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NFL Blitz


Onside kick, After scoring hold up+Turbo+Jump+Pass Extra blocker, While hiking the ball hold Turbo+jump+pass Hide play cursor, At the plays selection screen press up twice on the upper left play.

Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Codes" at the Matchup screen:

Effect Code

Big Head Team 2-0-3 Right

Bullet Passes 2-5-0 Left

Fog On 0-3-0 Down

Headless Team 1-2-3 Right

Hide Name 1-0-2 Right

Huge Ball 0-5-0 Down

Huge Head 0-4-0 Up

Hyper Blitz 5-5-5 Up

Invisible 4-3-3 Up

Invisible Qb 3-4-2 Left

Late Hits 0-1-0 Up

More Speed 4-0-4 Left

Night Game 2-2-2 Right

No CPU Assistance 0-1-2 Down

No Fumbles 4-2-3 Down

No First Downs 2-1-0 Up

No Head 3-2-1 Left

No Interceptions 3-4-4 Up

No Out of Bounds 2-1-1 Left

No Punting 1-5-1 Up

Power Blockers 3-1-2 Left

Power Defense 4-2-1 Up

Power Offense 3-1-2 Up

Power Speed 4-0-4 Left

Power Teammates 2-3-3 Up

Random Players 1-1-5 Left

Show Field Goal Percentage 0-0-1 Down

Show More Field 0-2-1 Right

Smart CPU 3-1-4 Down

Thick Fog 0-4-1 Down

Tiny Players 3-1-0 Right

Tourney Mode 1-1-1 Down

Turn Off Stadium 5-0-0 Left

Unlimited Turbo 5-1-4 Up

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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