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Metal Gear Solid

To easily defeat Psycho Mantis

When you start fighting Psycho mantis, switch your controller to slot 2, and he won't be able to read your mind.

Beat the game twice and start start a new game. In the elevator after the first level when he emoves his diving gear he hould have on a tuxedo.

To get a bandana

Beat the game without submitting to torture.

Time Attack Mode

Finish all ten stages.

Phantom Pictures

After beating the game and getting the camera, go in the restroom near the Control Room on B1. Take a picture of the guy in the restroom, save it, exit the game, go to special, go to photo album, select the picture, and you'll see a ghost.

Gun Shooting Mode

Finish all ten levels in the Time Attack Mode.

Friendly Wolves

Get to Meryl in the caves and have your socom and a cardboard box ready. Shoot Meryl, wait for her to tell the wolves to attack, and immediately switch to the cardboard box. The little wolf will come to you, sniff the box, and pee on you and the box. You'll smell like the wolves, so they'll leave you alone.


On Metal Gear Solid,after you found the Darpa Chief/Decoy Octopus,you go to the elevator and go to B3.and knock on the wall.When you find a diffrent sound by knocking on the wall you blow it up with C4's.Then you go all the way down that room and do the same thing.then you go all the way back there and there is two more hidden doors when you go to the right one you will find Revolver Ocelot,kill him.

Kill Ninga-Gray Fox

Do not use your weapons or he will block them with the sword and you will just waist ammo. Punch him a couple of times and he will put his sword away the punch him and kick him to his death. when he has his electrical moment wait until after the big jolt then kick him until he dies.

An easier way to finish game with Meryl

When you're on the part where Ocelot tortures you, dont press select but finish the first torture(that is by tapping the punch button). Then in the cell, when the gaurd goes in the bathroom, hide under the bed. EASY HUH?

How to beat Liquid Snake

When you start to fight Liquid, run in front of him(chase him if he runs) and keep on pessing the punch button every half second and he would do a combo. If your not used to it, try to do it on the Genome Soldiers. If you see him blocking your punches, immediatelly run away because would hit you.

Knock out the crane!

In the Blast Furnace- Use the Stinger or Nikita Missiles to blow Crane-Up. Make sure to shoot at the bottom of the crane. Also it takes 2 Missiles to knock it out but when it falls it BURNS UP!!!

Get the stealth suit, bonus costume

To get the Stealth suit that Otacon and Gray Fox(ninja) has, just submit in the torture and finish the game. To get a bonus costume beat the game twice on the same block on the memory card, when Snake now goes up in the elevator early in the game, he will take on a tuxedo!!

Friendly Wolves

When you get to the part where you and meryl go through the caves and before you enter the underground passage to Comm. Tower A and just before you come across sniper wolf for the first time, Stand facing Meryl with the wolf dogs yapping nearby, slap meryl in the face - she whistles and the dogs attack you, but if you place a cardboard box over you after the slap the wolf cocks it's leg and wolf urine splashes you and the box, you now smell of the wolf dogs and any more trips you make through there, for instance to get the sniper rifle, the wolf dogs will leave you alone.

Easy way to kill Sniper Wolf Second time

When you go out into the Snowfield and Sniper Wolf shoots you and you get up again run right till you run behind a snow mound. Wolf will not be able to shoot you. Use the Nikitas and control them till you kill Wolf.

To find the Camera

The Camera is in the hallway leading to Revolver Ocelot. Go all the way down to the end of the hallway and place down a C4 and detonate it. A hole should appear in the wall. There are gun cameras so watch out.

Survival Mode

Once you beat gun training mode you gain survival mode.

Qwick elevator

When you get to an elevator press the button twice and the elevator will open right away.

No cloths

Press r1, r2, r1, r2, l2, l1, l2, l1, l1, left*13 and up down up up up up up left left r1 r1 r1 r1 r1 r2 r1 l1 l2. When you rescue the chief, he will be naked.

Ninja Suit

Finish the game three times. The fourth time when you go up the elevator, you will have the ninja suit.

See A Red Ninja in the game

To get this cheat,you must beat the game twice using data ftrom the previous game.(After you save at the end and DOCK:0:00 comes up as a save.You must load this data and you will start the game with your special item.)

Play as Meryl

To play as Meryl, first complete the three training modes. (Training, time and shooting.)Now save them and go on to complete the game once and save Meryl. You will now have a saved game appeared saying Dock:00.00. Play this game and complete it again with Meryl, this time finishing the game between the times of three hours thirty minutes and three hours thirty one minutes. This is very tricky, but bear in mind that animations don't consume game time. Now just play the file once more, but when you reach Sniper Wolf for the first time, let her kill you. Now when you press continue, you will be Meryl and see Snake being killed, but your voices are back to front! This will last until Ocelots torture.

Ninja Suit Cheat Detailed Info

To get the Ninga suit -- you don't have to beat the game 4 times, just 3. here's how:

1. Resist to Ocalot's torture chamber, and beat the game. Meryl will give you a bandana (unlimited ammo), then save your game. [NOTE: Make sure you overwrite your saved games so they'll be on the same memory block]

2. Submit to the torture and beat the game. Otacon will give you his stealth suit (invisable suit), then save your game.

3. Now load your saved game [you should have a ninja icon stored in your memory block] and you will start at the Docks. Now here's the tricky part: Don't use your bandana or your stealth suit, or you won't get the ninja suit.

Instead; After you beat Ninja the story-line will change and you'll have yourself a nifty ninja suit.

How to Skip Revolver Ocelots Torture

First you must have the Level 10 card then after the Darpa Chief dies and the gun fight is over run back to the elevator. But don't go in. Turn left equip the level 10 card and go in you should be in a jail cell with the dead Darpa Chief.

Get Rocket Launcher

After you get the SOCOM from the back of the truck go into the tank hanger and go back out again. Go back to the truck and where the SOCOM once was is the NIKITA rocket launcher now.

Konami Games

Play the game with a memory card that has any other Konami game saved on it. Then, Psycho Mantis will mention the game titles when he tries to read your mind.

Semi-nude Meryl

When Meryl goes into the women's bathroom, get to the last stall in five seconds or less. During an FMV sequence you will see her with no pants.


When you go into the vent shaft and look into Meryl's cell, she will be doing sit-ups, then climb out of the vents and go back up into them look back into Meryl's cell and she will be doing pushups, repeat this a third time and she will be doing leg presses, Finally repeat again and the cycle will start over but this time Meryl won't have on any pants!

Technical Demonstation Mode

Complete in order:

1) Training

2) Time Trial

3) Gun Shooting

4) Survival

Each of these will be made available in sequence until you get to the Technical Demonstration Mode.

Obtain Stealth Gear

Under easy difficulty press select to submit to the torture and finish the game. After being saved you will get the "stealth gear" by waiting for the credits to complete and saving the game. Load up the game you just saved and the "stealth gear" will be all yours.

Meryl/Psycho Mantis cam

Just before you fight Psycho Mantis,go into first person view mode and check out a profile of yourself through Meryl's eyes! It also works with Psycho Mantis during the actual battle with him.

Make The Guards Mad

When you end up in the jail cell right after you fight Sniper Wolf, you will notice the guard is always watching you and your every movement. Get close to the wall and press against it. While against the wall, press the square button to knock on the wall and the guard will tell you to shutup.

Stealth Info

After you beat the game, and recieve the ranking which gives you the stealth, replay the game, and this time you can use the stealth armor. This prevents you from being seen by guards.

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