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Rocket Power: Beach Bandits

Level Select

Go to the options menu and choose "Cheats". Answer the series of seven questions with the following to unlock all levels:

1. Squid

2. Conroy

3. Tito Makani

4. Maurice

5. Ocean Shores

6. Otto

7. Eddie:Prince of the Netherworld

Play as Pi

Collect 20 Gold Coins to unlock Pi.

Play as Spurtz

Collect 30 Gold Coins to unlock Spurtz, Pi's friend.

Play as Lars

Collect 40 Gold Coins to unlock Lars.

Play as Eric Golem Jr.

Collect 50 Gold Coins to unlock Eric Golem Jr.

Play as Eddie

Collect 60 Gold Coins to unlock Eddie.


Get 750 on the Shooting Gallery and The Brains That Ate California for two Gold Coins and two episodes of Rocket Power.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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