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The Five GREAT tips #1

Here are some GREAT tips before finishing your game:

#1: Don't (Do not) use any cuss words.

#2 If you make a game w/ (with) [With] {W/} cuss words make an EXACT COPY OF YOUR GAME & (and) [And] on the copy EDIT OUT THE CUSS WORDS & only used the version th@ (that) has the cuss words edited out to load on to anyones MC (Memory Card) look while scrolling up then when it says so look @ (at) how to do it (loading a game on someone elses MC).

#3: Tell people how to do things before they are done like in my game Thomas's Quest 1: Ellijack:Thomas you are to seek out a limited amount of letters when you get the letter N in Nashville, beaware that you will be in COMPLETE DARKNESS SO becareful because you need to talk to Rhiannon to light up Nashville all over again.

#4: Make sure the game is a good game.

#5: Like in my game th@ has certain religious stuff in it some people may not like to talk, see or hear about it so if your game contains any o' (Of) [O'] {of} these please print this out & circle what it has or tell the person or people to circle what they like & what they don't

(do not) like to talk, hear or see about below:

Satan (The Devil, Lucifer, THE WORST BAD GUY)!!!








Others (write what you do & don't like or what your game has religious wise or otherwise)

Walk Through Objects

Hold Circle in test mode to walk through any object.

Reset To Editor

Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select in test mode to return to the editor (and quickly save if needed).

Learn How To Play Better

Load the demo of Gobli, find what you want to learn, click 'Event', then do the same thing with your game.

Extra Monsters And Characters

To get more monster and characters, first go to Anime Maker. Go to the last numbers and then save it to your memory card to get them in your game.

Create Objects

To create objects, do the same thing as done when making characters. Since objects do not move, you can make three different ones (by using the different positions) on one character save block.

Huge Characters

Make more than one character that fit together to create one huge character.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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