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Namco Museum Volume 3

Alternate Tracks

Press Triangle to display the options menu. Select Test and press Triangle when the Test screen appears. Select Dip Sw to display the DIP switch screen. Press Up to enable switch 1 in the left box. Return to the options screen and select the Game option. Press Triangle after the game loads and select the new Course option. All four tracks will now have a new layout.

Faster Game

Press Select 32 times during demo to add to the credits total in the bottom right corner of the screen. Hold Select and press Start to begin game play in turbo mode.

Hard Level

Pass level 9 during the game and then press Triangle during the next demo mode.

Colored Trail Mode

Score over 30,000 points. Press Triangle during the next demo mode. Highlight the Test option and press X. Highlight the Dip Sw option and press X. Press Up to enable switch 6. Begin game play with all ships leaving colored trails.

Tower Of Druaga

Hold L1 + R1 and press Up, Right, Down, + Left simultaneously three times. A pickaxe symbol will appearin the bottom left corner of the screen to confirm correct code entry.Move forward in the Tower Of Druaga area of the museum until a brick wall appears. Press X to open the wall to reveal another Tower Of Druaga machine and an FMV sequence related to the game.

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