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Mega Man Legends 2

How to get Zenny

In the snowy level you will be able to find two cans and two trashcans. One of the trashcans you kick a can straight into will give you 200 zennies, but the second trashcan you kick the can into will grant you a 1,000 zennies

Easy Mission

The first mission of the game can be very easy, if you do it this way. When you start just die, and you will have complete the first mission.

Tons of zenny

Go to the potkey village sub ruins. If there is a chest located in the beginning, enter the door and go to the right. Go through the door and go right, left and left. Get through the door. There will be a golden bird. Exterminate it and receive 8000 zenny it delivers you. Leave and return and you will receive the zenny's again.

Buster stats maxed out

The first time you play a game, beat it. When you go to the equip screen, you will receive an acessory pack that ensures maximum stats for the Buster weapon.

Ride a small ship

If you want to ride the Sulphur-Bottom buy a miniture Sulphur-Bottom and give it to Roll when go in the room and jump when it is above you you will go in circles in her room this does not help in the game but it is fun try it.

Ride on a duck !

To ride on a duck you have to go to Yosyonke Island(the island you start at) and in the village there is a small duck that looks like it has a shirt on. Jump on it and face the deriction you want and use the kick button and you will move.

Note: This does not help you but it is fun.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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