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Razor Freestyle Scooter

Cheat mode

Pause the game. Press Right, Down, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Right to unlock everything.

Play as Daryl

Successfully complete the game with all 20 wheels.

Moves of Ami

Backflip: Press Down (x2), Square.

Around the World: Press Left (x2), Square.

Tap Barspin: Press Down, Triangle at the lip of a ramp

Moves of Chad

Frontflip: Press Up (x2), Square.

No-Footed Backflip: Press Down (x2), Square.

Rock and Roll: Press Up, Triangle at the lip of a ramp

Moves of Daryl

Bluenose: Press Up, Right, Circle.

Backflip: Press Down (x2), Square.

Backside Boneless: Press Down, Triangle at the lip of a ramp.

Get Double Points

When you go up a ramp, hold square or O, a direction (up down left right or diagonal) and triangle. Then you will do a trick to a handplant. You can do this for other moves like Rock-N-Roll, backside boneless, and tap barspin.

Play as Norton

Beat all the objectives in every level.It will go to a movie clip and shows Norton shrink.Then go to character select, and pick him. He is the best character that you can be. He has every character's special in the game.

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