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Mortal Kombat Trilogy

Enable Smoke & other cool stuff

On the screen after the prepare for kombat type this X,L1,L2.A sound will indicate you did the code right.OK,On the Kombat Kube press up The block turns to a blue ? Then enable everything you want and have fun!!!


Go to opitions were the ? menu is and press and hold L1.L2.R1.R2 then hold up a noise will indicate the cheat has worked.


To play as Chameleon select a male ninjA. At the beginning of a fight hold R1,R2,HK,HP,and back until a puff of smoke poofs and Chameleon appears.

Select your stage

At the character select screen go to Sonya and hold start and up until you hear a sound then select your character and after that you can select your stage.

Random Character Select

First, go to the character select screen. For player 1, move to Noob Saibot and press up+start. The cursor will go wild and move around to some of the characters. Which ever one it lands on, that is the one you will be fighting with. For player two, do the same except move to Rain and press up+start. The same thing will happen again.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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