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Mega Man X5

X Buster's super armor

Put the cursor over X Buster in the character selection screen and press Up twice, Down nine times. You should hear a sound, then press Circle.

Zero's special armor

Put the cursor over Zero at the character selection screen, then press Down twice and Up nine times. You will hear a sounds, then press circle. Zero's Black armor reduces damage more than his red armor.

Zero's Supreme Slash

Repeatedly press Forward + Square as quickly as possible. Note: This is the best move to use to finish some of the Bosses.

Zero's Sabre Slash on Bosses

Usually you can do up to 3 or 4 hit combo on any Boss. However, the Final Slash will paralyze the Boss for awhile, which prevents you from slashing it during this time. To avoid this, hit the Boss with a 2 or 3 hit combo and do not use the Final Slash. It would be better if you used Zero's Supreme Slash.

Defeating Dark Dizzy

Shoot the F-Laser with X standing at the center of the screen. Guide it under him, then have it turn around and go the other way. If timed correctly, Dark Dizzy will move into the tail of the laser, but your laser will not be used up. You can do this either under him or beside him. Yolu will have to guess whether he will move up/down or to the side.

Ultimate armor for X or Zero

Go past all of the spike traps in the third Sigma level. You will reach what appears to be a pit. Slide down the right side of it until you fall into a room that contains a capsule. Step into the capsule to obtain the armor. When playing as X, you will have to intentionally die and restart the level to use it. Zero will automatically equip it.

Sad Ending

If you start and beat the game with X, you get a sad ending.

Different Sad Ending

If you start and beat the game with zero, you get a different sad ending.

Nice Happy Ending

If you start the game with zero, but beat it with X, you get a nice happy ending.

To get Zero's secret gold armor

At character select screen, press Up, Up, Up, X, X, Circle, Up, Down, Circle, Triangle, Up, Left, Triangle. A new option will be available, choose it to get the gold armor.

Rockman X and Zero's Ultimate Armor

Go to the 2nd to last stage in the 'Zero' stages. Find a big hole and jump down and go right. If you have jumped into the right hole there will be a capsule (only if you come to this stage un-armored). Dr Light will give you the cheat armor from Rockman X4. If you are Zero he will give you an upgrade which changes Zero from red to black. His 'Z Buster' will be longer aswell.

Zero's sabre enhancement

Complete five missions with zero on normal mode. Then at the mission report screen it should say parts completed: Sabre extent.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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