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NFL Street

Cheat List

Enter the following a your User Name to unlock goodies:

Classic: Unlock NFL Legends

Travel: Unlock all stadiums

KaySlay: Unlock team Kay Slay

Excellent: Unlock team X-ecutioner

Unlockables: Teams

AFC West All-Stars: Beat AFC West ladder in NFL Challenge.

AFC East All-Stars: Beat AFC East ladder in NFL Challenge.

AFC North All-Stars: Beat AFC North ladder in NFL Challenge.

AFC South All-Stars: Beat AFC South ladder in NFL Challenge.

NFC West All-Stars: Beat NFC West ladder in NFL Challenge.

NFC East All-Stars: Beat NFC East ladder in NFL Challenge.

NFC North All-Stars: Beat NFC North ladder in NFL Challenge.

NFC South All-Stars: Beat NFC South ladder in NFL Challenge.

Kayslay: Beat second Ladder team in NFL Challenge.

NFL Legends: Beat first Ladder team in NFL Challenge.

X-ecutioners: Beat fourth Ladder team in NFL Challenge.

Nfl Challenge Mode

Put lots of points in your running back. Short run plays work frequently. Also, put enough points in one of your wide receivers to pass once in awhile.

All Nfl Pickup Mode

Complete the entire NFL Challenge mode to unlock All NFL Pickup mode. In this mode you can pick a legend or any player from the regular NFL team.

Opposing Gamebreakers On Defense

If your opponent has a defensive Gamebreaker, the best thing to do is set up a shotgun then throw quick passes. Throw the passes immediately after the ball is snapped because you will not get hit and fumble the ball for the other team to get great field position, or even worse a touchdown. Also, you want the other team to waste their Gamebreaker.

Using Gamebreakers

If you are skilled enough on offense to score almost every time you have the ball, do not waste your Gamebreaker on offense. Use it on defense so you can get the ball back and score again immediately.

Recommended Players

Choose the Falcons for quick game mode. First, choose first Keith Brooking, the hardest hitter. Next, pick Patrick Kerney, a defensive linemen. Select Michael Vick and either Warrick Dunn or TJ. Ray Buchanan and Bob Whitfield make a even better team. Finally, choose Peerlice Price, one of the best wide receivers.

Recommended Teams

The following teams are recommended, in order: Washington Eagles, Atlanta Falcons, Indianapolis Colts, and Oakland Raiders.

More Goodies

Enter the following as your User Name to unlock goodies:

ae3278: AFC East All-Star team

an3278: AFC North All-Star team

as6884: AFC South All-Star team

aw9378: AFC West All-Star team

ne3278: NFC East All-Star team

nn6789: NFC North All-Star team

ns9378: NFC South All-Star team

nw9378: NFC West All-Star team

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