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Rally Cross 2


SISAO - Oasis Track from Rally Cross 1

ELGNUJ - Jungle Track from Rally Cross 1

FOSTER - Little Woods Track (forest style track)

NIVEK - Frozen Trail Track (alpine style track)

MIT - Dusty Road Track (desert style track)

KCIN - Rock Creek Track (alpine style track)

CIRE - Dry Humps Track (desert style track)

BSIRHC - Hillside Track, a mountain track. Unique style and backgrounds

AIRFILLED - Cars Float, like FEATHER cheat in Rally Cross 1

INCORPOREAL - Pass through opponents

PREVET - Unlock tracks/cars as if you won rookie season

PREPRO - Unlcok tracks/cars as if you won veteran season

PREALL - Unlocks all tracks, and vehicles except for last two. Give you plenty of points to win Pro Season and puts you in last race.

LEADSHOT - Changes physics of car to more closely match the STONE cheat from Rally Cross 1 (cars hug the road and bumps)

MOONEY - Return to original Rally Cross 2 Physics

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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