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Mega Man Legends

Lost Cash

The second case the inspector send you on is to find a man's loast money. Talk to the guy. Then follow the clues to these areas in this order:

Electronic Store



Downtown Soda machine

Talk to a kid with red hair outside the library and check the garbage can to get the Bag item.

The inspector will reward you with the Arm supporter item.

The Rescue:

When the grocer's wife is missing, it is up to you to find her and take her to the hospital. To find her, enter the Cardon Forest area and simply talk to her. This gives you the option to take her to hospital. Talk to her husband to get the Sunlight item.

Bomb Scare

Talk to the Inspector in the Police Department to be sent looking for "something mysterious" in the Downtown area. There are two bombs for you to diffuse. One is on a roof, and the other is on the ground. If you find them, you will get the Plastque and Bomb items.

Hospital Girl

Ira is a little girl in a wheel chair you'll meet in the hospital. Talk to her and her nurses to find out that the hospital needs money for technology for her treatmant. Give the money to the Mayor. The total will be 15,000 Zinny. Ira will then give you the Flower Pearl item.


Museum Fun:

This will take you some time to accomplish. First, talk to the Painter in the UpTown. Tell her that her painting needs color. Ask the clerk in the clothesstore for her lipstick. Give it to the Painter. This will reveal that she works in the museum. Now you can enter the building. On the second floor, you can place interesting items that you find in the ruins. After you have placed the seven required items, a girl in a green dress will come along and offer to give you the Prizm Crystal. Required items are:

1. Bone

2. Doll

3. Bone

4. Crystal Fossil

5. Reaverbot Eye

6. Antique Bell

7. Giant Horn

Once you have collected these seven items, a girl wearing a green dress will appear. Talk to her to get the prizm crystal.

Special Weapons

Powered Buster: Cannon Kit

Grenade Arm: Grenade Kit

Grand Grenade: Bomb Schematic

Active Buster: Guidance Unit

Drill Arm: Blunted Drill

Blade Arm: Zetsabre + Pen Light

Machine Buster: Blumebear Parts

Spread Buster: Old Launcher + Arm Supporter + Ancient Book

Vacuum Arm: Broken Motor + Broken Propeller + Broken Cleaner

Shield Arm: Mystic Orb + Marlwolf Shell

Buster Parts:

Sniper Scope: Target Sensor + Tele-Lens

Auto Battery: Autofire Barrel + Generator Part

Machine Gun: Rapidfire Barrel

Gatling Gun: Gatling Part + Flower Pearl

Plastique: Power Blaster L

Bomb: Power Blaster R

Body Parts:

Jump Springs (Jump Higher): Spring Set

Helmet (Better defense): Safety Helmet

Armor (Better defense): Buy at Junk Shop

Jet Skates (Move faster): Rollerboard + Old Hoverjets

Adapter Plug (Allows one more Buster Part): Joint Plug

Shining Laser Special Weapon

Go talk to the Painter in Uptown. Say she needs some red. Go to the Apple Market woman's clothing store. Talk to the clerk for some Lipstick. Give it to the Painter to reveal she works at the museum. She will open it. Go upstairs. Find the following items and give them to her.

Old Bone

Old Doll

Old Shield

Old Heater

Antique Bell

Giant Horn

Shiny Object

Shiny Red Stone

Give them to her. Then, there will be a little girl in a green dress walking around. She will give you a Prism Crystal. Now, go to Yass Fields.

Find Jim's clubhouse. He needs a Pick. Go to the Bank and talk to the guy in the hard hat. He gives you a Pick. Give it to Jim. Kill some time and return. Now, he needs a Saw. Go to the man in the hard hat. He threw it away somewhere downtown. Go look in every garbage pail Downtown and find the Saw. Give it to Jim. Kill some more time. Now, return when his clubhouse is finished. He gives you a Marlwolf Shell (which is used for the Shield Arm weapon, if you combine it with the Mystic Orb). Now, go to the hut in Yass Fields beside the vending machine. Find a Comic Book. Give it to Jim. He will give you the X Buster from the pile.

Now, finally, go back to all the underground ruins with the Drill Arm weapon equipped and look behind all the walls and stuff you can drill through. Look in every hole in the wall and all the treasure chests. Find the Weapons Plans. Now, give the X Buster, Weapon Plans, and Prism Crystal to Roll. She will create the most powerful weapon on the game (if you enhance it) named the Shining Laser. It can go through one enemy and take out the enemy behind it. Kinda like a multiple attack weapon.

Item Combinations

These are the different item combinations you can use to make new Special Weapons, Buster Parts, or Body Parts.

Hidden Difficulty Menu and Replay Bonuses

If you win Legends, don't reset the game or turn it off. The game will start over again with one minor difference: a fourth item on the main menu will be there, the difficulty setting. I think the setting reffers mainly to the power gauges of the bosses (Boss Bruno's bar is the length of the screen in hard mode!), but there might be other things, too.

When starting a new game right after winning, you are given bonuses according to your difficulty setting and the time you took to win. If you win hard mode and then start a new game, you'll start with the Buster Max, which maxes out EVERY buster stat! Beating the game with a good time will start you off with the dash parts, which will make the game go quicker than before!

Hard Mode

For a greater challenge, beat the game then return to the start screen. A new option will appear.

Free Energy in Town

Walk up to any vending machine and press CIRCLE. When it asks you to deposit 100z, say "No" and kick it. You'll receive a free drink and refill your life.

NOTE: This can only be done once on each vending machine.

Free Energy In Battle

After you have beaten a robot, a servabot will appear. Shoot it three times before it runs off. Walk over to it and use the triangle button to kick it. A piece of health will appear. This can only be done three times on each servabot.

Free Drinks

Go to any vending machine and hit Circle, when it asks you if you want to buy a drink say no. Then kick it for a free drink. Do it until you're thirst is quenched!

Easy Money

Certain sections of the game contain enemies who drop expensive refracters. By leaving the area and then coming back, you can kill the same enemy over and over to build up your cash supply.

There's another way, too. You can earn a quick 1000 Zinny by kicking the soda can behind the counter of the Bakery Shop. As the game progresses the amount you receive for your efforts goes up. This is a great trick if your low on cash.

For more money, find the can in the apple market. If you can kick it into the Jetlag Bakery you'll receive 1000 zenny!

For even more, go to Data (the monkey) and tell him "I keep Losing fights" then he'll give you money. If he says you want more say No. He'll give you more money. If he ask again say yes and he'll give you the last of his money.

Easy Kevlar Omega Jacket

To get easy an easy kevlar omega jacket (reduces 3/4 damage) go to the Yass plains first battlefield. Defeat all the tanks and towers, then go into one of the refuge buildings and come back out. All enemies will revive. Just repeat the process over and over again. The refuge building where the junk store owners is located at the top of the one of the tower platforms. To get there, just go to the far side of the small platform and use the small hill to jump up. You should get all the jackets in a moderate amount of time.

Change Color

To change color to dark navy or black you must be a bad boy! Start by kicking all vending machines (many times), kicking animals, kicking the can in Apple Market into the bakery for 1,000 Zenny, not repairing damaged buildings in the City Hall battle, let the bombs explode in the "Bombs in the City" subquest, and by shooting the police car and keeping the "trunk of cash" in the sub-quest when the Pirates rob the bank (you get the bank robbery sub-quest by watching TV in the Flutter after defeating Bruno, the Pirates last robot). When you finally change color (it doesn't take long) it looks really cool!


If you press CIRCLE on the cat in front of the main gate, the game will ask if you want to take it back to Flutter. If you say yes, every time you enter Flutter there will be more and more cats. I currently have about twelve.

Bad Boy

When you finish beating the big robot in the Old City go to the airship and press CIRCLE on the Television. go to downtown and blow up the red car. pick up the suitcase and go out the door. It will ask you if you want to steal the money. say Yes and you will get 200,000 instead of 20,000.

Easy Zenny Gain

First, you must have the vacuum arm maxed out in all of it's statistics. It's also nice to have high attack and range. Then, go to the Cardon Ruins, and look in the room right next to the refractor. Shoot the bee hive looking things, and use the vacuum arm to suck up the zenny really fast. Also, Shoot the bugs and the robots for extra zenny. It should all equal up to about 5000-7000 Zenny. Then, don't exit the building, but right next to the exit is a ledge. Jump up and go through the door. Then, turn right around and go back to the room with the bee hives. All the enemies will be back! Just repeat this until you have enough money to satisfy you.

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