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1-player game: Smiley, Bird, Heart, Clover

2-player game: Smiley, Bear, Rabbit, Flower

Goofy symbols

Call up the password entry window (with the four symbols) and rapidly press L1, L2, R1, and R2 until the symbols turn into slightly demented versions of themselves.

Player handicap

Go to the vehicle selection screen. Press and hold all four buttons (L1, L2, R1, R2). A vehicle will explode in the row that is highlighted. This can be done for each vehicle to make the game more difficult.


Hold Square + X + Circle + Triangle to destroy the vehicle currently being controlled.

Extra levels

Complete all the levels including the top set. Move up once more in the level select screen to access a row that does not display on the screen.


One Player Password:

02 - Umbrella, Bird, Butterfly, Flower

03 - Face, Teapot, Bunny, Umbrella

04 - Bunny, Umbrella, Bird, Bird

05 - Flower, Umbrella, Bunny, Teapot

06 - Bird, Teapot, Butterfly, Butterfly

07 - Bear, Bear, Clover, Bird

08 - Bunny, Teapot, Umbrella, Heart

09 - Clover, Butterfly, Bird, Heart

10 - Heart, Butterfly, Teapot, Heart

11 - Umbrella, Umbrella, Bird, Flower

12 - Flower, Teapot, Clover, Butterfly

13 - Heart, Umbrella, Clover, Heart

14 - Bunny, Face, Flower, Clover

15 - Bunny, Face, Bear, Bird

16 - Flower, Umbrella, Bird, Bunny

17 - Flower, Bear, Heart, Umbrella

18 - Face, Bird, Heart, Clover

Two Player Password:

02 - Butterfly, Umbrella, Bear, Heart

03 - Bear, Bunny, Flower, Clover

04 - Umbrella, Heart, Clover, Flower

05 - Umbrella, Bear, Bunny, Heart

06 - Teapot, Bird, Butterfly, Flower

07 - Heart, Flower, Clover, Butterfly

08 - Heart, Bear, Bunny, Heart

09 - Bear, Bunny, Clover, Flower

10 - Butterfly, Face, Umbrella, Clover

11 - Bear, Flower, Face, Flower

12 - Teapot, Bear, Flower, Umbrella

13 - Heart, Bird, Flower, Clover

14 - Face, Bird, Clover, Teapot

15 - Teapot, Bird, Clover, Bear

16 - Umbrella, Teapot, Bird, Flower

17 - Face, Bear, Bunny, Flower

18 - Bunny, Heart, Flower, Bird

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