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Shadowgate 64: Trials Of The Four Towers

Defeat the Warlock Lord and Belezar

To defeat Belezar, put the dragon eye on the fake Staff Of Ages. Then, to defeat the Warlock Lord, put the Staff of Ages and the ring in the hands of the statue of Lord Jair.( Note: put the Staff of Ages on the statue FIRST and always wear the Ring of the Kingdom when handling the Staff of Ages.) After that, you will have beaten the game!

Inner Chamber Tip

When you gain access to the Inner Chamber (Tower #2), take all three rings, red, blue, and green. When you get to the 4th trial, (maze that mixes up the controls), equip the blue ring and your controls will return to normal and you can proceed through the maze like you were playing an ordinary area. Once you step through the door at the end, remove the blue ring.

How to get in the control room

To get into the control room you must first get the Stone of Thirst from Dorn. Then go to the grave on the side of the Chapel door, the one blocked by wood that you can pull away. Use the Ring of the Dead to speak to the soul and then throw some Dragon's Tears on the grave. Speak to him again. He will tell you the Stone's incantation. Go to the reservoir (tunnels in excavation area 2) and use the Stone in the water. Climb down the ladder and up the ladder on the other side of the room. You are now in the Control Room!

Location of the Pixie Flute

You'll have to find the Fairy and Elf Statues to access the area where you'll find the Pixie Flute. The Fairy Statue is on the shelf near the entrance to Diciples' Tower. The Elf Statue is on a bar a little further inside the building. When you take the statues up the stairway in the Tower, Lakmir will stop you and talk to you. When he's finished, continue up the stairs where you will find Liquid Sunset and an Ancient Coin. You also will find a statue puzzle on a shelf-a perfect place to put your Fairy and Elf Statues. If you place them correctly, a staircase leading to the Pixie Flute will open.

Location of the Stone of Thrist

You can find the Stone of Thirst inside Disciples' Tower, but you'll also have to get the Incantation for the Stone of Thirst to use it. In the Cathedral Courtyard, remove the boards that block a pathway, then continue to a grave =. Use a Dragon Tears on the grave an dequip the Ring of the Dead to raise him from his final resting place. (A ghost there will reward you with the Incantation for your trouble.) Head back to Disciples' Tower, then follow the red carpet inside to a door with an arrow on it. Go through the door then down the stairs. One of the doors in the hallway opens to a room with a bed, where you will be able to put your incantation to good use. Talk to Dorn, who has a valuable item. The Stone and Incantaion. It will allow you to drain the water form the reservior, so you can access the Control Room.

Finding the Rusty Key

Look between the column and the wall in the room with the custodian's note to find the Rusty Key.

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