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Road Rash 3D

Bad Biker

If you hit one of the Japenese riders or get a ticket from a cop, you will become part of the bad biker gang. You will be able to use the weapon that the gang favors the most.

Buy any weapon

When you are buying bikes press: Up, Down, Left, Right, L2, R2.

Easy "Blast 2X"

While racing, hit the ZOOM OUT button then hold the REARVIEW MIRROR button and release ZOOM OUT. You should now have Blast 2X without having to do the annoying "looking back" part.

Playing Tips

Road Rash 3D is very different from previous versions of Road Rash, especially in its realistic riding. I recommend that for the first time you play a Big Game, use the Techgeist entry-level bike (DeMoto 500), because it has the best handling, and is definitely the easiest to use. Avoid the DeSades bikes, because they're neither incredibly fast nor very good at handling. The Dewley bikes, are the fastest on the straights but slowest in the corners. And the Racer bikes are the fastest, and the choice of advanced players bacause of their speed and razor sharp responses, which can be a hindrance to less experienced Rashers.

Before you permanently blow all your cash on a new bike, be sure to save the game before you do so. Then, if you decide that the bike is just not right for you (or it just sucks, period) you can go back and get a different one. Before you go on to level 2, BUY A NEW BIKE. Level 2 is hard. Not TOO hard, but it is a difficult transition from level 1. If you don't have a new (2nd stage) bike, you're screwed. I have a DMG 747 and the races are still hard. I'm not sure if I want to go to level 3.

Anyway, bikes aside, you NEED TO SLOW DOWN INTO THE CORNERS. If you don't, you'll find yourself sliding across the asphalt, onto the shoulder, and possibly up a mountain side. Another important thing is to lean more often than you expect. On a gradual turn, mashing the D-pad will send you sliding to hit a car or flying off the bike. Speaking of cars, there's a lot more trafficthan other versions, especially in the towns, with the multi-lane roads.

Oh yes, and another cool point of Road Rash 3D is that all of the vehicles are real, and I must've seen maybe 20 different models, from a Dodge Ram to a Honda Civic CRX. That about wraps it up. All in all, time trials are a great way to learn the tracks, thrash races are a good way to learn to fight while racing, and the Big Game is just pure fun.

Shortcut for Level 2

When you are going from Kaffe Koma to the Der Panzer Club there is a shortcut that will shave about 2 1/2 miles off the race. It is a challege to do but worth it. Go straight for 3 miles then hang a left. It will tell you to go straight. Ignore the wrong way sign and just follow the road to the Der Panzer Club. This is very helpful. I would only suggest this shortcut for experienced rashers.

Steal Weapons

If you punch another rider with your bare hand while his weapon is drawn, you will be able to steal his weapon.

Ticket Prevention

When getting busted, pause and restart the race. This will get you out of a ticket and save you money.

More speed

Press Up, Down, Up, Circle, Triangle for more speed.

Super Punch

Press Up + Circle and hold. When you are ready to punch, release.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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