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Resident Evil 2

Limited invulnerability

Mix green, red, and blue herbs.

Hidden clothes

Start a game with the setting of Normal . Then on your way to the police station don't pick up anything . When you reach the police station don't go into it . There is a stair case that leads to zombie . The zombie will be hard to kill . If you run out of bullets go into the police station and pick up more . Then go back out to fight him . When you kill the zombie claim the key he drops . Then go into the dark room , and open the locker.

One Hit Gator Kill

When you fight the alligator in the sewers, run back until you see a flashing red button. Push the button to release a gas canister. When the gator eats the gas canister, shoot it and the gator will explode.

Pictures of Claire

When you start run all the way to the Police Station with out killing a zombie. Search the messy desk about 50 times after you should recive some film go the the black room and develop the film.

Infinite ammo all weapons

Go to the control ajustment menu and were it says manual watch it and hold L1 down and tap square 10 times and it will turn green then you will have infinite ammo gor all weapons.

Play Sherry and Ada

At the title screen type: Triangle, Triangle, R1, R1, Square, X, X, X, Circle, R2, L2, Triangle, Square, X. Press Start and Select at the same time. You should hear a scream if the cheat worked.

Obtain the Special Key

Ever wondered what's in that locked closet in the Dark Room, you know, the one that says "It's locked. A spedial kind of key is required ". Well, here's how to get that key. Start a new game on Normal Difficult. When you start the game, DO NOT PICK UP ANYTHING! This is extremely hard as you have to resist the temptation of early collectables. Make your way to the Police Station, battered and bruised, and go in the gate. You know that place inside the gate that goes down under the police station? If you go inside the gate, keep ging forward, and you'll see a passage ging down. That's the one I'm talking about. Anyway, go down there and you'll meet Brad Vickers! Brad was the one who saved Jill and Chris in the first game, only now he's a flesh eating zombie that needs loads of killing. Run past him for now, and take a trip inside the police station, collecting loads of guns and ammo (It's alright to do this now). When you've got everything you need, go back to Brad and blow that poor soul's brains out. When he is finally dead, search him. He has possession of the Special Key! Right, go back into the Police Station again, into the Dark Room, unlock that closet, and what do you know! Extra costumes! If you're using Claire, you will find this skimpy cowgirl suit, complete with bandana and The Colt S.A.A gun, a quick-firing sharp-shooter that is fired from the hip. If you're using Leon, you will find two costumes (no weapon). You will have the choice of number 1 : A leather jacket, jeans and fingerless gloves. With this costume, Leon will aim his gun with one hand like a gangster! number 2: Army style! Slack army trousers, blue vest and baseball cap. Leon will aim his gun the same way as with the other costume.

The Fourth Souvior

Beat the game with a ranking of a "A", save the game, when you load it you will be able to play as "Hunk" (the fourth souvior).

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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