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Maximum Carnage

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In the stage Alley Way,in the first time you fight by the church, climb up on the left side of the pipe on the church and at the top you will see 2 hearts and an extra man swing to the left to collect them.

The Climb: at the start of the level go all the way to the right side of the sreen climb up buy the last window and jump kick down into it. you should be in a secret room

Rooftop: when your on the roof walk twords the water tower and start hitting it fast till it falls down. pick it up and throw it to doppelganger one hit and he's dead dont forget to pick up the continue icon.

The second time on select hero when you pick venom

and it takes you to the park to fight shriek and doppergangler look up in the trees for hero and life icons.

on the begining stage when you have to fight Muzzoid robot use venom at the first start of the stage go over to the left a little bit and you should see a black box with an arrow on it in the backround jump up and do a regular kick this should take you to a secret room.

First time chance of controling venom go to the piller whith the cash machine next to it. stand buy the pillar and jump then kick in the air do not jumpkick just jump and when your in the air kick this should take you to a secret room. this move will take some practice.

Found at www.cheatrocket.com

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