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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Final Synchronized Dance Move

On Mission 5 (the synchronized dance between Eva-01 and Eva-02) you may have noticed that there are 8 bars indicating 8 dance commands. However, the game only tells you the first 7. To do the 8th, and to do the dance completely and correctly, simply push the C-up button three times when the 8th command bar passes through the green zone (or if you can't get the timing right, just keep tapping the C-up button after you've finished the 7th command). This will show the two Evas standing after the Angel is destroyed, instead of lying on top of each other.

Sound Test

To enable the Sound Test mode, beat the game oncee time then go to the OPTIONS menu.

Mission Guide

Menu Mode

After the opening cinema you are presented with the Menu Screen (aka the MAGI System) You have three options: Simulation Mode, Story Mode, and Option Mode.

Simulation Mode

This is a training level. You choose between all The five children: Rei, Asuka, Shinji, Toji, and Kaoru.

The First Option is Test Program. Test Program is a simulation of an Angel attack and you have to shoot it with whatever weapon your Eva is equipped with.

There are six levels (0-5) and the more Angels you destroy with the minimum amount of ammo, you get a higher ranking.

You have an additional option if you beat the Hard Level: Mission

Mission is all the Missions in the game (01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 12.5, 13) See below for the Missions guide.

Story Mode

The Story Mode is all thirteen (fourteen if you count mission 12) in the sequence of events that happened in the TV series al the way up to the Movie. Go HERE for my Missions guide and tips.

Options Mode

Depending on if you beat the game in all the different levels (Easy to Hard) more options pop up. Level Change game settings from Easy to Hard

Third Impact Erase all data (Pretty cool option to erase the data right?!) Sound Accessed after finishing the Easy level the Sound Option lets you listen to all the Background music, Voices and Sound Effects.

Model Accessed after finishing the Normal level the Model Option lets you see all the models that are in the game. Look at how beautifully they were created and rendered!

Action Accessed after finishing the Hard level the Action Option lets you see any animation that you already uncovered.

Evangelion plays and feels like a Mario Party mini-game force fed with steroids. Thats the best way I can describe it. I have to admit, It's kind of repetitive, but the creators did put a lot of effort to make this game fun, as well as visually amazing. The details on any one model in this game is totally amazing!

Note: You don't need to go through the exact sequence of events as in the Anime


A poor boy named Sihnji Ikari is forced to pilot a machine known only as Evangelion Unit 01. (Duh!)

Action 01: Destroy the Third Angel!

If you want to beat him real quick, just keep grabbing him. If you're close enough, press C-down to put up your AT Field and tap button A and C-down to break through the Angel's ATF. If you want to follow the events in the anime, play this on Easy mode first and watch the pattern. If he grabs you and the animation is like in the Anime, then Eva 01 will go berserk. Breaking through the ATF is much more effective when Eva 01 is Berserk.

Remember the pattern to go berserk is: Eva 01 loses Umbillical Cable, Angel breaks arm of Eva 01, Angel grabs Eva 01's head, destroys right eye, and throws him back.

Tip 1: When Berserk and far away from the Angel (like after grabbing him), if you hold the R button and right on the analog Unit 01 will start running. If the camera angle changes to Unit 01's face, wait till his eyes glow and press A+B. Unit 01 will tacle the Angel.


Shinji's second bogey, he has to fight an Angel in the center of Tokyo-3. Action 01: Destroy the Fourth Angel! Same technique with the first angel, wait for him to attack then move in to grab. In hard mode, you have to break through the ATF first. Tip 2: If Unit 01 is still attached to the Umbilical Cable, you can still use the same technique as above. Break the AT Field first, grab the Angel, then hold R and right on the analog and press A+B when his eyes glow to tackle.


An impenetrable new enemy has emerged, and Shinji is powered by the entire country of Japan to destroy the new Angel.

Action 01: Penetrate the enemy's defense!

Possibly the easiest mission in the whole game, even in Hard MOde. Use the Analog Stick to aim the Positron cannon. Keep it steady on the center and shoot. It is possible to shoot down the Angel before it has the chance to shoot itself. If you miss the first time, Rei will sheild you from the second attack.


A new mecha was made to replace Nerv's expensive fighting machine. When it went out of control, it was up to Shinji and Misato to stop it.

Action 01: Stop Jet Alone!

Tap A+C-down to make Unit 01 run and catch JA before it reaches the maximum safety limit of the city.

Action 02: Keep Jet Alone steady while Misato disarms the nuclear device.

Press whatever direction it shows on the screen on the analog while tapping A+C-down. Stop when it reaches safety.


Shinji and Asuka faces a new enemy that can divide into two separate beings.

Action 00: Synchronize!

Choosing the left option will take you to training. You can train as many times as you want.

Action 01: Both of you, Dance like you want to win!

This is the coolest mission in the entire game! It's almost like Bust-A-Move (the dancing game.) You have to press the C buttons in whatever order to be in sync.

When prompted, press C-button:

up, left, right

right, left, down

down, down, up

up, up, down

down, left, up

up, right, down

down, down, down

up, up, up

You don't have to input the last command, its much funnier that way!


Nerv dicovers an "egg" of an Angel within an active volcano and Asuka's chosen to retrieve it.

Action 01: Capture the Sleeping Angel!

Move around until you find the Angel and press the Z button. Align it with your Eva until the gauge on the bottom of the screen is on "center."

If it's not centered, it will hit you. When you can't find it in time, press B to dodge but you have to time it.


A new Angel is found over the Earth's atmosphere with the capacity to destroy Tokyo-3 and the Geofront on impact.

Actions 01 to 03: Misato's Revenge

Press A when you reach the green line, although you don't have to. Just press A on the final one. Action 04: Catch the Falling Angel!

Tap A+C-down to keep the Angel from impact.


The newly completed Eva Unit 03 was contaminated by an Angel and has to be destroyed!

Action 01: Defeat Eva Unit 03!

Same technique as in the first two missions. When you grab Unit 03 and throw him away, set up your ATF and tap A+C-down to keep it up so that he wont jump on you.

Tip 3: If you don't want to tire yourself tapping A+C-down, tackle that Alien trailer park trash!


A powerful new Angel has invaded the Geofront and defeated both Eva unit 02 and unit 00 and Sinji must decide if he will ever pilot the Evas again.

Action 01: Shinji, Don't Run Away!

One of the more difficult missions since this doesn't give much error space, press the Analog Stick and either the A or B buttons at the same time when it tells you to. Be careful though, It only takes three mistakes to fnish you off.


An Angel of Light appears above the Earth's atmosphere attacking Asuka's Mind. Well out of reach of any conventional weapon, Gendo commands Rei to use the Lance of Longinus to destroy the 15th Angel.

Action 01: Guide the Lance

Use the Analog Stick to aim the Lance straight into the center of the Angel.

Action 02: Penetrate it's Absolute Terror Field (ATF)

Tap A+C-down till you penetrate the AT Field.


Kaoru Nagisa, the Fifth Child is actually the last Angel. He commondeers Eva Unit 02 and is only moments away from starting Third Impact.

Action 01: Stop Third Impact!

This fight is mostly tapping A+C-down. Grabs and normal attacks don't take out as much life as overpowering Unit 02.

Here's a tip: If you feel tired from tapping A+C-down, press start to pause, then unpause it and continue tapping A+C-down.


Seele is attacking Nerv and Asuka, still catatonic is put in Eva 02 and ejected into the lake. All of a sudden she awakens and her sync ratio is up again and pilots Eva 02 once again!

Action 01: Destroy all units.

Nothing much to do here, just destroy everything.


After seeing Eva 02 in action, Seele sends the Eva Series Unit 04 to fight Asuka by herself.

Action 1: Destroy all nine Eva Unit 04s.

You have three and a half minutes of power left to beat the Eva Series. Grabbing them is the fastest way to beat all nine Evas. Don't bother using the weapons, it will take you longer to beat all of them.


With Unit 02's internal battery exhausted, the Eva Series regenerate themselves and take to the air, destroying Eva Unit 02. Back at Terminal Dogma, Shinji pilots Unit 01 and grows "wings of light."

Action 1: Destroy all nine Eva Unit 04s.

It only takes three hits to finish you off, so back off till you see them attack then move in for the kill.

Bonus difficulty settings

Successfully complete the game on the "Easy" difficulty setting to unlock the "Normal" difficulty setting. Successfully complete the game on the "Normal" difficulty setting to unlock the "Hard" difficulty setting.

Model mode

Successfully complete the game on the "Easy" and "Normal" difficulty settings.

Sound test

Successfully complete the game on the "Easy", "Normal", and "Hard" difficulty settings.

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