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Mario Party 2

Bowser Land

Complete all boards with any character and have a superstar on each.


When it is someone else's turn, press L to taunt the other player(s).

Get Dungeon Dash the Mini-Game

To get Dungeon Dash you must purchase all of the 4 player Mini games, 1 VS. 3 Mini games, and 2 VS. 2 Mini games. After that go to the place with the Mini games you bought and the Pirana Plant will give you a Mini game which is Dungeon Dash.It is a 2 VS. 2 Mini game. NOTE: The mini game Dungeon Dash in similar to the mini game in Mario Party, Desert Dash.

Buy Item Minigames from Woody

To buy the item minigames from Woody you have to beat the Normal Course in Minigame Coaster.

Double Coins in Minigame Coaster

To double the coins you get in Minigame Coaster to must win twice in a row. To keep the process going never lose in a minigame. That is good for getting coins to buy expensive Minigames.

Credits machine

To get the credits machine, successfully complete the game on every course, including Bowser Land, then visit the options laboratory.

Shock, Drop, or Roll

On the 1 vs. 3 game, Shock, Drop Or Roll, have the player that is the switch person press Forward and then Back to make the other players fall off. Note: This trick works best with Donkey Kong and Yoshi.

Get The Mini Game Called DRIVER'S ED

To get Driver's Ed, you must complete the Minigame Coaster in normal and hard mode. You will be awarded after you have completed both of the modes.

Play as Bowser

To play as Bowser, on the main menu screen, press UP on the D-pad, C-Down, C-Up, then DOWN on the D-Pad. Then the screen should shake and you will play as Bowser.

Goomba's House

In every level there is a house that looks like a Goomba. This house is not in the mini-game stadium.

CPU assistance

Pause game play before player one starts the first turn on any game. Select "Settings" and set all the players to "CPU" under the hard difficulty setting. Resume the game and wait until the coins and stars are adding up at the end. The game will add up all the coins and stars from every player, regardless if they are CPU or human controlled. Note: This may also be done in the mini-game stadium by setting all handicaps to 50.

20-Coin Bonus

Obtain a Golden mushroom, and roll the same three numbers. Toad will appear and say that you are lucky, and you will be 20 coins richer. Note: There is no way to execute this on purpose, as choosing which numbers you roll is completely up to chance

Alternate way to Dungeon Dash mini-game

Another way to get dungeon dash, is buy all of the 4 player mini games from Woody, and the Pihranna plant will give you the game.

Extra coins

Successfully complete Mini-game Rollercoaster under easy difficulty. Toad will reward you with 100 coins and 100 additional coins for any extra lives remaining and all of the coins that are left over.

Ability to purchase Battle mini-games

Successfully complete the Mini-game Rollercoaster under hard difficulty for an ability to purchase Battle mini-games from Woody.

Rainbow Run mini-game

Purchase all item and battle mini-games then visit mini-game park to get this mini-game from the pirahna plant chasing a butterfly.

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