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Need For Speed 3

Bonus tracks

the room .........Playtm



Space station..mnbeam


Empire city......mcityz

for the track you want type under user name

Enter the below codes as the user name to get the desired effect

Rocket - El Nino car.

Playtm - Toy room track.

Xcav8 - Caverns track.

Xcntry - Auto cross track.

Mnbeam - Space station track.

Mcityz - Empire City.

1Jagx - Jaguar xjr.

Gldfsh - Underwater track.

Seealli - Additional views.

Playtm - Playroom track.

Spoilt - Get all cars.

Amgmrc - Brings out a Mercedes GTK.

Enter the following codes after you press Start on the last screen before you enter the game, before the loading screens appears. You can only use controller one to enter the codes.

Start + Select + R1 + L2

Makes cars around you flip around when you hit your horn.

Up + X + Triangle

Slows down the game by 20 percent.

Select + Square + X

Increases the weight of your car.


Go to the user setup screen, then type in GLDFSH for an underwater level or

type in PLAYTM for a toy track level.

Police speak in french, spanish, german

French: Right +R2 +L1

Spanish: Down + R2 + L1

German: Up+ R2 + L1

Enter codes when you enter the horn or car wieght codes, before loading screen.


To do an awesome burnout, put your car in neutral and put one of the brakes on and then floor the gas with the brake still applied and shift into first gear with the brake and gas still on.

Gumball Policecars

Select the Redrock Ridge track. Then before the loading screen appears, immediately hold Down + R1 + L2 continue to hold the buttons until the loading screen disappears. Now the Green Landrovers will be replaced by Gum ball police during the race.

Power Horn

Press and Hold (Just until the loading screen comes up)

Start + Select + R1 + L2

Drive a cop car

To enable this code pick your stuff, then at the RPM screen before the loading screen press and hold Left, L2, R1 then hit X but dont hold X continue to hold these buttons until the RPM screen dissappears when the game is done loading you should be a cop car. You can't pull anyone over but using the horn button will activate your siren and lights.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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