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Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire

Storm trooper action

In Escape from Echo-Base, press Right on the D-Pad and the Right 'C' button at the same time. The tap Up on the D-Pad. Now press the Right 'C' button 'til you change into a Storm Trooper. You can use the D-Pad to move this Imperial warrior, and press Down on the D-Pad to shoot. Try these excellent cheats on the other firstperson levels and see what other Troopers you can control. You can switch between these characters and Dash by pressing the Right 'C' button. Even if you're using one of these brand new characters, you can still controlDash Rendar ( though you won't see him) by moving the 3D Stick. If the character you're using dies, you can simply repeat this trick to start another one. However, please note that the only move these characters have are walk and attack, so they can't open doors ( unless they're automatic ) or even jump.

Wampa cheat

In the Escape from Echo Base level, tap left on the D-Pad and press the Right 'C' button at the same time. Then press Up on the D-Pad. Now use the Right 'C' button to scroll through the views 'til you see the Wampa. You can use the D-Pad to move the Wampa and press Down on the D-Pad to attack.

AT-ST Trick

Once the AT-STs appear in the Battle of Hoth, press Left on the D-Pad and the Right 'C' button simultaneously. Immediately after this, press Up on the D-Pad. Now use the Right 'C' button to scroll through the camera views 'til you become an AT-ST. You can use the D-Pad to move this awesome machine of doom and press Up on the D-Pad to fire your deadly blasters.

Cool Cheat

Follow the instructions below and turn to the dark side...

(1) Select a new save slot and enter '_Wampa_Stompa' as your name. The dashes represent spaces - one before the word 'Wampa' and two before 'Stompa'.

(2) Select Medium as your difficulty level.

(3) Once you start, pause the game. Now go to the Options menu and choose Control. You must set your controller to Traditional.

Make badguys die faster and gives you more ammo

On the screen to pick who to play under make a new name make the name _Jabba.

Fly an X-Wing or TIE Fighter without beating it on Medium

Go through the first part of the Skyhook battle, then put the control configuration on Standard, change view, if necessary, to the outside veiw of the ship, then pause the game and HOLD LEFT on the CONTROL PAD, then while still holding Left, HOLD Z, HOLD R, HOLD L, AND HOLD C DOWN, C LEFT, AND C RIGHT. DO NOT LET GO OF THEM WHILE PRESSING THE JOYSTICK UP OR DOWN. I recommend that you press the Joystick up or down with your knee.

Debug menu

Enter '_Wampa_Stompa' as a name on any difficulty level. Then start a level and pause the game by pressing start once, then press and hold pause hold A, B c-up, c-down, c-right, c-left, L, R, Z, and left on control pad then hold left half way on the control stick then wait until you here a donk then hold right halway on the control stick untill you here a donk then halfway left until you here a donk and so on until you see a pink debug menu then using the R button to skim though options like makeing enemies fall asleep, becoming invincible, and all this other stuff.

How to beat the Gladiator

There is a way not to even get hit during the entire battle with el Gladiator. To fight him in the beginning just charge him and get behind him like any AT-ST. Then, to crush the flying two-part gladiator, fly down to the maze and there is a little crevasse that you can hit him and you are sheltered from all his attack. It is just a tiny wall that protrudes from the bigger wall at about a 20 degree angle....it may take a few minutes to find. You will need to jet pack up just a little bit to hit him, but he will only shot his laser-which will only hit the wall- leaving you with a prime opportunity to punish him. Simply use your disrupters on the head piece and say hello to the skyhook battle.

Echo Base Secret

When the floor is breaking apart in Echo Base wait on the left side for a one up to come up on the right side of the floor and make Dash jump across the broken floor and grab the one up and get out of there.

Some Tips

An easy way to beat the At-St is to stay directly under it, and keep facing up and shooting it. His percentage will keep going down and you won't get hurt! But be careful to always stay directly under because he moves around a lot looking for you.

Another helpful tool to use in the Imperial Sewers is to turn the brightness up on your set to see much better.

In the speeder level it is easiest to beat the speeders by slowing down when you meet one and just keep banging it into the wall. If you stay calm you can kill all of them in the city. And if you stay side ways in a underpass they will turn away and crash.

Leebo Boss Scene Trick

For this little piece of eye candy you need to beat the game on any level of Difficulty with all of the challenge points to get the Leebo Scanner. When you go to a Boss, right before entering the Boss arena click on your Scanner by holding the camera switch button for 5 seconds.

Walk into the Boss arena and it will start the video but from DASH'S point of view. Ex. When you fight the AT-ST at the Echo Base you come down the hall and as soon as you get to the door the movie starts and the camera goes behind the AT-ST's head and shows him look around then start walking and then the cam goes back to your view.

WITH the Leebo scanner on it will just click off your scanner and show the movie like before BUT you will see it from YOUR point of view. This will work on any Boss that plays a movie before the fight. (Just be sure you have the scanner on before the movie starts.)

Challenge Point Rewards

1.Collect all the challenge points on the Easy setting and, during the game, hold down the camera button for five seconds and you will get the Leebo Scanner.

2. Collect all the challenge points on the Medium setting and during the SkyHook Battle stage hold down the camera button for five seconds and you can fly as an X-WING.

3. Collect all challenge points on Hard setting and in the game you get invincibility for 30 seconds and start with all weapons.

4. Collect all challenge points on Jedi setting and the Wampas in the "Escape from Echo Base" stage will follow you and attack your enemies.

Outrider Angles

At the title screen, press Z, R, L, and start. When you select your name, it shows the Outrider at different Angles.

Echo Base Jump

First, beat the Echo Base AT-ST, without getting invincibility (on easy). Next, get the challenge point behind the four boxes. Go back and get the shields. Go back to behind the four boxes. Jump down the cliff and keep firing your laser at the ground. You will land safely.

Play as Prince Xizor's armored guard

Press Right + C-Right during the "Sewers Of Imperial City" or "Xizor's Palace" levels. Press C-Right button to change camera views until the Wampa is displayed. Use the D-pad to move the guard and press Down to attack. Press C-Right button to switch back and forth to Dash. Dash may still be controlled with the Analog-stick while using the guard.

Alternate characters

Select a save game slot and enter _Wampa__Stompa as a name. Select the medium difficulty level. Start a game and change the control option to the "Traditional" setting. Use the following commands to turn into the following "character". Note: The name is case sensitive, with "_" indicating as a space, and two spaces between both words.

View the ending sequence

At the rename option screen enter your name as _Credits. After you chose a level, the ending sequence will be displayed. Note: The name is case-sensitive, with "_" indicating a space.

View Development Staff

Enter the name _Credits to view the ending sequence. Once the credits are completed, the game will return to the title screen. Press the Analog-stick to the Up/Right position.

All weapons

At the rename option screen enter your name as _Jabba. Then start a game on the difficulty "Jedi". All weapons will be available and all powered up during the first-person portions of the game.

Note: The name is case-sensitive, with "_" indicating a space.

Get 20 Seekers

Enter the name Sash Rendar at the name screen. Make sure the S and the R are capitalized. Next, beat every level up to Gall Spaceport. You should get 20 seekers in the Outrider.

New Ships

To get new ships, go to the second part of the Sky Hook Level and pause the game. Hold down all four C-Buttons, L1, R1, and Left. Then, hit up or down on the analog joystick to select either a X-Wing, Tie Fighter, or reselect The Outrider.

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