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Super Mario 64

More hints

Slap the butterflies in course 2, 12 or 13. You will get a 1UP, but beware, it can also be a boobytrap. In course 10, to get past the snowman, step next to the penguin or jump onto the head of the penguin. In course 23, when the Gomba's are big, you can make them dead by jumping on them. You will get a yellow coin. To get a blue coin ( = 5 yellow coins ), you have to stamp attack them, by pressing Z in the air. In course 1 and 13 there are wooden poles. Walk 3 times around the poles to get 5 coins. When you have beaten the last bowser, you can move the camera with the poke of the second controller during the end movie. Jump on Koopa Troopa and then walk against it. You can use his shield as a snowboard. If you slide the Koopa down you will get a blue coin. When you lose your hat in course 7 or 10, don't try to grab it, but just walk to the nearest warpzone and the grab your hat. If you are close to it, walk slowly towards it, and you will notice that Mario takes the hat, and you see another one below it. When you repeat this cheat, you get more hats. In course 10 you can try to grab you hat with the B button. Now, Mario will hold the hat in his hand and can beat enemies with it. He will put his hat back on again when you grab a star, leave the level or warp again.

How to get all the 15 castle secret stars

On the base floor, enter the door at the top left. Jump through the window at the right. Now you are in 'Princes Secret Slide'. At the bottom in a block there is a star.

Slide into 'Princes Secret Slide' in less than 21 seconds down and there will appear another star.

In level 3 ( the first swimming world ), jump through the most right black hole in the wall and another star will appear.

In Wingcap Switchcourse, collect all the red coins. On the tower you will see a star.

Catch the golden bunny in the basement. It will give you a star if you let him walk.

In Vanishcap Switchcourse, collect all the red coins. The star will appear at the end of the level.

In the first bowserlevel, collect all the coins. The star will appear at the end of the level.

Talk to Toad, who will be standing at level 6, the Hazy Maze Cave. He will give you a star.

Repeat 5

In Metalcap Switchcourse, collect all the red coins. The star will appear behind the button in the water.

In the second bowserlevel, collect all red coins. The powerstar wil appear at the end of the level.

At the floor one below the top floor in the center of the great hall, talk to Toad. He will give you a star.

Collect all the red coins in the last bowserlevel. Again the star will appear at the end of the level.

On the top floor, go left. Jump into the hole in the wall. Let yourself drop into the hatch. Collect all the red coins. The star will appear on top of the big cloud in the center.

Talk with Toad. He is on the top floor. He will give you your last star.

Mario Hat Trick

In course 8, let the vulture steal your hat. Instead of collecting it, knock it out of his claws and go to the palm tree warp. Get the wing cap and fly back to your old hat. Collect it and then another cap should be there. Get it as well and you should have no hat on and a wing cap in your hand. Jump three times to fly as usual and you should be soaring with a wing cap in your hand.

Allot of coins

In Lethal Lava Land, the easiest (and funniest) way to collect the 100 coins is to enter the "Hot Foot It into the Volcano" star, then move forward from where you start until you get to the yellow ! box. Get the shell from the box and surf around the level (somewhat carefully) to get tons of coins. If very careful, you can get 100 coins and not even have to go in the volcano.

Lose a life, get a life (Japanese version only)

When fighting Bowser for the first time. Run around and collect the coins that he leaves behind until you have 1,000 coins. Notice now there is a 'M' next to your number of lifes. Now every time you die you gain a life. But every 1up you get takes a life away.

Enter the first bowser stage and get a thousand coins and a green m will

appear next to your live counter and when you die you get more energy.

Power switches

To find the power switches to gain special powers follow thes steps: 1. the metallic armor: it is in course six.

2. phased mario: to find this find the place where you drain the moat. the place has two brick pillars butt slam both of them and the moat will drain.

3. feather hat: when you have about twenty or more stars the main hall will have a light go through the ceiling. look into it and youll be transported into the world wher you can fly. getting to the switches is the hard part, have fun.

Mystery of the clock revealed

Before you enter Course 14, you will notice that the hands of the clock move. The minute hand is what affects the way things move. Any hour on the hour (minute hand on 12) the clock is stopped. Any hour at the half hour (minute hand on 6) the clock stop/starts alot and is screwy. Any hour qurter after (minute hand on 3) the clock is slow. And any hour quarter till (minute hand on 9) the clock is pretty fast.

Control the ending camera

After beating Bowser, plug a controller into port 2. Use the analog control stick to manuever the camera during the ending sequence.


I found out that after you get all 120 stars, and talk to Yoshi, he will give you an extra attack!!! To use this attack, simply talk to the Yoshster, get the 100 lives, and then do a triple jump!!! He will start to do flips, as if he was going to fly, but instead, he will turn all sparkly (that means that he's INVINCIBLE!!!).

Extra Lives

When you enter the slide level, the one with princeses stain glass pictures, go all the way to the bottom of the slide but before you cross the line, or before you leave the slide, jump up and over the platform. then start jump kicking right behind the block, or around the area. Make sure you are off the platform and on the ground. It work well for me, you can get total of 3 lives in the level.

Tips on how to kill the bomb guys in the Lava course

On the lava level when you have to knock the bomb guys off the platform I have developed the perfect strategy to kill them! Go to the edge of the platform and when the run at you JUMP in the air and KICK them off!

Secret passage

In course 4 on the slide there is a secret passage. On the first left turn follow the row of coins into the wall! You will go though the wall and into a secret passage! There are 3 mushrooms. You cannot use this to beat the penguin though.

Teleport area

There are two of these that I have discovered so far. 1. When you enter World 3, the first ice level, go to the right and to the broken bridge. Slowly walk to the end of it. You will be teleported to the very bottom of the level. It will work the other way around also. 2. On world 2 with the cement boss, preceed through the level until you get to the stairs with the two thwomps slamming up and down. Do not go up the stairs but past them, next to the grenn exclamation box. Walk mario t owards the ledge so he is looking out into the sky, if you're about an inch away from the wall you will teleport to the top of the level right next to the flagpole.

Yellow Rabbit

After you have gotten 15 stars go to the basement you'll find a yellow rabbit standing in the water. Start to chase him, he'll run away from you but don't give up if you catch him you'll get one star. The trick of catching the yellow rabbit is when he is running do a dive at him (I found this to be the best way to catch him) there is other way of catching him but diving is the best.

Turn Butterflys into 1-Ups

This works for course 2, 12, and 13.Sometimees as you walk along butterflys will come out the grass or trees. If you punch the butterflys they'l turn into black round bombs and chase you. Some of them will turn into 1-Ups.

Blue switch palace

Blue:get the key from Bowser and go to the basement. go to the two pillars and butt stomp them.go outside the castle to where the water was and jump in.there will be a hole which leads to the blue switch palace. P.S.when you get to the last platform,you must do a backflip to get on the ledge.

Use Your Hat as a Weapon

Go to Snowman's Land (Course 10) and get to the snowman's head. Instead of crossing the bridge with the penguin's help, let the snowman's breath blow you off the bridge. Your hat will fall off. Don't go pick it up -- leave it there! Lead your hatless Mario past the gray star spot; the small, pop-up snowman; and toward two pine trees. The second tree of the two is in the corner and it's a teleport. Take the teleport. Now step back and teleport yet again -- in fact, do this at least three times. Once you've teleported a few times, go back to your hat and look at it carefully. Examine it from all sides. What you'll see is a bunch of hats stacked up on each other. Slowly approach the hats. Pick up the one hat and Mario will put it on his head, and the other hats will stay there on the ground! Now, pick up the other hat(s), and Mario will put the hat in his hand and carry it around with him! He can whack baddies with it, and he won't put it back on until you either teleport with him, get a star, or leave the level. One warning: When Mario has his hat in hand, he will take double damage.

A cool glitch

I found a cool glitch in Mario64. To get to it you have to have all 120 stars. When you have all 120 stars, find the cannon outside the castle. Get in and launch yourself toward the third level rooftop. Find Yoshi on the rooftop and you'll get 100 lives from him. Find the wings in the exclamation box and go left. Run up the slope of the third rooftop and face away from the castle. Do a triple jump and fly right. You'll land on the second rooftop. Go to the side of the roof. Now run up the side of the tower. At some point, you will fall through the tower and into the castle. You will land in a room that is totally glitched.(Hint:A Backflip will get you out.)That's it hope you like it.

Beating Bowser tips

I found the very perfect way to defeat the third bowser in Mario 64. When you meet the third bowser, try to make him run toward you by running around in front of him. When he begin to dash toward you, run toward the bomb. When you and the bowser are very near the bomb, do the flip-back jump. The bowser will have a hard time trying to balance himself. During that time, go behind him as quick as possible, and pick him up. You will be able to throw him at the bomb easily. But if you do not throw the bowser near the bomb enough, he still need some time to get up. During that time, go pick him up and throw him to the bomb again.

Kick Walk

While sliding down a slope, jump up, kick in the air and pull back while kicking. Repeat to go up a slope.

Another cool glitch

This is a pretty neat glitch I found. If you open a door and then jump kick at it you will end up in the middle of the door!!(NOTE:This takes alot of practice to get the timing right)

Mario Warpzones

I have an almost complete list of warps from level 1-15.Enjoy

Course 1:

Warp 1a: From where you start, as soon as you cross the brown bridge, jump over the fence to the right. The warp is in the center of the yellow flower bed.

Warp 1b: When you cross the bridge that tilts, climb up the stairs, and keep going straight and to the left of the black bomb guys. The warp is in the center of the yellow flower bed near the red ! box.

Warp 2a and 2b: As you are climbing up the mountain, you will notice that the black rolling balls come out of the holes in the side of the mountain. There is a warp in the center of both holes... one takes you to the other, and vice-versa.

Course 2: Warp 1a: In the corner next to the only green ! block on the level. (near the big blue puffy stomping guys)

Warp 1b: (Click here for pictures) In the corner of the platform with the flagpole that extends up into the sky.

Course 3: ???

Course 4: Warp 1a: When you start the level, go around to the right... The warp is on the edge of the broken bridge.

Warp 1b: At the bottom of the level from the pool with the large penguin in it, go right. The warp is at the edge of the broken bridge under the mountain.

Course 5: ???

Course 6: ???

Course 7: Warp 1a: From the start of the level, there is an island behind you across the fire. It has a red ! block on it... The warp is in the center of that island.

Warp 1b: There is a platform near where you start with an eyeball on it. Underneath him is a hole in the grating. The warp is in the hole.

Course 8: Warp 1a: There is a palm tree next to a pool of water near where the vulture is flying. The warp is at the bottom of the tree in the tree's shadow.

Warp 1b: In the corner of the entire level where the cannon is, (on the section with the large cubes), the ground is divided into squares. The warp is in the center of the 4th square down from the cannon. (Stand at the cannon, and face the pyramid, then turn left, then go down 4 squares and stand in the center)

Warp 2a: Inside the pyramid, in the corner of the second floor, there are some goombas around a pole that goes up to the third floor. After you climb the pole, the warp is in the corner on your right. This takes you above the grating on the second floor where you can get an extra man. This is a one-way warp, there is no warp that will take you back.

Course 9: ???

Course 10: Warp 1a: In the shadow of the tree in the corner of the entire level.

Warp 1b: In the shadow of the tree just before the island with the moving triangles on it.

Course 11: Warp 1a: The water level must be all the way down in order to use this warp... On the ground there is a white structure made up of 3 steps. On the second step, there is a spinning black ball that will shock you if you touch it. On the third step there is a diamond that will raise the water level. The warp is on the ground (you will be standing in the water) in the corner of the smallest step and the largest step.

Warp 1b: In the corner on the platform with the cannon. If you are standing on the ramp up to the cannon facing the cannon, the warp is in the farthest corner on the left.

Course 12: Warp 1a: In the chasm with the mushroom platforms with the red coins on them, there are 2 very small platforms with no coin on them next to each other. The warp is on the small platform closest to the center of the chasm.

Warp 1b: At the other end of the path with the cannon on this level, there is a square area with a sign on it. The warp is in the corner against the two mountain walls.

Course 13: Warp 1a: When you are Big Mario, there is a flat ! switch on the ground that will make a temporary bridge appear that will lead out to a square island in the air. In the corner of the island with the gold coin is the warp.

Warp 1b: Unfortunately, this is only a one-way warp... when you take warp 1a, you will appear next to the pipe near the flat ! switch mentioned in warp 1a. (So there is really no warp 1b)

Course 14: ???

Course 15: Warp 1a: Outside on the edge of the platform leading into the castle up in the sky. (Directly across from the fireplace)

Warp 1b: (Click here for pictures) In the center on top of the rectangular building with all the red coins and the pink bomb guy.

Ride on the Penguin

In Course 10, go to the big snowman's bridge and jump on the penguin's head. You can ride him across to the other side of the bridge.

Coin Trick

In the levels with the poles in them, for example,level 1 and when you enter level 13, to mention a few. Run around them five times and five coins will appear. This is a big help in getting 100 coins.

The Tree of Life

When you start the game and are outside, go to the left, near the waterfall. Go to the third tree from the waterfall and climb it. If you do a handstand on the top of the tree you will get a life. Next, go into the castle's first floor. Then go back outside and to the same tree you got the life from. Climb it and do a handstand. You'll get another life. You can do this a many times as you like. (U.S. Version)

Easy way to beat princess's slide

An easy way to beat your record for the slide is to first run and long jump into the slide. When you go around the first turn, turn to the edge. jump off the slide! position Mario right above the part below, and butt stomp in the air. You will land near the end of the slide and you won't stop from the fall! (You get the second star by beating your record)




Go to course 8 Shifting sand land,and go where the little pink bomb guy is and get your hat stolen from the bird.Hit the bird,but dont get the hat.go to the pom tree like under it and teleport 3 times by going back and forth.and go to where your hat was and you can use it as a weapon,but you take 2wice the damage.

Floating Mario

After you get 120 stars get the wing cap and shot up to the ledge where you can walk completely around the middle thingie and position yourself where your back is against the wall.Now change the view to the little Mario head and press the bottom yellow C button,look Mario can "FLOAT"!

Fat Penguin

After you get 120 stars go to the 4th stage and choose the star "Big Penguin Race".Go inside the cabin and voila!The big penguin you one raced has now gained alot of weight!He will offer a race.

Fly up the mountain

On course 12, Tall, Tall Mountian, if when you start you go to the left their will be an extra life, if you jump off at the corner you will fly up the mountian.


Walk through the doors and go up the stairs but don't go through the door. Then make a right to the 2nd cloud on the wall. ( It's near the hill on the balcony) Do a side somersault to the wall and you will land on top of the wall ( You will slide off a few seconds later )

Another star from the rabbit

When you catch the gold rabbit once he gives you a free star, but have you thought about catching him twice? He gives another star and says that's all he's got and he doesn't come back this time!

More weird glitches

1. In Course 1, go to the first bridge. Now go under the bridge where the coins are. Now jump and hold down A. Look, you are holding on to the bottom of the bridge! Now, make your way to the lowest part of the bridge WHILE HOLDING ON. Once you are at the bottom, let go. You go right through the bridge!

2. After you have beaten the second Bowser, go to the door at the top of the stairs in the lobby. Go through it. Take about 4 or 5 steps, and make a left. Now, push against the wall and do a double jump. You will jump right through the wall and pull yourself up to the top of the stairs!

Easy way to catch the rabbit

Here's an easier way to catch the bunny in the basement. Chase him to one of the two dead ends where he goes (the entrance to the desert level and the place where the Mushroom man is) and run at him. Watch the exact route he takes to get away. Then, chase him back to the same place. This time, stand in the spot where he runs to and walk slowly towards him. He'll run straight at you, if you get it perfect he'll bump right into you. Just puch and you'll pick him up. This works in either dead end, but you have to be pretty accurate, but it is still much easier than diving at him.

Red coins on Blue Switch

If you keeping missing all the red coins when sliding down the slope in blue switch just use the z button at the bottom to crawl your way back up the slide.

Extra Coin in Tiny Huge Island

If you are small in Tiny Huge Island, you shold know that about the only way to kill the Goombas is to jump on them. If you but bounce on them you will get a blue coin instead of a yellow.

Get to the top of the Castle without 120 stars

O.K. here it goes when you're out side of the castle go right, over the little wooden bridge.Now start running really fast and do one of those really high jumps at the flat wall at the left then wall kick to the left and by chance you'll just grab on to the edge of the castle.There will be no Yoshi but you can still get the 100 free men.

Koopa, where did you go?

Koopa the quick may be fast, but you can leave him behind in the blink o fan eye. In fact, you can make him disapear altogether. You'll need to get the wing cap to perform this stunt, so when you enter Bob-omb Battlefeild, run over to the wing cap block, get the cap, then return to the area where Koopa the Quick is waiting. Startingfrom just in front of the cannon hole on the sone platform, perform a triple jumpin order to launch Mario into the air. The point at which you launch into the air is the critical part of this trick. Fly for a short distance, then land, you'll receive the regular messege from Koopa the Quick. If you accept you'll hear the race music, but Koopa the Quick will never show up.

Castle glitch

When you are at the top of the castle talk to Yoshi and all now Walk along the castle (And if you remember how there is like a entrance to the outside(Back)of the castle in the castle the basement all the Gosts are)well walk to the end of the top of the castle and look down and you Will not see the back of the castle but instead see an Huge Lake now Here it goes:Stop looking down and press the right C-Button a few times and you will SEE THROUGH THE WHOLE CASTLE!!!!

Easy way to slide backwards

At the edge of a slide (beginning),turn around so Mario is facing you, then jump/A, kick/B and push backwards and you will land on the slide backwards!!

Cannon Glitch

In wet-dry world go over to the cannon and aim for the top of the sun and shoot and you will bump the invisable wall and you should land on the the cannon platform and into the cannon. Do it one more time and you should be dead but you can still shoot.

Exercising Mario!

Go into any coarse and pause it. Now go to the bottom of the menu and turn the camera settings to Lakitu - Stop. Un pause it and hold down the R button. Face Mario towards you and hit C-Up. DON'T LET GO OF THE R BUTTON! Now move the joystick around in circles SLOWLY! Mario's head moves around and it looks like he is exercising his neck!

Breathe Underwater!

Go to any point in the game where there is fairly deep water, and jump in. Make sure the camera goes behind mario. Now, push and hold UP on the control stick. Mario should stick his face way below the water's surface, but he will be able to breathe through his shoes!!

Dizzy camera

Enter level 1 star 1. go to the big bob-omb and pause. set camera to "set with R". then hold r. holding r, pick up the big bob-omb and bring him towards the camera. keep holding down and the camera starts to spin.

Get stuck in the ceiling, with teleporter effects

This is a VERY hard trick to do, but well worth the time to see it. Go to Course 5 (Big Boo's House) and run into the little house off to the left. Take the elevator down, and then get back on it. As the elevator goes up, switch the camera to behind Mario (this is for the purpose of clear directions). Watch for when the ceiling pops into view. About a second before the elevator stops, run toward the black strip it follows and jump and kick the wall. Your goal is to bounce as far back as possible so that Mario's head gets caught between the elevator and the ceiling when the elevator stops. Make sure to hold the direction you ran all the way through the end of the trick. If done correctly, Mario will get stuck between the elevator and the ceiling, walking along in mid-air. You can punch, but if you jump you will fall down, where the elevator has mysteriously teleported down. However, if you duck, you will teleport down. Good Luck!!

Big glitch on Bowser's Sub

On the Bowser's Sub course, collect 100 coins. Make sure the last coin you collect is a red coin in the air among the ropes and not on a platform. When the star appears catch it and you will find Mario standing on the bottom of the lake! And just before you are exiting the course Mario will pop up to the water surface!

Gravity and invisible Mario

This is more a camera trick than a glitch (like you usually find in SM64) but it's pretty cool anyway. First have the moat drained. When you start outside the castle, go inside or to the Blue ! place and change the camera to Lakitu-Stop. Now come back out and into the lake. Now go across to the side without the cannon that has a brownish type color looking wall. Now, get this-walk up the wall.(crawling also looks cool too) After you're done messing around with that, find a spot on the wall that you can stand still and not fall down. Face away from the wall, and hit up-C so it's "Turn Mario's Head Camera." Turn so you can see inside the wall.Then hold R for stop camera. get out of "TMHC," but still hold R. Now run around, and it should look like Mario's running on thin air! Now, still holding R, run over to the trees by the castle. They should be floating also. Now climb one. Go to the top and do a handstand. Mario is invisible! Now, if you jump off, Mario will reappear the instant he leaves the tree!!

1-up Racing!

Go to Bomb-omb Battlefield and run to the cannon under the floating island. Climb up the far tree and get ready to run! As you reach the top a 1-up should appear. Quickly leap off and run away! The 1-up will be following you through the whole course! If you think you lost it look behind walls (with caution!) in case it got stuck. You can warp, fly, shoot out of a cannon, and surf on the shell and it will still follow! The only way to lose it is to die. Put the hold cam on to check the position of the 1-up behind you! This is a fun thing to take a break for if your bored with the game. Also look for 1-ups that follow you (to get the ones that follow you must climb a tree) in other stages like Whomp's Fortress (on the pole) Snowman's Land (top of the snowman) and Tiny-Huge Island (on the far side of the hill)!

Sound Glitch

This is a sound glitch in Mario 64 that's pretty neat. You do it in Bobomb Battlefield. You MUST choose the second star (When you race Koopa the Quick.) First you go and get the wing cap near the bridge at the beginning of the level. Then you go over and talk to Koopa and start the race. The Racing Music now plays instead of the wing cap music. You start to climb the mountain but go into first place where you can teleport, the cave or whatever you want to call it.(Where the Big Black Balls come o
ut of) Your wingcap should have disappeared after you teleported. Keep climbing the mountain till you get to the top and go to the flagpole. When Koopa finally arrives he'll talk to you and the race music will stop. But the Flying Music will start to play! You have no wing cap but the wing caps music starts playing and keeps on playing for the rest of the level until you die or get a star.

Cool Rabbit Glitch/Trick

I know a cool trick to bring the rabbit into other rooms! It's kinda hard but worth it. Get 20 or 50 stars to make the rabbit appear. Then, go catch the rabbit, but don't take his star. Instead, pick him up, take him near the door you want to take him through, and set him down in front of it. then, go through the door, and immediately turn around and press A and B and toward the door at the same time. This could take some practice, but you should get stuck in between the door. Pick the bunny up. turn around, and set him on the other side of the door.get out of the door and do whatever you want with him!

Cannon Trick

Go to Cool,Cool, Mountain (course 4). Work your way down to the bottom cannon. Get in the cannon and aim at the solid bridge above you and fire, you should go right through the bridge and end up standing on it. You can also shoot through the bridge with the jumping snowmen on it. Next, go to the cannon again and shoot across the canyon to the other cannon straight across from you. Get in that cannon and aim straight up and fire, you'll see Mario hit the rock ceiling and fall back into the cannon, without losing any power.

Elevator Trick

Go to Big Boo's House (course 5). Go into the little house on the left. What you will see is an eyeball and a red grating on the floor. Walk onto the red grating and it will start to go down. Walk off the grating while it is still going down and get under it. Mario's head will pop through the top of the elevator. You can do the same thing on Hazy Maze cave (course 6), but duck and hold the duck button and it will look like Mario has totally disappeared.

Cannon View Glitch

Hop into any canon in the game. Press the "A" button just before the crosshair appers (And I mean Exactly). If you did it correctly, the crosshair should be gone and the view is not in a circle. It's very hard to fire yourself where you want you want to go and everything is disoreinted.


Cheat[Sent by Richard]

Go to snowmans land where the big snowman is. from start allow yourself to be blown off the ice road then go close to the pond where the swoshing snow is. from there you shold see a tree. go beside it you will worp to another place. worp a few times and then get your hat. "here we go

This is not one of those "use your hat as a weapon tricks"

Go to Snowman's Land with the big snowman. go to the ice-bridge with the penguin and get your hat blown away. Dont get it, but exit the course. Go back in the same course, and you should see your hat in sight, you may have to look around. DO NOT GET IT!!!!! walk over to it slowly and when your close enough, one of the small snowmen will pop up with your hat wearing it! To get it back, make the snowman dizzy till he's dead and he'll give you your hat!

Secret Stars

In all worlds in Mario there is a secret star. all you have to do is collect 100 coins. There are exactly 100 coins in a level (including red coins) so you can't miss one.

999 Lives

When you get 120 stars, go to the right of the castle, into the cannon, and blast onto the roof. You will meet Yoshi up there. He will give you 999 lives and a cool triple jump.

Go up without stairs

In the Big Boo stage, you need to beat the first BIG BOO before you can get up, but if you do this way, you can go for the other stars without beating him. First go to the main room of the BIG BOO stage. Then do a triple jump to the left( make sure you jump left near the stairs part). You needed to jump where the floor for the second floor like a wall. When you touch the wall, press A so you bounce off the wall. While you stay in the air, tilt forward so you have a better chance of going to the top. Once you land, you can find more stars like the second BIG BOO and 8 red coins.

Rainbow Ride Shortcut

On the platform Mario starts on, switch to Mario view and turn around. You will see a pole sticking up. Line up with the pole and long jump to it. Go up to the airship, red coins, and castle, go down for tricky triangles, and swinging in the breeze. The shortcut avoids the initial ride to the four spinning platforms.

Extra Life on Tiny Huge Island

At the very start of the level, turn around facing the oppostie way and over to the right. It looks like you will drop off the edge, but there's a little path, at the end of it is an extra life. This appears each time you re-enter the level.

Make Mario Invisible

This is nota code or a glitch, but it's true that by ding this you can make mario invisible for as long as you

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