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Sonic Adventure Battle 2

Full pause screen

Pause game play then hold Y + X.

Chao in Multi-player

Finish Tails' levels with an 'A' rank.

Amy Rose in Multi-player

Finish Sonic's levels with an 'A' rank.

Big in Multi-player

Finish Eggman's levels with an 'A' rank.

Chaos 0 in Multi-player

Finish Rogue's levels with an 'A' rank.

Mecha Sonic in Multi-player

Finish Shadow's levels with an 'A' rank.

Unlimited extra lives

Upon finding and picking up an extra life, push [Start] then [Exit] then re-enter the level you were just playing to begin at the beginning of the level again, but with 1 more extra life than what you previously had. Do this as many times as you want, to build up as many extra lives as you want.

Get dark garden

Use one of the 3 dark characters and raise a dark chao. Feed and train your chao till it evolves and you should see stairs in the main lobby that go to the dark garden.

Get Boss Attack Mode

Finish either Hero or Dark story modes 1 time. This allows you to fight bosses.

Get 3D green hill Stage

Get all 180 emblems and the stage appears on the world map.

Sonic's Flair Flip

With Sonic, use a summersalt and then jump the way you want to go. Note this might use some practice.

Get Ultimate Devil chao

Play as a dark character in a chao garden and evolve your chao twice. If you treated him good, he will go back to his egg stage. Re-hatch him and evolve him twice. If he goes back to his egg, hatch him and feed him ALL 21 types of different animals.Once he evolves, feed him a Dark Fruit. He'll instantly evolve into an Ultimate Devil chao. This is the best chao because he will never die and he is super strong and super fast.

Get Sonic Chao

Play as Sonic in a chao garden and hatch an egg. feed him nothing but green chaos drives and wait until he evolves. After he does, feed him even more green chaos drives and he will become a Sonic chao!

Get Shadow Chao

Go to a chao garden while playing as Shadow and hatch a chao. Give him nothing but green chaos drives and wait for him to evolve. Give him even more green chaos drives and he will transform into a Shadow chao!

Fun with Omochao

In CITY ECSAPE, go to the Omochao by the pipe. Grab him and throw him in the dich. He will come back later, never or no time at all. Also, in Chao Races the third Chalenge Race is against fast Omochaos!

Mystic Melody for Everyone

Sonic: Go to Final Rush. At the 6th check point, you will land on a platform with two rails, both leading forward. (If you were fast, it will take about 3 minutes to get here.) One is purple, the other, orange. Take the ORANGE one and hold the [B] button for the entirety of the grind. Done correctly, this should toss you onto a platform with a rocket on it. Take the rocket, and you will receive your new toy!

Tails: it's in Hidden Base, below the SECOND point marker. When it's in sight, instead of jumping towards it, turn around and go backwards about 50 or 100 'feet', then walk left until you come across a mural. Drop down from here (hover, if you prefer.) You will find yourself on a walkway with iron crates blocking a door. You should know what to do there.

Knuckles: get the Shovel Claws from Pumpkin Hill, then go back to Wild Canyon. Glide into the wind, and turn left, towards the Lonely Statue Area. Climb above the Lonely Statue and dig into the center of the painting. Knuckles will find a secret passage into a hidden room with the powerup.

Shadow: it's in Final Chase. Run to the top of every vertical drum. At the top of one, you will see another verical drum with an electric net around the center. Shadow must jump to that drum ABOVE the electric net to net his prize.

Dr. Eggman: His melody can be learned by hovering LEFT of the first rotating platform in Sand Ocean. Obviously, he'll need to have the Jet Engine to be able to reach it!

Rouge: She needs the Pick Nails to get her Mystic Melody. Take them to Dry Lagoon. Find a painting on the wall nearest the turtle being bullied by GUN Hunters. Dig in!

Unlock Toys in Hero and Dark Races

To unlock the following read the method:

Ball (2): Win the second Hero Race

Rocking Horse: Win the final Hero Race

Ball (3): Win the second Dark Race

Radio: Win the final Dark Race

Note: You cant be a dark chao in Hero Race and Visa Versa.

Unlock Toys in Jewel Races

Win all these toys according to the method given:

Broom: Win all Topaz Races

Picture book: win all Peridot Races

Pogo Stick: Win all Garnet Races

Crayons: Win all the Onyx Races

Bubbles: Win all Diamond Races

Ball (1): Win all races in the 1st row

Jack-In-The-Box: Win all of the races in row 2

TV: Win all of the Races in row 3


Unlock Other Races

To unlock Jewel Races, Dark Race, Hero Race and Challenge Race, Win all the Beginner Races.

Win Chao Toys in Beginner Races

Go to beginner races.

Shovel: Win all 3 Crab pool Races

Watering Can: Win all 3 Stump Valley Races

NOTE: with these two items, your Chao can plant seeds.

Toy Car: Win all 3 Mushroom Forest Races

Rattle: Win all 3 block canyon races

Get Knuckles Chao

Get an egg and crack it while being Knuckles. Then feed it heeps of red chao drives, once again being knuckles. Keep doing this until it goes into a cho-head shaped shell. When it comes out it will be a Knuckles chao.

Get Rouge Chao

Crack an egg with rouge and feed it heaps of purple chao drives. Wait till it evolves.

Get Tails Chao

Crack an egg with tails and keep feeding it purple chao drives. Wait till it evolves.

Ghost Chao

Supplies: Knuckles, Pumpkin Hill, ghost dogs. First of all, go to Pumpkin Hill with Knuckles. Ride the rocket up to Church Mountain and get the ghost dog. Then, get the Chao Key and finish the level. When you're in Chao Garden, crack open an egg and give the chao inside the ghost dog. When the ghost dog and chao touch, the chao's legs should dissapear. If not, keep trying. Then, keep petting it with any good guy(Sonic, Knuckles, Tails). When it evolves, it will look just like a ghost!

Get Hero Garden

Use one of the 3 light characters and raise a light chao. Feed and train your chao till it evolves and you should see stairs in the main lobby that go to the Hero garden.

Unlock Last Stage

Complete hero side and dark side to unlock the last stage.

Super Sonic and Hypher Shadow

After you kill the Biolizard after some time sonic and shadow will turn into Super Sonic and Hypher Shadow. P.s the Biolizard is still ALIVE!

Kart racing mini-game

Successfully complete Tails' driving quest in the Hero side story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Hero side story. Successfully complete Rouge's chase mission in the Dark side story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Dark side story.

Escape Time Stop

In any 2P Battle, when someone uses Time Stop on you, push every button except START and wiggle the control stick as much as you can to make the time go faster.

Extra Theme

Go to the themes menu and turn the analog stick clockwise quickly until you hear a sound.

Green Hill Stage

To unlock a 3D version of the classic Green Hill stage (from Sonic the Hedgehog on Genesis), earn all 180 emblems. The new stage will appear on the world map.

Big the Cat Appearances

There are several places in SA2 that you can see Big the Cat from the original Sonic Adventure Dreamcast game. Here are a few of them:

1. City Escape: About 3/4 of the way down when you're running away from the truck look on the right sidewalk to see him running away.

2. Radical Highway: After going in one of the rockets look at the blimp to the left and he will be sitting on it.

3. Pumpkin Hill: Go to the area where the train is stuck (it's going back and forth) and he is behind one of the gates waving to you.

4. Cannon's Core: With Rouge, go to the top of the highest pillar in the main room and look up. He's jumping up and down.

5. When you're battling against Shadow with Sonic in the Green Forest area there is a grate. Look down in the grate and you can see Big fishing.

Chao power-up

When your chao becomes a hero or dark chao, the type of chao it is level up that chao and the choa is the master of that type now.

Level up items

These are all the power ups I know how to get.

Sonic: Light shoes-Metal Harbor

Bounce Bracelet-Pyramid Cave

Flame Ring-Crazy Gadget

Magic Gloves-City Escape(Need Bounce Braclet+Flame Ring)

Mystic Melody- Final Rush

Knuckles:Shovel Claw-Pumpkin Hill

Air Necklace-Aquatic Mine

Hammer Gloves-Death Chamber

Mystic Melody-Wild Canyon(Need Shovel Claw)

Tails:Booster-Mission Street

Bazooka-Eternal Engine

Mystic Melody-Hidden Base(Need Bazooka)

Shadow:Air Shoes-White Jungle

Flame Ring-Radical Highway(Need Air Shoes)

See at vendor's WWW page

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