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Lunar 2: Eternal Blue

Lucia's Bromide 1

Staring at the Sky: Found at Larpa, the man that stands around his house has it.

Jean's Bromide 2 - Dancing Queen

Found at Illusion Woods, the girl who guards the exit of the forest has it.

Jessica's Bromide

Land Ho!: Found at Meribia, in the bar, one of the men have it.

Lemina's Bromide 1 - Sunset Breeze

Found at Vane, in a treasure chest in the Library

Lemina's Bromide 2 - Seaside Stroll

Found at Meribia, in the barrels in Ramus' shop.

Lemina's Bromide 3 - Midnight Appraisal

Found at Meribia, keep talking to Ramus' grandpa and he'll give it to you.

Mia's Bromide - Warm Tea, Good Read

Found at Transmission Springs, the bromide collector has it.

Easy Money

One easy way to rake in the silver coins is to increase your luck rating. By using luck increasing items, such as: Luck Ring, Lemina's Purse, and Safety Helmet, there are others as well.

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