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Level Passwords

The following codes are case sensitive:

Level - Password

Beginner - lv?8A?8t

Pak Attack - lv?oCP?3

Tripat - lv?10c?8m

Ball Race - Dv?16hHfx

Frigia - HvdsC3?R

Grass Hopper - Bv?JaBm3

The Obelisk Run - Ev5LQV3Q

The Grass Maze - BR7JaE0a

Buxton Cat - lmSTJ9?W

Sandy Island - lmQUKN!1

Roller-ama - Cn2AUAeP

Water Works - KoBAK32o

Misdirection - lmAQC9eZ

Castle Quest - Bq6AlCFz

Pyramidea - ikAABNdW

Water World - PgAEaaBn

Canal Side - PgAFyaCA

Radima - NgACYkiH

Torture - ikAAAoJc

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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