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Super Smash Brothers: Melee

Change Music on Level Secret

To change the music on any level hold the L and R button when selecting a level. Keep it pressed until the game starts. If you do it correctly the stage will be playing a different tune than usual.

Unlock Final Destination Level

To unlock the Final Destination level, complete all the Event Matches. You will also get Sound Test.

Unlock the Classic Dream Land Level

To unlock the classic Dream Land level from the old Smash, complete Target Test with all the characters.

Unlock Battlefield Level

To unlock the Blattlefield level play All-Star mode with any character and complete it. To get All-Star mode you must unlock Mewtwo. You will also get the Battlefield trophy.

Unlock Yong Link

To unlock Young Link from Majora's Mask, play with at least 10 characters in 1-player mode.

Unlock Classic Congo Jungle Level

To unlock the classic Congo Jungle from the old Smash, play with Donkey Kong in 15-minute Melee and complete it. You will also get the wireframe trophy.

Dr. Mario

Successfully complete the game in classic mode as Mario without losing a life. Alternately, play 100 versus mode matches. The winner of the 100th match will fight Dr. Mario. Defeat him and he will become a playable character.

Falco Lombardi

Complete the 100 man melee.


Complete event mode #29 to unlock Ganondorf.


Successfully complete the game with any character under any difficulty setting. Continues are allowed.

Unlock Luigi

To unlock Luigi, one of the hidden characters, beat "Adventure" mode twice on any difficulty. After you beat it the second time, you will face "the new foe that appears".

Unlock Pichu

To unlock Pichu, you must do one of the following: Play v.s. mode over 200 times or unlock Luigi and Falco, then beat event #37.

Unlock Marth

To unlock Marth, you must do one of the following:Play v.s. mode over 400 times or use ALL 14 default characters at least once in v.s. mode.

Unlock Roy

Defeat Classic Mode with Marth with only 2 lives and you may not lose a life.

Unlock Mewtwo

You must play VS. Mode either 700 times or 20 hours.

Play as Mr. Game & Watch

Successfully complete classic mode with all 24 characters or complete break the targets mode with all 24 characters. You will then be challenged by him. When you defeat him, you get him as a character.

To unlock Planet Zebes

Brinstar Depths, play 50 v.s. mode matches.

To unlock Kanto Skies

Poke' Floats, play 200 v.s. mode matches.

To unlock Superflat World

Flat Zone, beat Classic Mode with Mr, Game & Watch.

To unlock Yoshi's Island

Hit over 1,300 feet in the Home Run Contest with Yoshi.

Unlock Eagleland: Fourside City

To unlock Eagleland:Fourside City,play 100 v.s. mode matches.

Unlock F - Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue

To unlock the F-Zero Grand Prix:Big Blue,play 150 v.s. mode matches.

Easier Way To Unlock Luigi

Use any character and play 'adventure mode'. You must beat the first level (Mushroom Kingdom) with 3 minutes and 32 seconds left on the timer. If you do that correctly you face Luigi and Peach on the next level. Beat the rest of adventure mode without losing a life. When you finish you will battle Luigi again. Defeat him and he's a new fighting character.

Best Character for Home-Run Contest

Many people have trouble hitting the sandbag over 1,500 meters. Yoshi is the best character to use for this contest. Jump above the sandbag and then press down A to dish out damage. Do this about four or five times and then swing the bat. The sandbag will go extremely far. If your an expert at this, you can probably get the sandbag to 140% damage. I got over 2,000 meters with Yoshi which is quite hard to do. You will also get the paper mario trophy and Yoshi's Island.

Symphony Music Theme

When the "press start" screen appears, hold Z and press start. A different music theme should come on the main menu.

Mew Trophy

You DO NOT get the Mew Trophy from seeing Mew from a Poke ball but by completing All-Star on hard or very hard (continues allowed).

Facing Giga Bowser

Complete Adventure mode without any continues on Normal or above in less than 18 mins and the Bowser at the end will come back after being defeated as a huge Giga Bowser.

Another Home Run Guide

This way requires no smash moves until the last hit with the bat. Choose Ice Climbers and do a Forward + A attack to pin the sadbag down. If it flies, restart. Now do a strong (not smash) Up + A, if it flies high then restart. Now press B as it lands, do another strong Up + A. Pin it down one last time and swing. It should go over 450m/1450ft to get you the Paper Mario trophy.

Defeating 15 Min Melee

This unlocks the past stage of Kongo Jungle. It is quite hard but you need to know one thing, the male wireframes are aggressive and will attack you while the female ones are territorial. Simply deal with male wireframes until you are left with all female. They rarely attack you and if they do put up a weak shield. If they don't stop attacking KO them and wait for another female to spawn.

Guarantee a new trophy

Isn't it annoying when you get a trophy you already have in the lottery. Here's how to make sure it never happens again.

First back up your save game file. Then go into the lottery window. The game will save. Now pull out your memory card and put in the coin. If the trophy is not new, put back in the memory card and reset. You will still have all your coins and the old trophy will not be there. When it asks you to load the game press yes.

If it is new, put back in the memory card, exit lottery and overwrite save. There, guaranteed new trophy!

Event 50 Strategies

The hardest event there is I think. Harder than Event 51 as you only have one life. There are ways to beat the hands though.

Always attack Crazy Hand (the left one) first. Anticipate their attack and jump away. If they try to poke or grab you jump then quickly fall.

You can either use Yoshi's midair down+a attack constantly or Pikachu's thunder constantly. Roy/Marth/C.Falcon/Ganon all have Smash Up moves that can hit them from the ground. Kirby is also good with his transform.

Other ways to unlock characters

You can also unlock charcters by playing a certain number of normal melees. After completing the number of melees required to unlock them, they will challenge you. This is good because it is easy if fight them again if you fail and you can choose the charcter you want. (Plus you can use the C-Stick!)

Character - Matches Until s/he Appears

Dr. Mario - 100

Pichu - 200

Falco - 300

Marth - 400

Young Link - 500

Ganondorf - 600

Mewtwo - 700

Luigi - 800

Roy - 900

Mr. Game & Watch - 1000

Jigglypuff must be done the normal way though.

Do You Have "The Power" ?

Ness has been known to unleash powerful energy based special attacks. They are his "PK Thunder"(Up+B), "PK Flash"(B),"PK Fire"(Right or Left+B), and "PK Shield"(Down+B). All are useful- but PK Thunder is special. You can use it to boost yourself being hit at an angle, or use it to shock enemies. But, there's a little known fact: you can have a shock running through you if you can do this. __First, perform the PK Thunder. Make sure you don't touch anything with the Thunder. Then, have an enemy hit you while you shake on the ground (controlling the Thunder). You will cancel the attack. Now- look at Ness. He will have a shock running through him occasionally for a good 30 seconds. I am currently rechecking to see if the backfire can EMPOWER Ness.

Giant Kirby

You can battle a giant kirby on Adventure mode if you defeat the 15 kirbys on Green greens in under 30 seconds.

100 Man Melee Hint

In the 100 Man Melee, you should be either Fox or Roy. The have the fastest yet strongest moves to get them gone. I have completed the 100 Man Melee in under 3 minutes!

Bunny Ears

The Bunny Ears make you run much faster and jump much higher. They are a big help in an intense battle!

Alternate Music

To listen to alternative music tracks on select stages press and hold either one of the two analog trigger buttons (L or R) when picking your stage. The following stages have alternate music tracks available:

Great Bay: Saria's Song

Hyrule Temple: Fire Emblem

Icicle Mountain: Balloon Fight

Big Blue: Mach Rider

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Bros. 3

Onett: Earthbound (2)

Pokemon Stadium: Pokemon Battle Theme

Mushroom Kingdoms I and II: Dr. Mario

Battlefield: Multi-Man Melee Theme

Final Destination: Alternate SSBM Theme

Unlock Event Matches

There are 51 Event Matches to unlock and finish, but not all are immediatley playeble. here are the contents of event matches and how to get them

Event Match 1-10: Immediatley playable

11-15: Complete 6 previous event matches

16-20: Complete 10 previous event matches

21-25: Complete 16 previous event matches

26-29: complete 22 previous event matches

30: Complete 27 previous event matches

31-39: Complete all previous event matches and have Falco, Luigi, Young Link and Jigglypuff unlocked

40-50: All characters except Pichu and Mr. Game and Watch must be unlocked

51: Complete all 50 other event matches and defeat Giga bowser in Story Mode

Score Display

If you manage to rack up 5000 KOs in Multiplayer, you will have a Score Display option which displays the current score during the game instead of having to see at the end of the game.

Fox's Friends

This is a neat little trick. In any of fox's stages (Corneria or Venom) keep pressing left-right-left-right repeatedly on the D-pad. He will bend over for 5 seconds, and then his three friends pop up at the bottom of the screen in classic Star Fox style. All they do is spout crap, but its pretty cool. Note: for those who don't believe me this came out of an official magazine and i've tried it. It works. This may take a bit of practice, it takes a stressfully long time. From the one and only Dirty Sanchez.

Get 3 Characters at One Time

Go to the Adventure mode character select screen. Select Mario as you're playing character. Beat Adventure Mode 1-1 with "two" as the last digit on your clock. That way, you'll unlock Luigi. In the same game, complete it with out continues. That's how you unlock Dr. Mario and Jigglypuff. There's your three characters!

100 Man Melee

When you play it's better to use D.K ,Link or Young Link, because when D.K pounds on the ground it's hard for the wireframes to get near you Link and Young Link do the spinny thingy. The last wireframe is not like the others he/she is like a normal character it does not get knocked out easily.

Lon Lon Milk Tropht

In order to bet this trophy, you must beat young Link's Target Test in less than 45 seconds.

Secret Trophies

To get trophies that describe character's: B-button attacks, successfully complete either "Adventure" mode or "All-Star" mode with that character. Completing "Adventure" unlocks the trophy that displays the "B" attack, & the "Smash B" attack. Completing "All-Star" unlocks "Up & B" attack & "Down & B" Attack.

Note: These special trophies have a [SMASH] icon next to their name. You can unlock them at any difficulty.

Custom Melees

Do a multiplayer melee with these customs.

(NOTE: ALL contestants must be COMs)

>>>>KINGDOM KLASH<<<< FREE-FOR-ALL-Stock-5 lives-No Time limit
contestants: Mario-lvl:9




ARENA: Mushroom Kingdom II

Items: (Very-High)

Super Mushroom

Poison Mushroom


Metal Box


Fire Flower



>>>>Bounty Hunters<<<< TEAM BATTLE-Stock-5 lives-No time limit
contestants: RED TEAM: Samus-lvl:9

Captain Falcon-lvl:9

BLUE TEAM: Fox-lvl:9


ARENA: Corneria

Items: (Very High)


Super Scope

Beam Sword

Cloaking Device

Motion-Sensor Bomb

(NOTE: I know it's not really a cheat, but it's fun to watch your own custom battles. Try making your own up. I'll be back with more soon!

Poke'mon Battle Custom Melee

FreeForAll-Stock-3 lives-no time limit






ARENA: Kanto Stadium

Items: (Very High)

Poke' Balls



Mario-Beat Classic w/ Mario.

Smash Mario #1-Beat Adventure w/ Mario.

Smash Mario #2-Beat All-Star w/ Mario.

Luigi-Beat Classic w/ Luigi.

Smash Luigi #1-Beat Adventure w/ Luigi.

Smash Luigi #2-Beat All-Star w/ Luigi.

Donkey Kong-Beat Classic w/ DK.

Smash DK #1-Beat Adventure w/ DK.

Smash DK #2-Beat All-Star w/ DK.

Samus Aran-Beat Classic w/ Samus.

Smash Samus #1-Beat Adventure w/ Samus.

Smash Samus #2-Beat All-Star w/ Samus.

Peach-Beat Classic w/ Peach.

Smash Peach #1-Beat Adventure w/ Peach.

Smash Peach #2-Beat All-Star w/ Peach.

Bowser-Beat Classic w/ Bowser.

Smash Bowser #1-Beat Adventure w/ Bowser.

Smash Bowser #2-Beat All-Star w/ Bowser.

Yoshi-Beat Classic w/ Yoshi.

Smash Yoshi #1-Beat Adventure w/ Yoshi.

Smash Yoshi #2-Beat All-Star w/ Yoshi.

Ice Climbers-Beat Classic w/ Ice Climbers.

Smash Ice Climbers #1-Beat Adventure w/ IC.

Smash Ice Climbers #2-Beat All-Star w/ IceClimber.

Ness-Beat Classic w/ Ness.

Smash Ness #1-Beat Adventure w/ Ness.

Smash Ness #2-Beat All-Star w/ Ness.

Pikachu-Beat Classic w/ Pikachu.

Smash Pikachu #1-Beat Adventure w/ Pikachu.

Smash Pikachu #2-Beat All-Star w/ Pikachu.

Link-Beat Classic w/ Link.

Smash Link #1-Beat Adventure w/ Link.

Smash Link #2-Beat All-Star w/ Link.

Young Link-Beat Classic w/ Y.Link.

Smash Y.Link #1-Beat Adventure w/ Y.Link.

Smash Y.Link #2-Beat All-Star w/ Y.Link.

Fox-Beat Classic w/ Fox.

Smash Fox #1-Beat Adventure w/ Fox.

Smash Fox #2-Beat All-Star w/ Fox.

Mewtwo-Beat Classic w/ Mewtwo.

Smash Mewtwo #1-Beat Adventure w/ Mewtwo.

Smash Mewtwo #2-Beat All-Star w/ Mewtwo.

Falco-Beat Adventure w/ Falco.

Smash Falco #1-Beat Adventure w/ Falco.

Smash Falco #2-Beat All-Star w/ Falco.

C.Falcon-Beat Classic w/ C.Falcon.

Smash C.Falcon #1-Beat Adventure w/ C.Falcon.

Smash C.Falcon #2-Beat All-Star w/ C.Falcon.

Kirby-Beat Classic w/ Kirby.

Smash Kirby #1-Beat Adventure w/ Kirby.

Smash Kirby #2-Beat All-Star w/ Kirby.

Jigglypuff-Beat Classic w/ Jigglypuff.

Smash Jigglypuff #1-Beat Adventure w/ Jigglypuff.

Smash Jigglypuff #2-Beat All-Star w/ Jigglypuff.

Zelda/Shiek-Beat Classic w/ Zelda/Shiek.

Smash Zelda/Shiek #1-Beat Adventure w/ Zelda/Shiek

Smash Zelda/Shiek #2-Beat All-Star w/ Zelda/Shiek.

Pichu-Beat Classic w/ Pichu.

Smash Pichu #1-Beat Adventure w/ Pichu.

Smash Pichu #2-Beat All-Star w/ Pichu.

Marth-Beat Classic w/ Marth.

Smash Marth #1-Beat Adventure w/ Marth.

Smash Marth #2-Beat All-Star w/ Marth.

Roy-Beat Classic w/ Roy.

Smash Roy #1-Beat Adventure w/ Roy.

Smash Roy #2-Beat All-Star w/ Roy.

Ganondorf-Beat Classic w/ Ganondorf.

Smash Ganondorf #1-Beat Adventure w/ Ganondorf.

Smash Ganondorf #2-Beat All-Star w/ Ganondorf.

Mr. Game & Watch-Beat Classic w/ Mr. Game & Watch.

Smash Mr. G&W #1-Beat Adventure w/ Mr. Game&Watch.

Smash Mr. G&W #2-Beat All-Star w/ Mr.Game & Watch.

Paper Mario-Get over 1400 ft. in Home Run Derby.

Mew-Beat All-Star on Hard.

Male Wire Frame-Beat 100-Man Melee.

Lon Lon Milk-Beat Y.Link's Target Test under 45sec

Goomba-Beat Trophy Tussle 1 in Event Matches.

Entei-Beat Trophy Tussle 2 in Event Matches.

Majora's Mask-Beat Trophy Tussle 3.

Element Kirbys

Fire Kirby- Have a Red Kirby inhale Bowser.

Ice Kirby- Have a Blue Kirby inhale Ice Climbers.

Lightning Kirby- Have a Yellow Kirby inhale Pikachu/Pichu.

Warrior Kirby- Have a Green Kirby inhale Young/Link & get a Beam Sword.

Fighter Kirby- Have a Red Kirby inhale C.Falcon.

Bird Kirby- Have a Blue or Yellow Kirby inhale Falco.

Fist Fights

Wanna do a fight without any cheap launching attacks such as Young/Link's arrows. Select the following:

Vs.Mode>Special Melee>Stamina.

No Items-Stock-1 Life-Any Arena

Only these characters can be used:



Donkey Kong






Zelda's Quick Change

If you've ever wanted to start as Shiek in a fight, just press Down+B during the loading moment just before the fight starts. Before the "READY...GO!". Not during it. If you do it correctly, you should hear Zelda change before the "READY...Go!".

Secret Movie

In case you never have known about this Special Movie, from the main menu, select "Data", then "Archives", and finally: "Special Movie". This movie shows the default characters.

Falcon Flyer Trophy

Unlock the "Grand Prix: Big Blue" arena to get Captain Falcon's Bounty Hunter ship.

Giga Bowser Trophy

Defeat Giga Bowser in Adventure Mode. You can face him by defeating Bowser in adventure on the Normal difficulty under 18 minutes. NO continues.

Target Trophy

Successfully complete "Target Test" with all characters. You also get "Past Stages: Dream Land".

Memory Card Trophies

If you play SSBM w/ a memory card w/ a "Luigi's Mansion" file &/or a Pikmin file, you can get a "Vacuum Luigi" &/or a "Pikmin" trophy(ies)!

Falco's Friends

On either Corneria or Venom, as Falco, press Left, Right, Left, Right, repeatedly. Slippy, Peppy, & Fox will call Falco.

Quick Draw McCloud

Stamina-No Items

1P- Fox

2P- Fox

Arena: Final Destination

Rules: Each Player lower their HP to 1%. Both players then stand at each end. Count to 3. On 3, use either the Blaster (B) or Reflector (Down+B).

WINNER: Last one standing wins.

Fox Shootout

Stamina-No items

1P: Fox

2P: Fox

Arena: Final Destination/ Battlefield

WINNER: 1st to Shoot foe down.

Rules: Only use B attack (Blaster) NOTHING ELSE!

Vs. Metroid

Stamina-No Items

1P: Samus

Com1: Bowser (Black)

Arena: (Your Choice)

Metroid Fusion Vs.

This can be 1 or 2 player. Follow these instructions:

Vs.Mode>Special Melee>Stamina

Once your here, choose these options:

Team Battle-No Time

P1: Samus-Blue

P2/Com:Samus-Red (lv.5)

Items: (high)


Super Scope

Screw Attack

Arena: Poke'mon Stadium

Pokemon Powers

Pokemon-Attack used:Effect

Staryu-Swift:Follows foe & fires

Chansey-Softboiled:Tosses eggs that hold items

Charizard-Flamethrower:Shoots fire left & right

Blastoise-Hydro Pump:Fires water at foe

Electrode-Selfdestruct:Explodes hurting everyone

Venusaur-Earthquake:Hurts foe(s) in random places

Chikorita-Razor Leaf:Flings leaves in 1 direction

Cyndaquil-Ember:Burns in 1 spot

Marill-Rollout:Hops along stage ramming foes

Goldeen-Splash:Does nothing

Bellossom-Sleep Powder:Puts nearby foes asleep

Weezing-Smog:Puffs smoke nearby hurting foes

Snorlax-Body Slam:Becomes huge & slams foes

Porygon2-Take Down:Rams foes & disappears

Mew-????:Floats away giving you 10000 pts.

Celebi-????:Floats away giving you 100000 pts.

Articuno-Blizzard:Freezes nearby foes

Moltres-Fire Spin:Repeatedly burns foes

Zapdos-Thunderbolt:Repeatedly shocks foes

Suicune-Gust:Whacks nearby foes with wind

Raikou-Spark:Shocks nearbu foes

Entei-Fire Blast:Heavily burns nearby foes

Wobbuffet-Counter: After being hit,hits close foes

Lugia-Aeroblast:Flies into background & fires

Ho-oh-Sacred Fire:Flies into background & fires

Another 15 minute melee strategy

Ok, if you just want to beat the 15 min melee and you don't care how, use DK. Position yourself under the the right or left lower platforms and face the center of the board. Hold down on the control and press B repeatedly for the duration of the challenge. DK will pound the ground continually and the wireframes won't stand a chance. Now, as the enemies blast off the screen, DK is pushed in either direction, so repositioning occasionally is important in avoiding being pushed off the board.

15 minutes of this was rather tedious, but I was able to beat this melee on my first try using this method. I suffered less than 150% damage and took out over 700 wire-frames.

Kirby stuff

Here are 3 cool things you can do as Kirby:

1. Suck in Mr. Game and Watch so you can use the Chef move. Jump off the edge and use Chef. If you die just as your saucepan is at it's highest you'll come back as a normal Kirby holding a grey saucepan.

2. Be near the edge and grab an opponent. Move left or right so Kirby jumps off. Kirby will die but so will the enemy normally. This is best used on Donkey Kong.

3. Suck in the enemy. Press A and Kirby will shoot out the enemy as a star. This is best used at edges or near detonating explosives like Banzai Bill, an Electrode or a bomb-omb.

Crack the Screen

Go to Melee Mode and KO your opponent 5 times. Each time make him hit the screen. This will cause the screen to look like its cracked.

My Custom Matches

#1 Sword Warriors

Lv.9 Link, Lv.9 Young Link, Lv.9 Marth, Lv.9 Roy. Items:Heart Contaner and Beam Sword. Stage:Great Bay or Hyrule Temple.

#2 Mushroom Kingdom Clash

Lv.9 Mario, Lv.9 Luigi, Lv.9 Peach, Lv.9 Bowser. Items:All Mario items. Stage:Peach's Castle.

#3 Pokemon Brawl

Lv.9 Pikachu, Lv.9 Pichu, Lv.9 Mewtwo, Lv.9 Jigglypuff. Items:Pokeballs. Stage:Pokemon Stadiom.

#4 Hyrule Kingdom Clash

Lv. 9 Link, Lv. 9 Zelda, Lv. 9 Ganondorf, Lv. 9 Young Link. Items:Heart Container and Beam Sword. Stage:Hyrule Temple.

Tips on Young Links Target test

1.At the beginning, to get out of the two trees, jump to one side of them. Then quickly turn the control stick to the oppisite side and keep on doing that until you get to the top. 2.To get the target inside the of wood and stone stand on the wood platform on the right side of the surrounded target. Jump then double jump and while you are in the air do foward+B to throw his boomerang then quickly go down to the second sideways V shaped platform and the boomerang will slice threw the wood and target.

Get Meowth Trophy

Complete All-star match with every character.

Over 1,300 feet on Homerun Contest/Sandbag Trophy

First, goto Homerun Contest and choose Roy. Next, do the A up move about 3 times. Then, do the B move (holding it down). You should get over 1,300 feet. You will also get the Sandbag trophy.

Cool Custom Games


Team Battle Stock 5

Players:Marth(red)Bowser(blue)lvl 2 Bowser(blue)lvl 2

Bowser(blue)lvl 2


Event match 50 hint

A good hint for event match 50 is when your choosing your character choose Donkey Kong. When your fighting, attack only the left hand, then master hand. The best attack to use is the up+B attack. I suggest jumping once before using the attack.

Sidekicks Showdown

This is my last custom match. Rules: Players, Luigi lv.9, Young Link or Zelda (your choice) Lv.9, Pichu lv.9, Falco lv.9. Stage, Final Destination. Stock Match, 5 lives. Damage Ratio, 0.5. This is my 2nd favorite custom match.

Bad Guys Showdown

This is another custom showdown. Rules: Players, Ganondorf lv.9, Mewtwo Lv.9, Bowser lv.9. Stage, Final Destination. Stock Match, 10 lives. Damage Ratio, 0.7. This is my third favorite custom match.

Good Guys Showdown

This is a custom match. To do this rather you pick Mario, Link, Pikachu, or Fox, or you can make them all computers. Here are the rules: Mario lv.9, Link lv.9, Pikachu lv.9, Fox lv.9. Stock Match, 10 lives. Damage Ratio, 0.7. Stage, Final Destanation. This is my favorite custom match.

Final Destination Stage

To unlock this stage beat Event Match 51, The Showdown.

Mario and Wario

This is a custom match. Pick Mario (red) Lv.9, Mario (yellow) Lv. 9, Peach (pink) lv.1, and Peach (yellow) Lv.1. Stage: Peach's Castle or Final Destination. Rules: Coin Match and put 5:00 minutes on the clock. Mario and Wario is trying to inpress the princess' and/or is trying to see who's the best, if your doing the one to see who's the best replace the two Peachs with Luigi at Lv. 7 and Dr. Mario at lv. 5. You can be in the match. It don't matter.

See at vendor's WWW page

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