56% doing that attack!

Test Thy Power

Have you ever wanted to know your "strength level"? Play a game of Vs. Mode with one Player, one computer (make the computer the same character as yours). In the Vs. Menu, select rules, and play with 10 Stock. If you have Item Switch, switch all items off. Go back to the Character Menu, and switch the computer's level to 1. Pick level, and begin! If your opponent lost, switch your opponent's level to 2 for the next game. Continue this process till you lose against the opponent. If you lost against a level 7 opponent, then your strength level is 6. If you won up to level 9, you are a Smash Brothers Master!

Cloud Riding

Go to Yoshi's Land. If you see a cloud, jump on it, and you will be able to stand on it. Beware! The cloud may disappear, causing you to fall. This tip will help you stay in the game longer!

Dred ( Jamaican) Kirby

Pick the Dark Red Kirby and suck up any color Link. When you have his power Kirby should look like a Jamaican.

30 second Kirby Team take down

When fighting Kirby Team, take out the first 2 Kirbys (Mario and D.K. Kirby). Another Kirby should land on the edge of the platform. As soon as that Kirby lands on the edge, throw him and another should land on the the opposite edge of the platform. Make sure you are running to the other side of the platform to meet each Kirby as they fall. Do this correctly and you should take out the Kirby Team in 30 seconds or less.

D.K.'s Suicide Mission

Pick D.K. and fight any opponent. Press R and D.K. will grab the enemy. Press R again and D.K. should put your enemy on his head. You will be able to carry your enemy for a few seconds.(With enemy above your head). Quickly walk to the edge of the stage. If you think your opponent will try to get back up press down on the control stick as you fall to fall even faster. You will lose a point for dying, but will gain a point for your opponent's death(if he don't make it back up).

Note: Only D.K. can do this. Also be near the edge of the platform so your enemy has no chance of return.

The Grandslam - Instant Kills

When you obtain a "homerun bat", you have a great weapon. Press A and left or right (depending what side your enemy is facing you) together at the same exact time. If performed correctly, your character will turn a reddish color and slowly bring back the bat, then sharply swing the bat. The power is amazing. If your enemy already has 50% damage or higher, the bat will instantly kill him/her.

One hit K.O.

During the game if you have a homerun bat you can knock out an opponent by pressing left or right and the A button towards the enemy and your character will turn red and sparkly and hit them off with one hit even if they are at 0%!

Steal a life from your partner

During a multiplayer game if you run out of lives you can take one of your partners lives by pressing start.(It only works if they have two or more lives.)

Mario and Luigi's Extra Jump

If you use Mario or Luigi and press B and down which is Mario Tornado or Luigi Cyclone and press B rapidly while he is spinning he will rise up. It is much easier if you a Mad-Cat Turbo Controller.

Kirby's Instant Take-Down

Select Kirby as your character in the player select screen. Then go to the edge of the platform. Make sure your opponent is near the edge also. Face the opponent and jump backwards off the edge. Just before you start to fall press B. That will make Kirby swallow that person. Kirby will slowly drop with the enemy in its mouth. Hint: Don't press down on the controll stick while Kirby is falling or he will swallow the enemy.

Flame Spin

OK, To do this cheat be mario or luigi. do there spin move will rapidly presing A, while Hitting A you must hit B rapidly. This cheat has been tested and works if done correctly.

Beat the Jack Hammer

If you are Samus or Link there is a way that you can acctuly dodge the Jack hammer! Just use your throw!

Rocket Jigglypuff

To get a rocket Jigglypuff you must unlock him first and then go to training mode. Choose Jigglypuff as your character and start the level.(enemy or level are not important)Put the enemy in the 'Stand' mode and hold your shield button until it breaks. Now you'll have a rocket Jigglypuff.

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