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Marvel Vs Capcom

Play as the Secret Characters

Play as Lilith- Finish Morrigan after that Wolverine and press down.

Play as Red Venom- Finish Venom after that go to Chun-Li and press up.

Play as Shadow Lady- Finish Chun-Li after that go to Gambit and press down.

Play as Roll- Finish Rockman/Megman after that go to Rockman and press right

Play as Orange Hulk- Finish Hulk after that go to Ryu and press up

Play as Gold War Machine- Finish War Machine after that go to Zangief and press up.

Play as Onslaught- Finish the game with any character and Onslaught should appear below Wolverine (Press down first on Wolverine.

Secret Stage at Honda's Bathouse

Pick Spider-Man or Venom as your character. Then do a wev throw and make them hit the right wall twice. After the second time the wall will break and you will appear in E.Honda's old stage.

Hidden "EX" Mode

Press START at the title screen. When the main menu appears, highlight "Option", press and hold SELECT and then press START. The "EX" option will appear and youll be able to choose your vitality, recovery speed, a full hyper combo gauge and more.

Morrigan's most powerful special

Morrigan's most powerful special attack is called Eternal Slumber. You can execute this cheat by pressing Square, Circle, <-, Triangle, R2. This attack will shoot out a heart that moves towards the target at a rather slow speed, so use it wisely. It cannot be blocked and can only dodged by jumping over. Note: This attack requires 3 special gauges and cannot be execute in beginner mode because it only allows 2 special gauges.

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