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Rugrats: The Search For Reptar

42 Secrets

If you insert your game CD into a PC and upen up the datahints folder, there will be 42 text files filled with cheats, tips, and hints!

Easier Putt in Minigolf

While putting in the minigolf course, hold down the walk button and the aiming line will move a lot slower and make it easier to aim. It's not much, but it does help.

Jumping Down the Stairs

While you are in the house, get to the top of the stairs and make sure your facing down the stairs. Now you should be able to jump the whole stair case and it wont even hurt Tommy. Not much of a code, but its fun and saves a bit of time.

Play On Playground Equipment

Go to the game Grandpas teeth "medium". If you press Circle next to the playground equipment you will see a small movie of the Rugrats playing on the equipment.

Play the piano

Go to the living room and there you will find a small purple piano. Go up to the front where you see the keys and press circle.

Play with Spike

You can play fetch with Spike outdoors by picking up the small ball, the bone, and the stick.

Secret Level

Get 13 or more Reptar bars and you will gain a secret level after you beat the game, in which you are Reptar.

Secret Reptar Bars

Go to the basement and look on the right side of the computer.

When playing hole 8 on Ice Cream Mountain, go around to the other side of the pyramid. Go into the entrance way and explore throughout all of the pyramid. You will find a lot of Reptar Bars and also you will find Mr. Friend's mummy.

Go into the back yard and look behind Spike's dog house.

Go into Stu's and Didi's room and walk into the closet. Then look on the left side.

Look behind the couch in the family room upstairs.

Go behind the crib in Tommy's room.

Look behind the trash can in the kitchen.

Shortcut in "Incident, Isle 7"

On Incident, Isle 7, when you go where the plants are, there will be three balloons tied together. Run into them and press CIRCLE. This will bring you to the middle part of the board.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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