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Mega Man X

Ryu's Fireball

To get this you must have everything like ALL 8 hearts,ALL sub-tanks,ALL bosses defeted(exceped Sigma,All capsuls,go to Armored Armadillo's stage and go through the stage 6 times without getting Killed,then go to Sigma,when Sigma transforms into that robot try to escape,if that does not work,let him kill you,then go back to Armored Armadillo's stage,when you get to that point when you have to jump,jump up to the top there and there should be a capsule,then you see Dr. Light in Ryu's suit,when he gets done talking jump in and Ta-Da you now have Ryu's Fireball !

Super Armor,Super Boots and Super Xbuster

When you enter the code you get all that is on the title plus you get to the second set of bosses. Turn on the game, when you get to the screen where you get to choose either start game, password, or options go to the password and hit B. Then you come up to where there are these creatures in construction hats. Right above them there are numbers. There are twelve numbers and creatures. All the numbers are the same. To change the numbers hit the up or down. and the code should be entered like this:




After you type in the code hit the start button and you get to the level with all the items.

Hint: Ice Penguin stage is important

Here's why:

1. Gives you Dash boots, which in turn are needed to get the other upgrades.

2. Gives you Shotgun Ice, which is strong against Spark Mandrill, Maverick Spider, and Velgauder.

3. Gives you one of the 8 health powerups.

4. Also gives you Chill Penguin, who is, in my opinion, the easiest boss.

Hint: Slice

Get the Boomerang Cutter. Use it on Flame Mammoth. After a few hits, his trunk will fall off, and he won't be able to shoot out oil or change the direction of the conveyor belt. Now, use it on Launch Octopus. After a few hits, his tentacles will fall off, and he won't be able to create a water spout or shoot out homing fish.

Extra lives

Go to Armored Armadillo's stage. Jump on the first mine cart and jump off, so it rolls away without you. On the ceiling there are little roosts with bats on them. Run until you see one with a different bat on it. This bat is actually from an original Mega Man game. Destroy the bat. It should drop a life. If it doesn't, run back until its roost goes completely off the screen. Run back towards the roost and the bat will be back. It will usually drop a life when shot. Repeat until you have 9 lifes!

Boss Weaknesses

Chill Pengiun- Fire Wave

Launch Octopus- Rolling Shield

Boomer Kuwanger- Hooming Missle

Storm Eagle- Chameleon Sting

Flame Mamoth- Storm Tornado

Spark Mandrill- Shotgun Ice

Sting Chameleon- Boomerang Cutter

Armored Armadillo- Spark

Sigma Stage 1 Spider Weakness- Shotgun Ice

Sigma Stage 2 Robotic Face Weakness- Chameleon Sting

Sigma Stage 3 Attack Vehicle Weakness- Boomerang Cutter

Sigma's Weakness- Spark

Sigma's Head Weakness- can only be damaged by Rolling Shield

Vile- Vile is weak against almost all weapons

A good tip with C. Sting #1.

Here is one good strategy you may like.

Here is what you do.

First (1st): Defeat Sting Chameleon or enter a code or a Game Genie code or any other type o' (of) codes or combine any type o' codes to get C. Sting (Chameleon Sting) from Sting Chameleon.

Second: After obtaining C. Sting, press start and select C. Sting or press R or L until Mega Man X (MMX) is the color green.

Third: After MMX is green, charge it up until MMX has pink colors around him & (and) shoot, you'll be temperarely INVINCIBLE to everything except from falling into a hole TTBO'MK (To The Best Of My Knowledge).

Easy way to defeat Strom Eagle

Storm Eagle can be a pain in the neck if you don't know how do deal with him. His biggest strength is that he can blow you off the arena. This requires the Dash Boots. When he shoots his gusts, continually press the dash button until you're close enough to him. Shooting him while dashing is also a good way to inflict major damage.

Easy Mode

For some reason, if you go through the game a certain order, the game is much easier. Do the levels in this order:

Chill Penguin

Storm Eagle

Spark Mandrill

Armored Armidillo

Flame Mammoth

Sting Chameleon

Launch Octopus

Boomer Kwanger

and, oviously, Sigma.

Easy Way to defeat Boomer Kwanger

You'll need Launch Octopuss' weapon for this. Just use the homing torpedos to induce serious damage AND make him faulter.

Upgrade Locations

These are where X can find his upgrades

Legs- Located in plain sight in Chill Penguin's level. In fact, its in such plain sight you literally can't advance without getting them.

Head- Located in Storm Eagle's Level. While scaling the large, grey wall, drop onto the other side when done. You'll find ground, and a ledge. Stand at the edge and dash-jump up to the ledge and obliterate the explosive tanks. Go throught the newly opened tunnel to recieve the head upgrade.

Chest- Located in Sting Chameleon's level. Prior to where you run for dear life from falling rocks, dash up to the side of the cavern, and fight this type of miniboss. kill it to find the chest upgrade.

Arms- Given to ou by your commerade, Zero just before he dies. Follow the main story.

Arms (Alt)- Located in flame mammoth's level. Get to where you hop onto the metal walkways above the lava. Look at the top of the screen to see these blue blocks. It takes a while, but you can reach them by dashing off the very edge of the ledge, and break the blocks with your head upgrade. Continue up to find the Arm Upgrades.

Easy way to defeat Launch Octopus

To beat Launch Octopus with ease, you need to defeat Armed Armadillo. His weapon does major damage to the invertabrate, but sadly has no amusing effects. Enjoy.

Easy way to defeat Armored Armadillo

This is one of the most annoying bosses out there, for the simple fact that he blocks so much. To take care of this, defeat spark mandrill to get his weapon, then when the Armadillo is in -plain sight, give him one shot. His armor falls off, and you go from fighting Armed Armadillo to Naked Armadillo. Now, he's really easy, and funny to look at.

Easy way to defeat Flame Mammoth

To bring the elephant down, its rather simple. Beat Storm Eagle and get his Tornado Shot. Go to Flame Mammoth's stage and find him. Use the Tornado to knock him straight on his bum. Be careful though, he weighs a lot. He's dangerous just by falling.

Easy way to defeat Spark Mandrill

Wanna show the monkey whose boss? Of course you do! First, you need to defeat chill penguin. Get his ice blaster and find Spark Mandrill. Shoot him with it to not only do major dmage, but to freeze him in his tracks. That's right! He gets frozen. Just kill him any way you choose.

Easy way to defeat Vile

Use Launch Octopus' Homing Torpedo to do massive damage. Sadly, there are not amusing effects.

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